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church planting initiative
     in the centre
       of Europe
Apostolic sphere

 n Joel 1.1-3
 n Joel 1.14/2.12/2.15
 n Eph. 3.18
        Spiritual situation
n   800`000 residents
n   80 % catholic 10% prot. 10 % others
n   0.3 % believers
n   Approx. 150 villages without churches
n   Approx. 100 without christan testimony
n   A great deal of occultism in the country
n   A great deal of mystics in the city
committed communities=cc

                100 house-
organic cp - apostolic cp

   • Organic church planting

   2. Transitional stage cp organic - structured

   3. Transitional stage cp structured–apostolic

   4. Apost. cp with multiplication of teams
  cp-cycle (acc. Paulus)
         call/ leave/ teamforming /landing

                                        Apost. Evang.
Development of
   leadership                           discipleship

                   Committed community
Main jobs of an apostle

 n The apostel brings (radically) new staff
 n Spiritual families
 n Multiplication of the aposotlic
Main jobs of the church

 n 1.Cor 3:1-11 …to water
 n To administer (= continuing with
   farming the field)
 n To make out new apostles and
   send them
1. call/ leave/ teamforming/ landing

n   Seeking God - God speaks
n   1999 period of fasting
n   And God spoke, saying,
    Go forth from the ark, you and your
    wife and your sons and their wives
    with you.                   Gen. 8:15
1. call/ leave/ teamforming/ landing

 n   God confirms
 n   Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for
     by so doing some people have shown hospitality
     to angels without knowing it. Hebr.13:2

 n   Waiting
 n   In faith and not by sight
1. call/ leave / teamforming/ landing

  Labour pains
  n battles, price (Sarah)
  n accomodation
1. call/ leave / teamforming/ landing

  n   breakthrough

  n Team
  n Finances, double reward
  n rainbow
1. call/ leave / teamforming/ landing

 n apostles work always in teams
 n team = teamchurch / mobile church
 n team = teamleadership (honoring)
 n Team 50 % - ministry 50 %
                 2. Prayer (walking)

n   1. the Lord is LORD
n   2. we claim the land and bless everything …
n   3. we call people of peace
n   4. We need the leading of the Holy spirit
n   5. Proclaiming the gospel and plant churches
    with signs following
n   6. We want to become makers of disciples
n   7. We want to become a
    sending movement
         2. Prayer (walking)
n Love for the people
n Sursee à town gate
n Praying man Bern-Luzern (Malters)
n Women‘s chain of prayer
n Demoniac battles ->vomiting
n Richtstätte Schwyz
n Seance
n The land belongs to us
3. powerevangelism
3. apostlic evangelism
4. Jüngerschaft incl. Evangelisation
     Training und Gemeinschaft

n Discipleship is NOT a programm
n 50%-75 % Community / LTG
n Demonstration (EE, Powermeeting)
n Questions
n 1:1
5. Discipleship incl. Evangelisation
Training and Community

         coinonia / LTG
   One another-Scriptures 25%

               1.Joh 2:27
                         1.Joh 3:2
               Joh 5:19

         Coinonia /LTG     1:1 Discipleship with
      Demonstration 25%        the bible 25%
5. committed community
n   Church as spiritual family / community
n   modern people à community
n   postmodern people à discipleship
n   covenenting à commmitted
n   extended family à conflicts
n   Supply-church – participate-church
5. community-> structure

5. community-> structure

n   Coinonia + Discipleship + Multiplication =
    spiritual family/HC/cc

n   Coinonia + Discipleship + Multiplication +
    Eldest + Networking = vernetzte HG/cc
Development of a network


