Antwerp, Belgium, Real-time flood forecasting, GIS, telemetry

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SYSTEM, BELGIUM (2005-2007)

Location                   Antwerp, Belgium

Type of Project            Real-time flood forecasting, GIS, telemetry, meteorological forecasts, flooding, DSS

Client                     Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium

Description                DHI was commissioned by Waterbouwkundig Laboratorium (WL) of Belgium to
                           enhance and upgrade an existing hydrological and hydraulic flood model for real-time
                           forecasting purposes and register the model for use in the IT data management and
                           forecasting shell used by WL.

                           The system, which is fully based on DHI Software technology, implements interfaces
                           to real-time point observations and grid-based hydrological forecasts, all of which is
                           stored in a UNIX based INFORMIX SERVER. A total of nine hydrological and
                           hydraulic forecasting engines have been registered for use with the system, and thus
                           the system is capable of providing accurate flood forecasts throughout Flanders.

                           The system is capable of producing fully automated forecasts as well as manual or
                           event driven forecasts depending on the configuration of the system. As such the
                           system can initiate predefined responses to selected system states and notify stake
                           holders as required.
                           Additionally, DHI has provided a design for the future WL flood forecasting IT
                           system and made technological recommendations.

                           The services provided by DHI include:
                           • Interface to point based and grid based real-time data stored in an INFORMIX
                           • Setup of a hydrological and hydraulic forecast model of Leie and Upper Scheldt,
                           including estimates of performance and accuracy
                           • Definition of data alarms and associated system responses
                           • Design of future forecasting system, with emphasis on IT technology and