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									Courses and conferences
1.      A Career in Urology
2.      Fourth Renal Uro-Nephro-Radiology Stone Symposium
3.      Research opportunity in Toronto
4.      SIU 2014
5.      Senior trainees day
6.      Bladder Masterclass
7.      RSM meetings 2012-2013
8.      Advanced robotic techniques in Urology
9.      Medical Therapy in Urology 2012 Update
10.     North East Ureteroscopy course
11.     Flexible Ureteroscopy Live Surgery Course
12.     Fellowship opportunity, Lanarkshire
13.     Emergency Urology course

1. A   Career in Urology

  A career in urology - Undergraduate and junior doctor
               foundation course in urology

                 Saturday - Sunday 8 - 9 December 2012
 Venue: Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, LONDON, W1G 0AE

                             Aims of conference

- To provide an opportunity for undergraduate students and junior doctors to
                     gain an insight into the field of urology
- A unique opportunity to learn basic urology skills such as SPC, cystoscopy,
                                and laparoscopy.
    - To allow students and junior doctors to submit posters to engage and
                 encourage current and future urology research
   - To inspire medical students and junior doctors to consider urology as a
                                  career option
  - To allow students and junior doctors with a current interest in urology to
                      show commitment to the speciality

                   VICTORIA CAINE at

      Poster presentations can be on any case, audit, research in urology.
      Abstracts must not exceed 250 words
      It is recommended that the following headings are used when submitting
       abstracts: introduction, method, results, discussion, conclusion.


2. Fourth Renal Uro-Nephro-Radiology Stone Symposium
Tuesday 20th November 2012, UCH

A one day course aimed at Nephrologists, Urologists, Radiologists and
Metabolic Scientists and will focus on
the scientific basis and management of stone disease. Why do some people
form stones and others don’t?
What is the latest in the genetics of stone formation, metabolic syndrome and
stones in children? These
and many more topics will be covered in this course. In addition, there will be
live kidney stone surgery and
radiological demonstration of complications of stone management and
complex kidney stone disease.

Registration fee (which includes coffee, tea, snacks and buffet lunch):
Trainees £40 Consultants £100
Maximum number: 50
Enquiries and registration:
Victoria Wilton-Oluwole, MAS & Robotics Centre Manager
Email: Tel: 0203 447 7646 / 07951 564 570

3. Research Opportunity in Toronto
Professor John Trachtenberg, who is offering a
fully funded 1-2 year post with a group which is at the forefront of
research in novel surgically based treatments for prostate cancer - the
post will involve development and validation of MR guided tool for focal
ablation of prostate cancer.
Prof Trachtenberg is happy to be contacted directly on:
4. Siu 2014

The LOC are keen to hear the views of UK trainees to see how we can
maximise the meeting's potential for the juniors when it comes to Glasgow in

Currently trainee membership is free, with educational and grant activities
aimed at helping with training. Numerous scholarships are available each year
for travelling fellows.

Please email Imran Ahmed with any ideas.

5. Senior Trainee Day
Thursday 6th-Friday 7th December, Keymed house, Southend-on-sea


Interview preparation                                       CV’s, portfolio and
marketing yourself

GMC – CCT and revalidation                                   Fellowship training

What does a hospital want from you?                          Which job, Where?

Managing the 3 T’s –Time, Team and Trainees                 Service development

Equipment “tips & techniques”                                The first year as a

This residential course has been designed to guide final year specialist
registrars in Urology through the latter part of their training, with a particular
emphasis on gaining the right Consultant post.

The format will consist of a dinner on Thursday 6th December, followed by a
day of lectures and discussions throughout Friday 7th December. There will
be ample opportunity for delegates to interact with faculty on an informal
This Course is free of charge, however a deposit of £50.00 is required to
secure your place.

Please forward the below application form and deposit payable to Olympus

FAO: Danielle Limage, Event Co-ordinator

Olympus KeyMed, KeyMed House, Stock Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Tel: (01702) 616333 Facsimile: (01702) 444239

6. Bladder masterclass

         Bladder Reconstruction Master Class Live Surgery Day
                                Held at UCLH
   Experience first-hand and in real time the techniques of bladder surgery
                     commentated by experts in their field.

                        Procedures demonstrated will
                         • Formation of a neobladder
                          • Revisions of a Mitrofanoff

                              Course directors
                        Mr Dan Wood Mrs Suzie Venn
                  Urology Consultant Consultant in Urology
         University College Hospital Western Sussex Hospitals Trust
                         London RCS Tutor in Urology

This new course will link with the RCS Reconstructive Techniques in Urology
course (held the next day) and will provide for the Surgeon the opportunity to
                        practice the techniques viewed.

To book please visit:
7. RSM meetings 2012-2013

RSM Section Urology, 2012-13 Meetings

This year 2012-2013 in the Section of Urology, RSM we have an exciting year
of meetings.

