So… you want to be a consultant by yurtgc548


									So… you want to be
a consultant?
Dr Zoe Wyrko
Consultant Geriatrician QEHB
Deputy Honorary Secretary BGS

¢ Before you get the job
¢ The interview
¢ Starting the job
¢ The first year
¢ The bits that nobody tells you…

This is all a purely personal point of
Before you get the job

¢   Probably the most
    stressful few
    months of my life
Interview preparation
How prepared was I?

¢   Returning to a hospital I knew well
¢   Functional, mostly supportive department
¢   Been on all the courses I was supposed to
¢   Considerable experience gained from BGS
¢   Not worried about my clinical abilities
¢   Nice suits!
During my first 3 months…

¢ Malicious complaint
¢ Young death
¢ Inquest
¢ Nightmare family

¢ But then things got better…
¢ (or did I just start getting used to it?)
¢   Massive transition (but less
    frightening than SHO to SpR)
    l   Even ‘acting up’ doesn’t fully
¢   Unanticipated responsibilities
    l   The buck stops here
¢   Management skills in addition
    to clinical abilities
¢   What are your juniors doing in
    your name?
¢   How much paperwork??!
¢   No nightshifts
¢   More control over your own
¢   You can have an idea, and
    act on it, and see it work
¢   You will not be moving on
    the moment you have
    learnt everyone’s name
¢   Your colleagues have all
    ‘been there’
¢   You are no longer the
    Medical Registrar
General advice

¢ Find a mentor who suits you
¢ Consider all offers carefully before
  declining or accepting
    l   Opportunities may come out of
        nothing (but don’t get lumbered)
¢ Start establishing networks
¢ Put faces to names
¢ Don’t be afraid to ask
        And finally
¢   Try not to appear too busy, unless you really

¢   Treat your team once in a while

¢   Be the consultant that you wanted/needed as
    a junior

¢   If in doubt -

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