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					Financial Management
             FAQ and Syllabus
                  Spring 2012
     Mary E. Frost, DC, DAASP
                             Course Instructor
Mary E. Frost, CT, BS, DC, DAASP
  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Practice
    Management Department

  • Suite 215 Administration building (2nd floor, my office
    is right next to Dr. Strang’s office)

  • Preferred method of communication is email:

  • Phone: 563-884-5664
                             Course Instructor
  • 1991 CT
  • 1996 DC
  • 2009 DAASP
  • Coding and billing 21 years
    CT and DC
    Private practice 11 years
    PT clinician Palmer Community Clinics 2008-2011
                    Course description
This course introduces payment options and
fee structures within a professional practice
including cash practice, insurance-based
practice and participation in managed care
organizations. Procedures for insurance
claims submissions and management will be
included and collection strategies will be
discussed. Finally, the student will be able to
better understand the basic principles of
financial and records management.
                   Learning Outcomes

1. Acknowledge a business owner’s financial
   and legal responsibilities
2. Value accurate documentation and ethical
   financial management
                     Learning Outcomes
1. Determine indicators for chiropractic business
   success and failure
2. Compare cash practices with insurance practices
3. Explain health care insurance, including
   worker’s comp and personal injury liabilities
4. Contrast Medicare and Medicaid programs with
   3rd party payers
5. Identify compliance standards for EMR
   (electronic medical records) and CERT
   (comprehensive error rate testing)
                    Learning Outcomes

1. Prepare insurance coding and billing for
   services and reports (ICD-9 and CPT codes)
2. Evaluate personal and practice budgets
3. Analyze financial documents
                            Course Structure
This course has 2 distinct parts:

  1. Coding and billing for a chiropractic office
  2. Financial principles, spreadsheets and budgets
                              Course Structure
This is a 3 credit course
  • Meets for 2 of those credit hours
    Tuesday/Thursday @ 2:50 in W210

  • 1 credit hour is earned through work done outside of
    Outside work includes research, study and assignments
                              Assessment Methods
Five quizzes                                                             25 points
Two  exams                                                              60 points
Billing assignment                                                    20 points
Financial assignment                                               40 points
Medicare assignment                                              20 points
EHR assignment (submitted to portfolio)           10 points 
Final exam                                                                 50 points
Total points                                                           225 points
         Syllabus and Course Outline
Found on the portal
  • Webpage contains lecture notes, assignments and
    links to help you
                   Communication is key!
 If you are having difficulty in the class or do
 not understand concepts-
    Please email me your questions or set up an

If you know you will miss a quiz or exam-
   It is your responsibility to contact me via email so that
     arrangements can be made
   There are 3 quiz make-up dates built in to the course schedule
     at the end of the trimester
                       New this trimester!

Start Right: Build Your Own Business
  • Available in the bookstore
  • Reading assignments from book this tri
  • Will use the book again in Practice Management

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