Appreciative Strategic Action Planning Design Elements

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					Appreciative Strategic Action
 Planning Design Elements
       November 18 , 2008
         Roberta Peirick
Defining the Work and Desired Impact
•   One hour interview with the client to define the scope and scale of work,
    the desired impact and outcomes, and the contract criteria.
•   Reviewing and understanding the governance and BBB documents to
    move into designing an appreciative action planning session for the full
    board.( 3 hours)
•   Selecting appropriate activities and data to share in the strategic planning
    session with the Vice Chair of the foundation. (4 hours)
•   Scaling the work to the audience, size of the group, time window and
    meeting space.(2 hours)
•   Managing agenda’s , communication to the board members and
    confirming logistics of the meeting. (2 hours)
•   Organizing handouts and materials (1 hour)
•   Setting the room before the meeting, flip charting, timeline and organizing
    material. (1 hour)
      Key Information for Design
• Board has face to face    • Assessment of board
  meetings twice a year.      effectiveness is the
• Group of 19 Directors.      starting point for this
• Volunteer directors of      project.
  the board, mostly         • New chair would like to
  corporate leaders.          define the work of the
• Foundation is less than     board for 2009/2010.
  four years old.           • Session is 3 ½ hours.
           Overview of the steps involved & where
           Appreciative Strategic Planning was used

 Strategic action
 planning before
making changes to
    Key Concepts in the development of
      Appreciative Strategic Planning
•    Political Decision Making Model
•    The ABC’s of Strategic Planning Model
•    SOAR-Jackie Stavros
•    Timeline
•    Back casting
•    Action Planning
Overview of the Appreciative Strategic
          Planning Session
•   Assets/Achievements
•   Assessments/Snapshots
•   Aspirations
•   Action Planning

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