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					                         Small Business Loans in India

For a small business proprietor, the most difficult task is to get the money to
functionalize his business. By taking the adequate steps to apply for a small
business loan can surely reduce the difficulty of the proprietor. One should
understand what one needs to know to get the loan deal.

Banks and other institutions who lend look at risk factors as the primary reason
for rejecting a small business loan requests from start-up businesses. You can
still get a loan for your business by proper preparing a proper loan application.

Avoid the most common mistake of thinking that you can start your business
with the grants given from the government and financial agencies. It is even
more problematic than taking the money out from your own savings, family,
friends, or a bank.

The major requirements of getting a small business loan are your credit record,
business plan, experience, education, and feasibility of the business that you
are planning to start or expand.
The most essential task to attain small business loans is preparing for a solid
business plan, without flaws and which cannot be rejected by the lender. The
business plan needs to show the lender that giving you a small business loan is
a low-risk proposition for them. Your business plan must have all the necessary
answers to the questions a lending institution might ask you. These questions
usually are as follows:

How much money do you require for your business?

If you are starting up a business, this is to be included at least in the start-up
capital estimate. Accuracy is the key, so you should request for enough money
to invest diligently.

Where are you going to invest your money?

The applicant would have to give in detail, the required use of every rupee
requested to invest. A small business loan is usually needed for: operations
(new employees, marketing, etc.), assets (machinery, real estate, etc.), or to
pay                       off                 business                     debts.

Tenure of repayment of the small business loan

Explain to the lender in detail how this small business loan will serve as a key
to all your business activities. You will need to convince the loan provider with
your financial statements and cash flow projections that you will be able to
repay the loan through the expected long-term profitability of your enterprise.
What if you don't get the loan?

Let the loan providers know that rejection will not demotivate you from
starting up or growing your business. You should portray a confident and
determined persona and that you will try another loan provider until you
receive the money to get your business moving.

As a small business owner, you would require a certain degree of fortune. Be
confident and take pride in your venture. Let the loan providers know that you
are in control and know what is best for your business. Try to understand that
lending institutions need to give loans. But if you could not get one do not be
disheartened. Ask the loan provider why you didn't get the loan. Take a lesson
from it and move on, try other loan providers.


Small business loans are the most important thing when you plan on starting
up a new business or expanding the existing one. The applicant should be
confident in his business plan and should take pride in it.


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