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Improving Memory to Learn

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					Improving Memory to Learn
As the field of nursing continues to boom, nursing degrees and those individuals who are choosing to
attend nursing schools is ever increasing. With all of the nursing students who are striving to obtain
their nursing degrees, it may be difficult for some such nursing students to feel like they can have
success both in their future field and in their current studies.

Memory and Learning
One way that a nursing student can feel confident in their present and future performance as they
embark down their nursing career path is to learn how to memorize and retain information. Memory
                                                                                and memorization have
                                                                                their role in most
                                                                                academic pursuits, but
                                                                                certainly the field of
                                                                                nursing is one of the few
                                                                                disciplines wherein
                                                                                memorization is critical
                                                                                for success.

                                                                                 Such things as the
                                                                                 complex human
                                                                                 anatomy, symptoms
                                                                                 correlating to conditions
                                                                                 or illnesses, and the use
                                                                                 of medications for
                                                                                 specific reasons all come
                                                                                 instantly to mind when
one thinks of the material that a nursing student will have to learn. And with these specific items that
must be learned by those seeking a nursing degree comes the need for memorization to play a critical
role in the learning process of nursing students.

Self-Image and Memory
One of the first exercises that a nursing student can make to ensure that they can handle the load of
memorization that will be coming at them throughout their schooling is to banish all negative concepts
about oneself and their ability to remember and retain information. This simple step of thinking
positively about oneself can instantly change the mindset of a self-labeled “forgetful” person to one who
can remember and who can retain important information.

This negative self-labeling as a forgetful person is one of the main reasons that a person will forget
various things, including important school information. By simply refusing to label oneself as a forgetful
person and by striving to think positively about the capabilities of their minds, a person will soon see
that they can remember much more than they thought they previously could.
The next reason that people forget information or are unable to memorize information may seem self-
explanatory or overly simple, but the truth is that many items of an academic nature are forgotten
simply because they were never fully learned. Learning takes work and before one can say that they
cannot memorize anything they should first strive to do their due diligence in learning the material.

Learning the material means studying present materials and consistently reviewing past information. By
putting in the work to learn the material, and by feeling that they have the capability to learn and
memorize important information, nursing students will find that they can indeed memorize, learn, and
retain the individual aspects of their nursing education.

One can improve their ability to memorize by having a positive outlook on their personal abilities and by
having the diligence to study often and review often, but they can also improve their memorization
abilities if they will focus on increasing their ability to pay attention and concentrate on specifics. With
all three of these memorization tools in place, a positive attitude, fundamental learning skills, and a
renewed determination to concentrate, a nursing student will be able to better memorize their
schooling material.

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