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									                                          SOCIAL JUSTICE CALENDAR
DAVIS, CA                                                                                                                         MAY, 2013
  “When you give food to the poor, they call you a saint. When you ask why the poor have no food, they call you a communist.”

                                                                                   Dom Helder Camara, Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, Brazil

 Friday, May 3 (7:30 pm, I-House) – International Film Series.               Patrick Room) – St. James SVdeP Conference meeting.
  (Open to all; no charge, but donations welcome)                           Saturday, May 18 – Neighborhood Court Training Session.
  [Refreshments at 7:30; program begins promptly at 8:00].                   The 1-day training for volunteer panelists for Davis’s new
  Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky (2009, France, Japan, Switzerland,           Neighborhood Court is set for Saturday, May 18. If you have
  directed by Jan Kounen, 120 min.) The early scenes of the film depict      been considering applying to be a panelist, I encourage you
  the historic Paris debut, 100 years ago this month, of Stravinsky’s        to begin the application process now. Applications are at
  “The Rite of Spring” with Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes that caused an
  uproar among the public. One appreciative audience member was
  Coco Chanel who was introduced to Igor Stravinsky by Sergei
                                                                             ion.pdf. The April 26 Enterprise included an article about
  Diaghilev . They met again after the Great War when the Stravinsky         this      initiative:
  family (Igor, wife Katarina, and their four children), penniless after     news/crime-fire-courts/neighborhood-court-brings-
  the Russian Revolution, was in exile. Chanel offered them her house.       restorative-justice-concept-to-davis/. [Information: Diane
  Inevitably the two individuals who did so much to define the 20th          Clark, (530) 756-4272,]
  century in cultural terms got involved in a poorly disguised love         Saturday, May 18/Sunday, May 19 (At all Masses, St.
  affair (“Love between the irresistible and the immovable,” as one          James Catholic Paris) –Society of St. Vincent de Paul Semi-
  critic described it). After some time Katarina left with the children,     Annual Food Offertory. Donors are asked to bring non-
  but eventually her husband recognized how essential her                    perishable groceries to be given to STEAC or to be used in
  knowledgeable input was to his music and Chanel accepted
  Katarina’s statement that the family needed Igor more than she did.
                                                                             the SVdeP food closet. Donors are encouraged to donate a
  One fascinating segment of the film shows how Chanel Number 5              are complete dinner for four (a “Dinner-in-a-Bag”) which
  was developed.                                                             may be given to a family approaching the parish for
 Sunday, May 5 (11:15 am, Newman Center) – The regular                       assistance or taken on home visits to needy families. SVdeP
  monthly meeting of the Newman Social Justice Group.                        requests that, when possible, these dinners be donated in
 Sunday, May 5 (At Worship Services, Davis Community                         recyclable cloth grocery bags.
  Church) – Monthly “Just Feed One” food collection of non-                Sunday, May 19 (9:45-10:50 am, Davis United Methodist
  perishable food items for donation to STEAC.                              Church Walker Room; no charge) – Contemporary Issues
 Sunday, May 5 (After all worship services, United Methodist                Forum: May 19: Building a Bridge of Love to Angola with
  Church) “Feed My Sheep,” the monthly offering of food for                 Phil Bandy, Interim Director of the California-Nevada United
  STEAC and Grace in Action.                                                Methodist Volunteers in Mission Program The California-
 Sunday, May 5 (9:45-10:50 am, Davis United Methodist                       Nevada Annual Conference has launched a special mission
  Church, Walker Room; no charge) – Contemporary Issues                     project, "Building a Bridge of Love to Angola: Doing What
  Forum: Update on Compassion Corner (3rd and C in Davis)                   Matters to God," to help empower our brothers and sisters in
  with David H. Breaux What does the word "compassion"                      Angola and aid in the reconstruction of the medical clinic in
  mean to you? As part of his spiritual journey, David has                  Born Jesus. The clinic, abandoned during the civil war when
  stood on the corner of 3rd and C since 2009 asking those who              most people fled to the city, is the focal point for the medical
  pass to share their understanding of the word "compassion."               and health care ministry of the Methodist Church in Angola.
  He has collected over 7,000 entries, has published a book,                Come learn more about this special mission project, which
  "Compassion: Davis, CA," and now is working on a                          will be a focus of the June Annual Conference Session.
  permanent monument to compassion which will be built on                   Sunday, May 26 (9:45-10:50 am, Davis United Methodist
  the corner. David will share his story and will update us on               Church) – Peace with Justice Sunday. Peace with Justice
  his work to raise awareness of the concept of compassion.                  Sunday is one of the six church-wide special Sundays of the
 Sunday, May 12 (9:45-10:50 am, Davis United Methodist                       United Methodist Church. Peace with Justice Sunday gifts
  Church, Walker Room; no charge) – Contemporary Issues                      change lives in places where the joy of knowing Christ is
  Forum: The Role of Art in Worship with Dori Marshall,                      mixed with the tragedy of violence. [Information: The UMC
  Artist and Chair of the Worship Ministry For centuries, art                newsletter:]
  has been used to connect worshipers with their religious                  Sunday, May 26 (9:45-10:50 am, Davis United Methodist
  faith. Dori Marshall is a Presbyterian Commissioned Lay                    Church Walker Room; no charge) – “ Stephen Ministry --
  Pastor and has been the visual artist for the Worship Ministry             Providing Compassionate Care” with Jerry Beaman and
  for the past two years. Dori's artwork can be seen in our                  Judith McKibben, Stephen Ministry Leader. Stephen
  sanctuary and elsewhere. She will talk about the relationship              Ministry is a nationwide, multidenominational program
  between religion, worship, and artistic expression.                        helping congregations develop a team of trained laypeople to
 Monday, May 13 (7:00 pm, St. James, St. Ignatius Room) –                    provide compassionate, confidential Christian care to those
  St. James Gospel Justice Committee meeting.                                experiencing difficulties. If you or someone you know is
 Wednesday, May 15 (5:30 Davis Unitarian Church, 27074                       experiencing grief, divorce, loneliness, job loss, illness, or
  Patwin Rd. Davis) – Monthly meeting of the Yolo Interfaith                 other life problems, a Stephen Minister may be able to help.
  Immigration Network. New members are always welcome.                       Jerry, Judith, and other Stephen Ministers will present an
  [Information: Alison Pease at]                          overview of the ministry and discuss how it works at Davis
 Thursday, May 16 (7:00 pm, St. James Catholic Parish, St.

   A project of the St. James Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the St. James Gospel Justice Committee

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