          Netz mit Ältesten


Deacons           CP-
     Eph. 4 Dienste- Dienstgruppen

                   Eph. 4

Ministry         Elders

Development of Leadership

Redefinition of leadership
n A good leader leads good ???
n leader = ladder
n New role of leaders = trainer
Disciple = spiritually the highest level
n Leader (apostle, elder,diacon)
  = disciple +
à maturity for marriage
à maturity to start a familie
à Maturity of life
à Knowledge of the sripture
 4 levels of leadership
Our principal values = loving community,
  Discipleship, Multiplication
n Apostle -> reproduces them + lives them
n Jünger -> loves them
n Deacons -> take care that the values will be lived out
              by all of the cc-members + lives them
n Elders -> take care that the values will be lived out
             by the cc-networks + lives them

n   Have children and increase your
    numbers. Fill the earth and bring it under
    your control
    Genesis (1.Mose) 1:28
n   Therefore go and make disciples of all
    nations, by baptising them in the name of
    the Father and of the Son and of the
    Holy Spirit, and by teaching them to obey
    everything I have commanded you.
                            Matth. 28:19-20
nOnly if it comes to a
A) (House)church planting movement
B) Apostolic movement
we are able to execute the missionary
 command of Jesus!!

n 2.Tim. 2.2
n Now pass on what you have recieved
    Multiplication on every level

n Disciples      ---- new disciples
n Deacon         ----- new deacons
n Elders         ----- new Elders
n communities ---- new communities
n Networks        ---- new Networks
n Eph. 4 ministries ---- new Eph 4 ministries
n CP Teams        ---- new CP Teams
           „Multiplication“ of

         2000: 1.LU 1.CP-Team
         2004: 2.SZ(2000-2006)
               3.ZG (2004-2005)
               4.NW CP-Team
               5.UR cc
         2005: 6.OW CP-Team
               7.LU 2.CP-Team
         2007: 8.UR CP-Team
            Multiplication of

          2000:1 core team
          2004:1 core team
               2 sub-teams
               3 cp-liveteams
          2007 1 Baseteam
               3 core teams
               2 sub-teams
               1 team sent out
         Multiplikation cc

         Aug 2000 -> Start
         Jan 2001 -> 1 cc
         Dez 2004 -> 9 cc
                     -> 1 DG
                     -> 4 cc I.
         April 2007 -> „15cc“
                     -> „3 I.“
M-28-> Europe
                     The vision:


                nHouse churches

n   Suffering is one of the characteristic
    features of an apostolic ministry
    The 7 greatest misstakes
n 1.teamforming: more delicate than
n Balance 1/3 : 1/3: 1/3
n cp-live and core team seperated
n Not knowing each other -> Risk!
n Role/function man-woman
n 50% energy for the team – 50% energy
  for the workà Alles mal an uns selber !
    The 7 greatest misstakes

n 2. Prayer (Apg. 6.2+4) – in the
  beginning okay but afterwards it saged.
n India (f.e. Prayerwalking)
    The 7 greatest misstakes

n 3. Evangelisation – no apostolic
n It took 3-4 years to build a community
  out of a pick ‘n‘ mixed group of
The 7 greatest misstakes

n 4. Discipleship – Program
n Discipleship based on the open bible
n Discipleship = to share life
The 7 greatest misstakes
n 5. CP - Commitment
n To many cc at once – no time for real
n We took people which were already
n commitment – insufficient explanation
  à based on the new testament we
  want to live faith together
    The 7 greatest misstakes
n 6.   Development of leadership
n   Not „ a good leader leads goog = OT Modell“
    but a good leader is a good ladder
    = NT Modell
n   the job of a leader is to release
    spiritual level of a leader = good disciple plus
    4 fould maturity
n   decentralisation too late à started to late with
    the development of leadership
 The 7 greatest misstakes
n   7.Multiplication

n mistook addition with multiplication
n To many places at the same time
n decentralisation too late à started to
  late with the development of leadership
n M. of cc and cp-teams
      My biggest question

