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									  Assessing Student
Academic Achievement

The General Education Skills
 What are General Education
Vital skills that cross the curriculum
Should be emphasized in all classes
Lead to Academic and Career success
The General Education Skill Set
Critical Thinking
Information Literacy
Communication skills are demonstrated through
written assignments that clearly identify:
l   Purpose
     l   What am I trying to accomplish?
           l   To Inform
           l   To Persuade
           l   To Express
l   Audience
     l   What does my reader need to know for me to accomplish my
l   Focus
     l   What is my central thesis?
          Critical Thinking
Involves a progression of skills
l   Knowledge
l   Comprehension
l   Application
l Analysis
l Synthesis
l Evaluation
       Information Literacy
The ability to recognize when
information is needed and have the
ability to locate, critically evaluate, and
use effectively the needed information.
(American Library Association, 1998)
Graduate Achievement Portfolio
The GAP portfolio allows the student to
demonstrate their mastery of all three
general education skills.
Student work is categorized by General
Education skill and submitted
GAP portfolio pieces are scored by
faculty using a standard rubric to
determine areas of greatest need

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