Is Technology Good or Bad by DonaldQuixoteC


									Is Technology Good or Bad?
It seems that the debate about technology has been going on for a while. Some people think it is bad,
while some people think it is good.

Still others think it has elements of both good and bad. So what are we talking about when we say

What is Technology?
The word “technology” in this context will be used to describe all kinds of modern technology: laptops,
smartphones, iPads, iPods, etc. These kinds of technology have been invented fairly recently.

People who believe that these new kinds of technology are good claim that smartphones and iPads help
                                                                make our lives more efficient. We can
                                                                look up facts instantly on the Internet
                                                                because we always have the Internet
                                                                with us.

                                                                   Gone are the days where we have to
                                                                   wait to get back home to our desktop
                                                                   computer before we wait for our
                                                                   search engine to slowly load our
                                                                   question. We can type a question into
                                                                   Google right then and there and
                                                                   receive an answer almost

                                                                   People believe having so much
information at our fingertips is good. They see people as more informed and more educated.

Smartphones – Part of our Everyday Lives
With a smartphone, you can look up what Britney Spears just tweeted, and then click over to the score
of your favorite basketball team, and then go over to checking the weather in a nearby city. It is all so
easy and quite convenient.

However, there are those are argue that having so much technology at our fingertips is detrimental to
our society. They claim that people with smartphones are on them constantly, separating themselves
from what is going on around them and real live conversations with people, face-to-face.

Many people claim that all of this technology really isolates people. They think that people do not have
time to appreciate the world around them because they are always staring down at their phones.
And then there are those who believe that modern technology can be good and bad. They believe that
technology is good when it is used correctly and properly, and it is bad when used incorrectly and

If you’re using your smartphone to look up a score really fast and then you put it away, that is fine. But if
you’re at a dinner with family and friends and you’re on your phone the whole time, then that is a

If you use your phone and iPad for work, that is fine. But if you take your work home with you and use
your iPad while you should be spending time with your family, then that isn’t good.

Technology can also be helpful to students who are working towards earning a graphic arts degree. A
person who wants a graphic arts degree definitely has to use all kinds of modern technology in order to
become skilled in the field of graphic design.

Whatever your opinion may be on the matter, it is clear that technology is shaping our society as we
know it. Whether we are for or against it, technology is still going to be all around us.

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