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									                   Application Short Track Procedure for Visa for VLIR-UOS
                   Scholars or Missions

                   - shortened procedure from April 2006
                   - by e-mail: more efficient, but the procedure needs 2 weeks to 1 month to
                   be completed
                            Request                 Receiver                Document

                 Step 1     Flemish host            Scholarship Office      A DGD certificate (see model, clearly mention the
                            university (ONLY ICOS   VLIR-UOS                programme, never to be sent to the visa applicant because
                            or other appointed      (Agnes.Anquinet@vl      of the danger of fraud) completed entirely and correctly
                            persons – see list)               filled out 3 months before the arrival of the person

                 Step 2     Scholarship Office      DGD                     The DGD certificate to sign

                 Step 3     DGD                     Scholarship Office      Delivery of the signed DGD certificate (this can take a week
                                                    VLIR-UOS                or more)

                 Step 4     Scholarship Office      The responsible         The DGD certificate via e-mail
                            VLIR-UOS                Belgian diplomatic
                                                    office (in case there
                                                    is none, the
                                                    partner diplomatic
                          Request               Receiver              Document

                 Step 5   Scholarship Office    Flemish host          E-mail which states that the scholar, professor, … must
                          VLIR-UOS              university (ONLY      present him/herself to the diplomatic office (address to
                                                ICOS or other         be found in e-mail)
                                                appointed persons
                                                – see list)

                 Step 6   Flemish host          Scholar, professor,   E-mail to the scholar, professor, … which informs him/her
                          university            …                     to present him/herself to the diplomatic office one week
                                                                      after receiving the e-mail from the Flemish host university
                                                                      (delivery of visa short stay from VISION countries takes
                                                                      more time than non-VISION countries)
                 Step 7   Scholar, professor,   The responsible       To present the following documents to the responsible
                          …                     diplomatic office     diplomatic office for a stay of maximum 90 days:
                                                                      -a completed application form
                                                                      -a passport valid for a period of at least three months
                                                                      more than the time of stay
                                                                      -2 passports photos in color
                                                                      -e-ticket flight (not obliged, but practical)

                                                                      Extra documents needed for a stay longer than 90 days:
                                                                      - medical certificate, delivered by a medical doctor and
                                                                      approved by a the responsible diplomatic office in the
                                                                      country of origin
                                                                      - certificate of good behaviour

                 Step 8   The responsible       Flemish host          It is the responsibility of the diplomatic office to inform
                          diplomatic office     university            the Flemish host university or VLIR-UOS of the delivery of
                                                                      the visa BUT in reality it is almost always the scholar,
                                                                      professor, … who must inform the Flemish host university
                                                                      or VLIR-UOS
                 Example of the DGD certificate, to be filled
                 out by ICOS or other appointed persons
                    List of ICOS or other appointed persons
                    authorised to fill out a DGD certificate
                 VLIR-UOS: Agnes Anquinet, Karo Vrints, Katrien Windels

                 KU Leuven: Bob Geivers, Christel Van Cauwenberg, Trees
                 Deloddere, Martine Dekonink, Mathias Groenweghe

                 UA: Marjan Vermeiren, Michel Switten, Tahira Harat, Greet

                 UGent: Helke Baeyens, Liesbeth Vandepitte, Anneleen Van
                 Laere, Nancy Terryn, Annick Verheylezoon, Valerie Henrist,
                 Micheline D’Hooge

                 Hogeschool Gent: Sofie Truwant

                 UHasselt: Marc Thoelen, Martine Machiels, Sofie Vertommen,
                 Sarah Verlackt

                 VUB: Françoise De Cupere, Martine Gheysen, Tania Genel

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