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									Denver Filmaker Speakes About Unconventional Career Leap

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Photo taken at the Taj Mahal during production of Berni's Journey in Wanderland. The
silhouette picture became the image for the poster.

Child refugee, former corporate executive and current independent filmmaker, Bernadette Slowey, will speak
of how the unexpected turn of events of directing the documentary, "Berni's Journey in Wanderland" became
a metaphor for life in America today.

Online PR News – 15-July-2013 – DENVER (July 15, 2013) – Child refugee, former bank executive and
current independent filmmaker, Bernadette Slowey, will speak of how she emerged from her chaotic past,
sought after a secure life and dove back into the unknown. In pursuit of an encore career she is the director
and producer of the documentary, “Berni’s Journey in Wanderland”.

By the age of 8, Slowey evacuated from Vietnam in 1975 and again from Iran in 1979. From both
controversial circumstances, she experienced racism and prejudice growing up in middle America. “I spent
much of my childhood in Nebraska where I was different; the object of taunts, shouts and ridicule,” Slowey

“Berni’s Journey in Wanderland” portrays Slowey’s transition as a successful, but disillusioned financial
executive who leaves her 20-year career and sets out on a cinematic quest to India. When the project
unravels, the filmmaker becomes the unexpected protagonist of her own movie. This rite of passage tale
unfolds and becomes a journey of resolution, self-discovery and celebration.

When Slowey’s work environment had grown toxic, her dream career seemed more like a nightmare and she
became distressed. Her years of accomplishments had become a mechanism of external validation. Despite
Slowey’s success, she experienced inner turmoil and questioned her beliefs and the 60-hour work weeks
away from her husband and two children.

“I thought that I was going to film an informative documentary about experts in the spiritual field and that
maybe I could experience some healing through the project,” Slowey said. “I wouldn’t have gone to India if I
knew the film would expose my vulnerability and be about me.” Her presentation will include tales of
coincidences and calamities and how directing a film is a metaphor for life.

The speaking event will take place at Sacred i Yoga Studio, 2212 Kearney Street, Denver, CO 80207, from 6
to 8 p.m. on Friday, July 19.

“Berni’s Journey in Wanderland”, serves as example of what can happen when one has the strength to leave
the conventional and go forward with uncertainty in pursuit of a dream. The tagline for the film is The Wonder
of the Wander, which is also the film’s website page.

Slowey launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish the film that ends on August 4. She has
TheBerniJourney blog site that chronicles the post-production and fundraising campaign efforts.

"Berni's Journey in Wanderland" is produced by Slowey's independent film company, Vast Universe

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