Starting Your Own Band by DonaldQuixoteC


									Starting Your Own Band
Starting a band can be a difficult endeavor if you are not prepared. Many people have a lot of
dreams associated with starting a band, but actually starting a band can be difficult if you do not
know where to look for band members.

Recruiting Your Friends and Other Locals
If you are lucky, you will know people that play the instruments that you want to have in your
band. When you do not know people that play the instruments that you are going to want to be a
part of your band, you will have to start networking to find your band members.

                                                     If you currently attend one of the colleges in
                                                     Denver, you will probably be able to find
                                                     quite a few people who would be interested
                                                     in joining your band. Denver has quite a
                                                     thriving local music scene, so colleges in
                                                     Denver would most likely have lots of people
                                                     who are interested in being in your band.

                                                  A drummer is almost always necessary in a
                                                  band and it is important that you know how
                                                  you are going to find a drummer. Start by
                                                  talking with a wide variety of artists or
people within the music community to see if you can find someone that comes well

If you are not having luck working through the connections that you have made, you may want
to start posting an advertisement throughout your area. When you are posting an advertisement,
you will want to make sure that people know they need to try out for the band.

When people need to try out, you can be sure that they are going to have the adequate amount of
skills to succeed in your band. You should also understand that there are different types of
drummers that you can look for while you are searching.

Choosing the Right Drummer
Getting drum samples from each of the applicants can ensure that you are going to know what
skill level they have reached. You can get a drum sample in many different ways, but you want
to find something that works well for the band that you are wishing to start.

If you want them to play a specific piece, you can compare all of the different drummers relative
to one another. You can also ask everyone to play their most impressive or their most difficult
piece and then compare what each person plays.
When you are not able to meet with someone, you may want a digital drum sample. Make sure
that this is a video of them playing the drums, so you can be sure that you like their drumming
style as well as the skills that they have playing the drums.

Finding the right drummer may take some time, but you are also going to want to find the other
musicians in your area that will fit with your band. Getting ahead with everyone in the band and
being able to spend time together is important when you want to enjoy the time that you spend.

Playing in a band can be a great way to enjoy yourself and capitalize on the skills that you have
in that area. Make sure that you know how you are going to invest your time and ensure that you
are happy with the band that you are able to get together and the performances that you are able
to book.

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