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Kemptville, ON, 16-JULY-2013 - DFC Woodworks Inc, The Best Adirondack chair and President,
Francois Bruneau, are pleased to remind customers that they have become the "go-to" company for the
best Adirondack chairs money can buy. The Adirondack chair cedar line is constructed according to the
most exacting standards and with the best materials available. The attention to details in construction
and design has made the Canadian-based company successful in the market.

According to President, Francois Bruneau, speaking in a recent interview, "Our family has been
designing and manufacturing outdoor cedar Adirondack furniture and quality Adirondack chairs since
the mid-20th century. We take pride in our hand-crafted products. We always prefer quality over
quantity. We know our customers want well-constructed furniture that doesn't just masquerade as the
real deal. The Best Adirondack Chair company is dedicated to creating the perfect Adirondack Chairs.
It is literally all we do, and we do it well."

"At DFC Woodworks" he continues, "We have been manufacturing and distributing Adirondack
products for more than half a century. Our knowledge of the design and the characteristics of the wood
allows us to design, manufacture and deliver the best quality Adirondack chairs to our customers. We
offer a large design selection in patio sets, individual patio furniture and the best in deck and balcony
furniture pieces. We also make Adirondack chairs accessories."

One of the innovative extras that is part of this line of furniture is that they fold for easy storage. They
can be stored during off seasons and brought out again when the weather is right. Solid Western Red
Cedar is a long-lasting and straight grained wood which is perfect for outdoor furniture.

The Adirondack chair cedar wood is known to be long-lasting naturally. The manufacturing process is
precise so that every piece is meticulously crafted. For treated products, attention to all the parts means
that the chairs are able to be guaranteed for a full ten years. There is a no-questions-asked ten-day
return policy for online customers. The company will even cover the freight cost to return the item.
Replacement of pieces with faulty lumber or substandard work is part of the unconditional guarantee.

Learn more about the products and manufacturing standards of the outdoor furniture by visiting the
web pages at today. Members of the press and others who
want further information about the contents of this press release should contact Francois Bruneau at the
location provided below.

Contact Person Name: Francois Bruneau, President
Company Name: The Best AdirondackChair
Address: 305 Bridge Street South, Kemptville, ON, Canada K0G 1J0

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