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									     T.S. Courageous RNP Night 2010                T.S. Courageous RNP Night 2010

                                                       INSPECTING OFFICER
    PROGRAM OF EVENTS                                MAJOR A HENDERSON RM

             18:15 Unit Open                         President Of TS Courageous
                                                        RT Hon Julian Brazier
           18:30 Cadets Arrive
       19.00 Parents and Friends                            District Staff
       19:05 Ships company fall in                     Lt Cdr A Robbins RNR
            19:10 VIP’s Arrive                          Lt Cdr K Martin RNR
       19:15 March on the Guard
     19.20 Inspecting Officer Arrives
              19.30 Colours                              Unit Staff Present
 19.35 Inspecting Officer Inspects Ships   CPO Sharpe (CO) CPO Callow (1st LT)
                                           CPO Bender      PO Fuller              PO
                Company                    Kingshott
            20:00 Stand Easy               PO Dawes       PPO Taylor      APO Thomson
        20:20 1st Evolution Major          REV Whittlesea
        20:40 2nd Evolution Minor
        20:50 3rd Evolution Area
21.00 Ships Company Fall in for Evening
                                                    Committee Members Present
         21.20 Evening Colours                            Chair S Bennett
    21.30 Ships Company Dismissed                   Fundraising Secretary J Rohan
                                                              J Symons
                                                               E Mount
           T.S. Courageous RNP Night

  The Commanding Officer, on behalf of TS
Courageous, would like to take this opportunity
                                                   T.S COURAGEOUS
     to thank the following organisations /
Individuals for their continued support over the
                     last year;

        Marine Society Sea Cadets
     Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust,
           Viridor Credits Group,
            Kent County Council,
          Canterbury City Council,
      Combined Services Committee,
        Garfield Weston Foundation,
  And Others who wish to stay anonymous..

We thank you for your attendance this evening
& we hope you have had an enjoyable night!

          Have a safe journey home!
                                                     RNP NIGHT

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