Kids' T-Shirt Stamping Instructions by h3p00p3d


									  Kids’ T-Shirt Stamping Instructions
Making your own messages is fun and easy with         it dry for a couple of minutes,
the Kidsʼ T-shirt Stamping Kit but be sure to read    then apply more paint to the
all of these directions before starting for best      stamp and carefully re-stamp
results.                                              right on top of that letter. When
                                                      you're finished with your mes-
This kit contains:                                    sage, remember to wash your
  70 stamps—upper and lowercase letters,              letters and brush in soapy water
    numbers and punctuation                           right away.
  2 strips of fabric paint in 6 colors
  2 paintbrushes                                      6) Allow your message to dry for an hour or so,
                                                      or hit it with a blow dryer for about ten minutes,
1) First decide what you want to                      and then wear your own customized message
say and how you want it to look                       with pride! Your shirt can be washed and dried
on your shirt. It helps to stamp                      with the regular laundry (though you might want
your message on paper first, and                      to turn it inside out for the first couple of wash-
then set it on your shirt to get an                   ings).
idea of what it will look like.
                                                                   OTHER IDEAS
2) Put a magazine, or cardboard,
or a few sheets of paper inside                       • Double stamp, with a dark color over a lighter
your shirt under the area you are                     color and slightly shifted to one side for a cool
going to stamp. This will pre-                        3-D effect.
vent the fabric paint from soak-
ing through to the back side of                       • Have an adult help you stamp with bleach
your shirt.                                           instead of fabric paint. The thick kind works
                                                      best. Pour a little in a shallow dish, dip your
3) Messages look best when they                       stamp and press it on a dark colored fabric; your
are placed just above armpit                          letter will slowly and magically appear before
level. Also, words look best                          your eyes!
when the letters are stamped
right next to each other, as close                    • Use the letter and punctuation to make things
together as possible. If you want                     other than words...think computer emoticons! ; )
your message to be very straight,                     You can also use your stamps with washable inks
use a straightedge as your guide. Or you could        or poster paint on paper to make signs, posters,
go with a more haphazard style with crooked let-      report covers etc. Just be sure to wash your
ters for a crazy, fun look.                           stamps when youʼre done.

4) Use a paintbrush to dab a gen-                     • Looking for a fun party activity? Provide blank
erous layer of paint onto the                         t-shirts for all your guests to decorate. Makes a
foam surface of your first letter                     unique personalized party favor!
stamp. At this point you might
want to try stamping on a piece                       • Stamp on hats, tennis shoes, tote bags, etc.!
of scrap fabric (or better yet, an
old t-shirt) to get an idea of how                           See more fun creativity products at
much paint you will need to put on your stamps        
to get a good image (practice makes perfect!).
                                                            To purchase replacement parts contact us at
5) Stamp away! If a letter comes out too light, let          800-370-7697 or 612-638-1040

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