Eco Advantage Pest Control In Kansas City Helps Eliminate Spider Infestation In Your Home

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					Eco Advantage Pest Control In Kansas City Helps Eliminate Spider Infestation In Your Home

Kansas City, MO, 15-JULY-2013 - Eco Advantage Pest Control, a Kansas City pest control firm, is
pleased to announce that spider infestation can be eliminated using the safe and effective low toxicity
methods. The best way to get rid of spiders is prevention. Most spider infestations can be solved
without resorting to harmful chemicals. There is a lot more to eliminating pests than spraying
insecticide, or laying down a few traps. There are comprehensive, low toxicity and highly effective
therapy methods.

According to the Kansas City pest control firm, "Control by chemical spraying will not last unless
accompanied by good housekeeping. Don't attract bugs by leaving food out. Spiders eat bugs. You
don't want to make your home inviting to spiders. We have been seeing quite a few of the brown
recluse spider. These creatures require a more proactive approach."

"Determining the type of spiders and other pests, and the extent of the infestation is the first step" he
continues. "There are methods that are safe for pets and humans as well. We identify the methods
that are appropriate for the type of insect or other pests and that will not be likely to create
environmental hazards."

Brown recluse spiders are more common in Mississippi and West Tennessee, but more are showing up
in Greater Kansas City garages, attics and crawl spaces, as well as behind and beneath beds and
furniture, and in clothing, shoes, closets and storage areas. These insects are poisonous and tend to
inhabit the same areas as humans, so when they are present, they need to be addressed by
eliminating their food sources.

The use of low-impact, low-toxicity insecticides together with non-chemical and exclusion methods, as
applicable is an underlying premise of the Kansas City pest control company. The eco-friendly pest
control methods provide highly effective results with zero risk to humans and pets.

Learn more about the products and services to eradicate spiders and other pests safely by visiting the
web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals
who have more questions about the information presented in this press release should utilize the
contact details offered below below.

Company Name: Eco Advantage Pest Control
Address: Kansas City MO
Contact Telephone Number: (816) 431-2847

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