; R-067 Entry Point Screening
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R-067 Entry Point Screening


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									                                                                                                            Dr. Yong Guan

                         Proposal Title: VoIP E911 Services and Security

                                                        Operational Capability:
                                                        • Emergency Calling:911 in US, 112 in Europe, others elsewhere
                                                        • General Issues in VoIP E911 Services
                                      Audio, Video,         § Caller-ID
                 VoIP based           Instant Message       § Location Determination
                 Media                                  • Existing solutions are either weak or expensive
                                                        • Goal: Design reliable and secure VoIP Caller-ID service that
                                                          support mobility
                                      Audio, Video,     • Tracing Anonymous VoIP Calls for Forensics Purpose
Audio, Instant                        Instant Message
                                                             § SIP-based, H323-based, Skype Systems
Message                          Victim

Proposed Technical Approach:                            Rough Order of Magnitude Cost and Schedule:

 We approach the design of reliable and secure VoIP      Period of performance and total costs: 12 months, $25,000
 Caller-ID service that support mobility using
 embedding identifier information into audio streams    Deliverables:
 as well as computation-efficient cryptographic          Prototype system and source code of our VoIP Caller-ID
 operations for signaling purpose                        design
 Current Status                                          Design Report, Test Reports, and User Manual
    One MS thesis: On-going                              Conference/Journal Publications
                                                        Corporate Information:
 Task 1: Security Analysis of VoIP Services              PI: Dr. Yong Guan, Department of Electrical and Computer
 Task 2: VoIP Caller ID Design                           Engineering & Information Assurance Center, Iowa State
 Taks 3: Tracing Anonymous Calls for SIP-based, H323-    University, Ames, IA 50011. Phone: (515) 294-8378, Email:
 based, Skype VoIP Systems                               guan@iastate.edu.
                                     Broad Agency Announcement N39998-99-Q-0101                                     ABC Inc.

SAMPLE                                        Mission Area: Physical Security
                                     Requirement Number: 664 / PS-664-ABC-12345-1
                                  Proposal Title: Blast Distribution Modeling for Buildings
    Blast Distribution Modeling for Buildings              Operational Capability to be Provided:
                                                              •Compile database of blast debris generated from actual
                                                              events and field testing.
                                                              •Empirical model that will predict size, mass, velocity and
                                                              distribution of debris produced inside buildings by bombs.
                                                                    –Model will consider windows, walls, utility systems,
                                                                    office equipment, and furnishings as sources.
                                                                    –Model will use charge weight, location, building
                                                                    characteristics, and equipment as input data
                                                              •User friendly windows version of model will add credibility to
                                                              force protection vulnerability assessments, show benefit of
                                                              upgrades to facilities.

Proposed Technical Approach: New effort                    ROM Cost & Schedule:
Task 1:                                                    •Task 1 period of performance is 4 months; Task 2 begins after the
                                                           completion of Task 1 for a period of 8 months.
•Gather data from actual blast events and tests.
                                                                 •Total Period of Performance is 12 months
(Embassy Bombings, TSWG-sponsored wall studies,
                                                           •Task 1 - ROM Cost of $20,000
British, Israeli tests).                                   •Task 2 - ROM Cost of $100,000; $20,000 for Govt Validation
•Evaluate and tabulate data into categories with like            •Total Cost is $140,000
characteristics and distribution patterns as a function    Deliverables
of charge weight, location, building characteristics,      •Technical Report describing debris data sources & complied results
and source of debris.                                      •Technical Report describing model and techniques to replicate
Task 2:                                                    compiled data and blast debris response scenarios
•Develop debris distribution model(s) that replicate       •Software model for rapid distribution and use by force protection
debris data showing size, mass, velocity, &                teams
distribution.                                              •User Manuals; Database Description; Computer Program End Item;
•Validate model against new tests and other data           Progress/Status Reports; Final Report, Video; Transition Plan
sources.                                                   Corporate Information:
•Develop user friendly Blast Debris Model software         •ABC Inc, Jane Doe, 111 Main Street, Anytown, VA 22102
and manual to run in Windows 98/NT environment.            •Phone: (703) 222-8888, Fax: (703) 222-8889
                                         SAMPLE            •Email: jane.a.doe@abcinc.com

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