Using Social Media Websites Wisely by DonaldQuixoteC


									Using Social Media Websites Wisely
In our modern day and age, most people use different kinds of technology so they can stay in touch with
their family and friends. If you look around you at any location you may be at, you will probably find
quite a few laptops, iPads, and smartphones.

You will also find that the people around you are on these devices quite often. Although technology
provides us with many opportunities to connect with other people and receive information, sometimes
technology can cause quite a few problems.

Problems with Social Media
One of the main problems that can be found almost exclusively online is people lying about their age.
Certain social media websites require children or teenagers to be a certain age before they sign up for
an account.

All children and teenagers have to do is write a different, older person’s birthday on their
documentation, and voila! They are free to make whatever social media profile they want.

                                                                   Parents, no doubt, have expected that
                                                                   their children may do so that they can
                                                                   make a social media account even
                                                                   what they are not old enough. It is up
                                                                   to parents to monitor their children
                                                                   and to make sure that they are not
                                                                   making false accounts and getting on
                                                                   social media.

                                                              A great way to keep everyone
                                                              informed about the issues of social
                                                              media is to keep the lines of
                                                              communication open between you
                                                              and your children. Your children will
                                                              only come to you to talk to them
about the computer if you present them with a friendly demeanor and a nurturing presence.

Speaking with your Children about Social Media
Talking to your kids about social media websites because it goes you the opportunity to find out why
they use these sites. Some people like to keep up with the latest gossip about the most popular girl in

Other people just like to talk to their friends and see what they’re doing. But some people like to really
take advantage of others and give them a hard time.
This is called cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is any taunting, persecution, hate speech, ridiculing, or
anything else of that sort online.

Cyber bullies usually target one person and go after them. Cyber bullying can be very difficult to stop
and also to punish those who are responsible.

Cyber bullying is a great reason why the technology kids use should be limited. Kids and teenagers often
think they are invincible and that everything will be how they want it to be.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. There are a lot of bad people out there, and sometimes
you can get caught in the middle of things.

As a parent, it is important for you to take a stand. Limit the amount of technology your children can

Limit the hours they spend watching television or on the computer. Children must learn how to interact
with other children outside of these things.

On the computer, they must learn proper social and online etiquette so that they can have friends and
and talk to them appropriately. Social media websites can be very beneficial, but when not used
properly, they can cause a lot of problems.

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