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									 On the Move
             Somnath                         Stephen
             Banerjee,                       Owen,
             Nor1                            First Tech
              The Santa                      Federal
              Clara                          Credit
              technology                     Union
              company                        The Moun-
that maximizes revenue         tain View financial institu-
and profits of its custom-     tion appointed Stephen
ers with pricing strategies    Owen chief retail and
named Somnath Banerjee         marketing officer. Re-
vice president of engi-        cently, he served as senior
neering. Recently, he was      vice president, head of
chief operating officer        outsourcing and ATMs in
and managing partner at        North America at Travelex
Sourcebits.                    Currency Services.
             David                           Vernon
             Berman,                         Padgett,
             RingCentral                     Bay Com-
              The San Ma-                    mercial
              teo provider                   Bank
              of cloud                        The Wal-
              business                        nut Creek
communications tools           financial institution named
appointed David Berman         Vernon Padgett executive
president. Previously, he      vice president and chief
served as president and        banking officer. Recently,
chief executive officer at     he served executive posi-
Affectiva.                     tions at Presidio Bank.
             Graham                          Andy Page,
             Donald,                         23andMe
                                         The Moun-
                                         tain View
               The Sunny-                personal
               vale job                  genetics
               search en-                company
gines operator appointed    appointed Andy Page
Graham Donald general       president. He is former
manager of the company’s president at Gilt Groupe.
Canada location. Previous-
ly, he held executive-level              Charlie
positions at Workopolis.                 Schadewitz,
             Donald                          Technology
             KaloBios                        The Santa
             ticals            of memory technology
                The South      named Charlie Schade-
                San Francis-   witz vice president of
co drugmaker appointed         sales. Previously, he held
Donald Joseph chief legal      positions at Atrenta.
officer. He is former chief
executive officer at BIO                     Chip Scovic,
Ventures for Global Health.                  TubeMogul
                                          The Em-
             Gaurav                       eryville
             Khanna,                      provider of a
             Quorum                       platform that
              The San Jose                allows the
              maker of      world’s largest brands and
              data-recov-   agencies to centralize their
              ery software video advertising named
named Gaurav Khanna         Chip Scovic chief rev-
vice president of products. enue officer. He is former
Previously, he held posi-   head of Google’s media
tions at Symantec.          platforms business for ad-
                            vertisers and independent
              Sam           agencies.
             Lavante                         Vince Voron,
               The San Jose                  Dolby Labo-
               provider of                   ratories
               cloud-based                   The San
               recovery                      Fran-
auditing and supplier                        cisco home
information management                       speaker sys-
software for Fortune 1000      tems and sound technol-
companies named Sam            ogy provider name Vince
Klepper chief executive        Voron, vice president and
officer. Previously, he was    executive creative director.
general manager and CEO        Previously, he was as-
at eMeter.                     sociate vice president and
                               head of design at Coca-
                               Cola North America.

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