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									Female foeticide reasons, effects and measures

Female foeticide is killing of female foetus which is to come alive into the world. Female foeticide is
rampant in India which is manifested through declining sex ratio. Several states lagged behind in
decades of time in improving the status of sex ratio. The status of sex ratio is at an alarming rate
which is throwing India into Dark Age. For instance, Andhra Pradesh sex ratio is in 2001 and in 2011.
The same follows for other states and districts. For example, Warangal district in Andhra, the sex
ratio is in 2001 and in 2011. The sex selection can be disastrous as favoured sex increases and
neglected sex can be diminished.

Causes for female foeticide

The main and first cause is that the preference of male child. People believe that son can help them
escape from the Punnama naraka(the hell). This is leading to male selection over female babies.
Secondly, the expenses to be incurred on girl child seems expensive as every occasion calls for huge
amount such as wedding, when came to adolescent age etc. this fears common man and gets a sort
of gloomy atmosphere when one had a girl child. Thirdly, people fear that male child can survive in
any condition and fulfil their dreams of their life and in old age, son can be a fortress for their life.
The mindset is formed such that bringing a girl child is bringing up a plant that belongs to other
house i.e. girl is to be given in marriage and her lineage is mixed with paternal lineage rather than
maternal lineage. Fourthly, the society is mostly male dominated society barring few north eastern
states. The male chauvinism and male priority is on the increase as male child can survive and be
respected than female child. The power rests on male head than female in house. Hence, the
decisions are taken by them. Fifthly, the above reason has led to the manipulation of science and
technology. Pre-natal sex determination is made easy through ultra sonic machines and made
available everywhere in cities. This led to outright wiping out of girl children in the foetus stage is
draconian failure of human society and so called civilised society.

Bad effects of female foeticide

Reducing sex ratio brings to a state of no married life. Reduction of women resulted due to foeticide
may bring havoc in later stages of life. The lack of own woman may result into societal problems. Till
now we have heard of male forced divorce regime, but women may favour divorces and a position
of getting married to others can be a situation of future india if the sex ratio declines.

Kanya sulka tradition may find its place again and evolve generally as the paucity of the
opportunities where to marry a woman. The bridegroom has to pay for a bride. This is not going to
be stopped here. It culminates in high bet and forces which can win economically may have own

As women are few and men are more, the physical needs may not be satisfied and resort to crimes
such as sexual assaults, sexual harassment and it leads to law and order problems. One of the
members of parliament has referred the declining sex ratio that men have to go with men. Even
though this may not be the situation, women will be craved by men. Thus familial relations may get

As the less women populated, there will be few women go into the wedlock. But, rest of men may
resort to illegal affairs such as prostitution. The demand will be increased and in order to supply the
women as objects of joy, trafficking will take place. We can observe growing cases of trafficking of

To the last, the moral values will be at stake. The murders of people happen mostly due to illegal
affairs. People, for the ephemeral bliss, enter into debauchery and leave their families and crime
rate increase may take place.

Measures to be taken

There is need of a law which can deter the perpetrators and can help save the girl babies. For the
time being, there is a stringent law on force but the effective implementation is marred by the non
vigilance. There is a law related to female foeticide. PC and PNDT act (Pre Conception and Pre Natal
Diagnostic Techniques act), 1994 is sufficient but lacked the official zeal to stop thos atrocity. PNDT
act controls the sex determination tests and help in saving female foetus. Sex selection can be
thwarted through this act. Officials should take care of everything that inhibits the growth of female
foetus. Authorities should map the ultra sonography centres, genetic clinics, genetic counselling
centres. The centres are to be registered and provided specific code in order to find out any case
deals with female foeticide. Officials should be very vigilant and takeout inspections. If there finds
any act against the law, the quick action should be taken. Authorities should operate decoy
operations to find out any clinic indulged in the sex determination. Heavy fines are to be imposed
and the registration should be cancelled. There should be seizure of equipment.

Court directives on female foeticide

Judiciary too responded on the gory situation prevailed around the sex determination and female
foeticide. It had called fir tough and urgent action to curb such activities. Secondly, it stressed
effective implementation of PNDT act which thwarts sex determination. Thirdly, it ordered the
officials to map all the clinics those have equipments to determine foetus sex. Fourthly, it had
ordered the lower courts to dispose of all cases quickly and a case is to be disposed within six
months and punishment should be imposed. Fifthly, it had called the states and union territories to
create special cells to monitor the progress of cases.

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