n   How to trigger church planting
    movements in Europe ??
Spiritual situation in Europe
Spiritual situation in Europe
   n   % evangelical christians in Europe
   n average = 1%-2,4% depending on count
   n 24 Nations = less than 1%
   n 11 Nations = less than 0,2%
   n 250 000 villages without church
   n 80 % of the french people never
     saw or touched a bible
    Some examples
ü   Italia       0.9 %
ü   France       0.8 %
ü   Spain        0.8 %
ü   Russia       0.7 %
ü   Croatia      0.5 %
ü   Yugoslavia   0.4 %
ü   Lithuania    0.4 %
ü   Greece       0.4 %
ü   Austria      0.4 %
ü   Albania      0.3 %
ü   Luxembourg   0.3 %
ü   Slovenia     0.2 %
ü   Macedonia    0.2 %
ü   Cyprus       0.2 %
ü   Poland       0.2 %
ü   Azerbaijan   0.1 %
ü   Bosnia       0.1 %
New church plantings

n   On 300 existing churches one new
    church is found/planted
The islamic challenge in

From 1900 to 2000 the number of moslems
throughout the world octuplicated from
150 millions to 1200 millions!
      The islamic challenge in
n   Europe (especially Southern - a. Eastern Europe)
    experiences a dramatic process of declining

n   Every year the EU needs about 1,6 millions of
    immigrants, to keep the economically active
    population on the same level
 The islamic challenge in
¨ Today  we have in Europe approx. 20-50
  million or rather approx. 7% Moslems.

   the trend will continue and without a spiritual
¨ If
  Reformation, in 2025 they will count
  approx. 100 million

¨ By  the end of the 21st Century Europe (=
  Westmaghreb) will have a Muslim majority in
  the population.
The islamic challenge in
¨   7% of all children born in Europe last year are

¨ In   a city like Brüssel these are about 57%

¨ Today   the most common name for children in
    Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam is

¨ Today  we already have small towns in
    Germany and France which are populated by
    80% of Muslims
     Apostolic Ministries in
The Waldensians: 1170 in Lyon

 Lay preacher,lay church planters, persecutions,
 dispossesions, turnouts and excommunications .
 Fruit: fast spreading of waldensian groups from
 Spain up to the Baltic Sea as far as Hungary
        Apostolic Ministries in
The Baptists: Zuerich-Europe-World

n   Each candidate for baptism has to commit
    himself and his gifts to the matters of god
    and the spreading of the Gospel
n   20. April 1527 Augsburg: martyr-synod
    (60 leaders of the Baptists)
    target: to evangelise Europe and to plant
     Apostolic Ministries from
    Europe into the whole world
1727 the Moravian Brethren

•   After revival: chain of prayer for more than
    100 years for the spreading of the gospel
•   Sending out of 3‘000 Missionaries
    between1732 and 1930. This equals a
    twelth of the member of the moravian
    All missionaries were „tent makers“ and
    evangelised solely in unreached regions.
    Many of them gave their lives for their Lord.
    Apostolic Ministries in
     John Wesley 1703-1791
n untiring he rode from town to town and
  preached daily four or five times (in
  total 40'000) in front of thousands of
n They studied the Bible
n Small groups (classes)
The vision of the 4 Blocs

Situation at the end of the 80‘s

¨ Eastern  Bloc
¨ India (H +B)
¨ Islam
¨ Europe
    Why does Europe need an
    apostolic reformation ?
n    Family (values) collapse
n    Figures
n    Postmodern-new groups:Businessmen etc.
n    New generation
n    Social alteration
n    Unreached regions in Europe
n    New nations Bosnia Macedonia
n    Foreigner in Europe / special focus: Islam
n    Commandment of discipleship
n    Apostolic ministry is given (Eph. 4.10-11)

n To sow – to call – to coach – to send
n To sow – to call – to send – to mentor
    Breathtaking times
90 - 95     - Eastern Bloc
95 - WJ     - India (a little Buddhism)
2000 - WJ   - Islam = millennium event

???? - WJ    - Europe

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