After the Presidents address (25th Oct) we are having a new prize session in
which Uro-radiology research and fascinating cases can be presented
(22nd Nov).

Following on there is an interesting Medico-legal session to help urologists
avoid practice pitfalls and receive advice on developing a medico-legal
practice (6th Dec).

After the winter meeting in St Anton (Jan 19th-27th) there will be a thought
provoking seminar on how to develop innovative ideas into a reality
(28th Feb).

There will then be a joint meeting on how LUTS impact on cancer treatment
(and vice versa) with the British Uro-oncology group (22nd March).

The short papers meeting on April 19th will end in the award of the Malcolm
Copcoat Memorial Prize for the best presentation. On April 26th there will be a
trainees meeting involving bladder cancer linking with the Birmingham
Oncology Cancer Meeting. The Geoffrey Chisholm Communication prize will
be awarded on the Presidents day on 17th May.

For further details
Ruth Threadgold
Senior Events Co-ordinator
Royal Society of Medicine
1 Wimpole Street,
London, W1G 0AE.
tel: (+44) (0) 20 7290 3942
fax: (+44) (0) 20 7290 2989

8. Advanced Robotic Techniques in Urology

The Chitra Sethia Centre for Robotics and Minimal Access Surgery, a leader
in virtual training is
   Announcing an International Symposium on Advanced Robotic Techniques
in Prostate, Bladder

  and renal cancer

  Symposium will include:
• Themed days, prostate, bladder, kidney
• Live surgery plus tips and tricks from leading global experts
• Hands on advanced wet lab sessions 1:1 with one of our International

  Course Fees:
  Consultant: 1 Day £250 | 2 Days £350 | 3 Days £400*
  Registrar: 1 Day £150 | 2 Days £200 | 3 Days £250*
  Hands on Lab: 1 Hour £100* (To be confirmed under seperate
communication and invoice) for booking

9. Medical Therapy in Urology 2012 Update. 14th December

                         Wrexham Medical Institute
                                  No Fee!
      Course Director Mr Iqbal Shergill Consultant Urological Surgeon
                              Course Faculty
      Mr P Anandaram, Mr A de Bolla, Mr C Seipp & Mr Iqbal Shergill
                      Consultant Urological Surgeons
   An intensive 1-day taught course aimed at trainees and GPs based on
 interactive Case Based Discussions commonly seen in current urological
                             practice including
LUTS/BPH, OAB and Incontinence, Erectile Dysfunction, UTIs, Urinary Tract
                 Stones, Bladder, Prostate & Renal Cancer,
  Analgesia in Urology Procedures, Chronic Prostatitis & Pain Syndromes
           E-mail or Tel: 01978 726597

10. North East Ureteroscopy course

Saturday 26th January 2013
This course will be delivered through a mix of practical learning on virtual
reality simulators, combined with short lectures, discussion and assessment.

Aimed at core trainees, ST3-5 and research fellows
Venue: Pinderfields hospital, Wakefield, sponsored by Storz and Boston

Course fee £100, application form www.
Contact 01924543715

11. Flexible Ureteroscopy Live Surgery Course
Monday 4th February 2013
Clinical School, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
This programme is aimed at Senior SpRs and Consultants wishing to gain
further exposure to techniques in flexible ureteroscopy. It is run by Nimish
Shah and Oliver Wiseman.
It is a one day course to cover all aspects of flexible ureteroscopy, including 4
live cases.

For More information please contact
Jonathan Northrop, e-mail:
Tel: + 44 (0)1223 216376

12. Fellowship opportunity, Lanarkshire
We normally have a position for an Australian fellow in our unit running first
Feb to end Jan. The fellow for Feb 2013 has just withdrawn, so the position is
currently vacant.
It is basically a very busy post with an emphasis on lap work (all upper tract
procedures, and just started prostates), but also opportunities to do a lot of
open pelvic cancer work and even stones.

It is ideal for someone wishing to consolidate their surgical experience prior to
taking up a consultant post.

On-call is 1 in 7. The fellow would normally live in Glasgow for the year,
though hospital accommodation is available should someone wish to
commute Mon-Friday.

If any senior UK trainees were interested they could contact me directly.
Mr Ian Dunn

13. Emergency Urology course

2nd March 2013

This programme is aimed at Foundation Doctors and ST1 doctors in Urology,
Surgery, Accident and Emergency, and GP trainees.
A one day course to cover all aspects of emergency urology, including the
acute scrotum, urinary retention, haematuria, renal colic, urinary tract trauma
and infection, imaging for emergency urology, paediatric emergencies and
post-operative emergencies.

Course Organisers: Miss Suzanne Biers and Miss Alexandra Colquhoun

Consultant Urologists, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge

The fee for Doctors attending from other Trusts is £60.00
For a course flyer or further information please contact

Ankita Sahay, Postgraduate Medical Centre, Clinical School, Box 111

Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0SP.

Tele: 01223 – 256229 (x. 56229) Email:

Chris Blick
SURG secretary

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