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                                       Kenny G Tickets - See Saxophone Perfection Live
                                                            By Jay Nault

    Kenny G tickets are guaranteed to bring out a series of varied emotions in every audience member,
and it’s been that way for 25 years. Kenny G has long been known as an innovator with his signature
instrument, the soprano saxophone, and few have ever been able to create a mood with just one
instrument. G has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft, and this artist is as dedicated to his vocation as
anyone currently active on the music scene. A look at his life and career path will help explain why
he’s reached the status of icon on the worldwide music scene.

Early Life

Kenneth Gorelick was born on June 5, 1956 in Seattle, Washington. He lived a largely “normal”
childhood, and he got his start in music when his mother rented him his first saxophone. G learned the
instrument almost entirely on his own, as he spent hours every day by himself learning to play by
listening to jazz records and teaching himself to play along with the sounds he heard. His biggest
influence was Grover Washington, Jr., and his ultimate style was and is a direct reflection of the
“smooth” jazz that he had hear on his record player and on the radio.

G was not a complete recluse during his early years, however. He had a strong group of friends, and
took part in several socially-driven activities during his teenage years. At Franklin High School, G was
a top golfer for the high school team, and he continues to be a top-flight amateur golfer to this day,
appearing in several pro-am events. G was also an active member of the high school band, and this
experience allowed him to add some technical value to his musical approach.


G got his career start when he was 20 and was signed to play as a saxophone soloist for Barry White’s
Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1976. It was also at this time that he adopted his name, “Kenny G,” as it
was more recognizable than his birth-given moniker. During this time, G also completed his college
studies, and after establishing himself musically with the likes of Barry White, G signed his first record

G’s albums were a mix of solo work and collaboration with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Whitney

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Houston, Natalie Cole, Toni Braxton and others. G also continued to perfect his on-stage act, and
Kenny G tickets began to gain momentum on the musical market. His solo work was as recognizable
as any non-singer’s in the world.

G’s records also began to sell in a big way, and his 1986 release, Duotones, was the cut that made
him famous world-wide. Since then, G has simply become one of the top-selling artists of all-time, and
his musical style, though panned by many who refuse to call his work “true” jazz, is not only
recognizable but also influential.

If you want to experience all the emotion that G puts forth in his performances, Kenny G tickets are
guaranteed to give you a night of melodic jazz to remember.

Written by Jay Nault, sponsored by . StubHub sells Kenny G tickets: sports tickets, concert tickets, theater tickets and more to just
about any event in the world.

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                                Types of Saxophones: Which Saxophone is Right For Me
                                                               By Ray W.

If one is looking at purchasing a used saxophone, two presumptions or considerations may arise: first,
that the person purchasing must get the item which will give him the best value for his money; second,
that the person is using it for playing music. The importance of the second point is that saxophone, as
a musical instrument, comes in different kinds. The difference lies in the music and pitch being
produced by each type of instrument, sizes and shapes, as well as considerations which are related to
the skill level of the player of the instrument.

 Therefore, to be able to make the best decision as to which saxophone best suits any player of the
instrument, it is important that one has a working knowledge of the different types of saxophones as
well as the corresponding differences that distinguish one from the other. In doing this, one can
effectively discriminate and choose the saxophone that best suits him.

 There are generally four types of saxophones available in the market today. The first type is called the
soprano saxophone. The soprano saxophone is tuned in the key of B flat (or Bb). It has the highest
tune or pitch among all the other types of saxophones. Consequently, playing the instrument requires
some skill because the pitch, being high, is more difficult to manipulate and manage. Therefore, most
of the players of this type of saxophone are already adept at playing the instrument and are what can
properly be considered as professional saxophonists.

 The second type is the Alto Saxophone which plays at the key of E flat (or Eb). The position of this
type of saxophone’s bell allows its player to hear more of the sound produced by the instrument than
by the other saxophones played. Most pieces composed for practice are also tuned in the key of Alto
Saxophone. Consequently, it is considered as most befitting beginners and anyone whose skill level in
saxophone is elementary.

 The third type would be the tenor saxophone. It is larger than the alto saxophone and the sound its
produces is closer in range to the human voice. This is also the best type of instrument for playing jazz
and some rock.

 The fourth type of saxophone is the baritone saxophone. It has the lowest range among the other
types of saxophone and is usually used in the bass section in soul music or tunes. It is also the biggest
and heaviest among all the other types of saxophone.

 All of these types of saxophones are best in their own respect. One just needs to identify precisely the
use of the saxophone to be played or purchased. So if one is a beginner, it is strongly suggested that
he starts playing the alto saxophone first. It also depends upon the sound that the player is most
interested in. If one prefers to play jazz tunes, then the tenor saxophone is recommended. But if one is
more into bass range sound, richer and deeper tone then the baritone is the best choice.

 One may also take into account the size and the weight of the saxophone which will affect its
manageability and overall comfort in playing the instrument. There are, of course, no hard fast rules
applicable in determining the best type of saxophone. The person has to weigh in different factors in
the process of trying top get the saxophone which is just right for him.

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