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      USPS – PRC
Consultation Process for
 Service Standards and
 Full Workgroup Meeting Update
          June 13, 2007
Overview of Law’s Requirements
q By December 20, 2007 USPS in consultation with
  the PRC establishes Service Standards for
  Market Dominant Products

q Determine the parameters for a system of
  objective external measurement (or PRC
  approved internal measurement)
Overview (Continued)
 q By June 20, 2008 USPS in consultation with the
   PRC submits a plan to Congress that establishes
   performance goals and describes any changes to
   meet performance goals

 q USPS submits Annual Compliance Report to the
   PRC for Market Dominant Products providing
   measures of quality of service including:
    Ø Level of service (speed / reliability)
    Ø Degree of Customer Satisfaction
    Ø Annual aggregate national score for each
Introduction to Approach

General Considerations
q   Current Service Standards
q   Balancing Cost and Service
q   Baseline Service
q   Customer Needs
q   Program Plan
Program Plan Approach

ü   Five Projects under Overall Program
ü   Senior Officer Sponsorship for each
ü   Teams Established
ü   Planning Sessions Ongoing
ü   Review with Steering Committee
Program Plan Project Summary

 q   Service Standards
 q   Special Services
 q   Measurement Requirements
 q   Intelligent Mail
 q   Outreach to PRC and Customers
Service Standards
q Re-evaluate existing product end-to-end (3-digit
to 3-digit) service standards using consistent
business rules

q Incorporate Standard Mail destination entry
guidelines as a new dimension within the standards
Special Services
q Create service standards for special services

q Develop the essential requirements for reporting
Measurement Requirements

q Develop the essential requirements for reporting

q Determine an accurate estimate of the cost of
statistically valid external measurement system(s)
Intelligent Mail
q Develop a plan and timeline to use the Intelligent
Mail platform for accurate service performance
q Conduct outreach with customers and the PRC
on the establishment of modern service standards
and a system of objective service performance
PRC Consultation Topics

q Requirements of New Law
q USPS Program Plan
q Consultation Process

q Current Service Standards
q Revisions to Service Standards
q Measurement Process
q Reporting
Consultation Timeline
q May 2007 – Initial Meeting PRC/USPS
q June 2007 – Planned Meeting
q July 2007 – Planned Meeting
q August 2007 – Plan for Service Standards
q September 2007 – Plan for Measurement
q October 2007 – Publish Proposed Rule on
  Service Standards in Federal Register for
  comments (30 days)
q December 2007 – Publish a Final Rule on Service
  Standards in Federal Register

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