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PowerPoint Presentation - California Broadband Task Force Report by yurtgc548


									Broadband Deployment & Adoption
       Efforts in California

             Broadband Efforts in California

            The California Trifecta

California Emerging                          California Advanced Services Fund
Technology Fund                                  (California Public Utilities Commission)

                     Executive Order S-23-06
     Business, Transportation & Housing Agency / Governor’s Office

            Broadband Efforts in California: Executive Order

Executive Order S-23-06, “Twenty-First Century Government:
Expanding Broadband Access and Usage in California”
   • Signed 18 months ago - 11/28/06
   •California Broadband Task Force
   •Streamlined permitting, including a new rate structure for broadband
   placed on state ROW, a unified application, specific permit regulations,
   dispute resolution guide and broadband ombudsmen;
   •Fiber Collaboration Database
   •Increased use of wireless, streaming video and webcasting by state
   •Broadband Best Practices Summit (not required by Exec. Order)

                Broadband Efforts in California: Executive Order

                                                                        Staff Support
•   Co-Chairs: Dale Bonner (BTH) and Charlie Giancarlo (Cisco)   •BTH Agency
•   CBTF Members (21)
     – 2 Local Government                                        •Cisco
     – 2 State Government
     – 7 Private Industry
     – 2 Non-Profit
     – 2 Legislators
     – 2 Foundation
     – 4 University                                                   Working Group
•   Working Groups:
     q Build-Out                                                 -Task Force Members
     q Economic Development
     q Education                                                 -Additional Subject Matter
     q Emerging Technology & New Applications                    Experts
     q Health Care                                               -No Trade Groups
     q Public/Private Partnerships for Community Development
                                                                 -Chaired by Staff to CBTF
Total CBTF Participation: 70+ People                             Members or other Subject
                                                                 Matter Experts

         Broadband Efforts in California: Executive Order

         Research in the Final Task Force Report

• Statewide Maps of Wireline Broadband Availability and
• Statewide Maps of Wireless Broadband Availability (online
• Survey of Broadband Prices across California
• Analysis of Experienced Speeds
• Summary of current adoption/subscriber research

          Broadband Efforts in California: Executive Order

Task Force Recommendations

• Build out high speed broadband infrastructure to all Californians.
• Develop model permitting standards and encourage collaboration
  among providers.
• Increase the use and adoption of broadband and computer
• Engage and reward broadband innovation and research
• Create a statewide E-Health network
• Leverage educational opportunities to increase broadband use
• Continue state-level and statewide leadership

             Broadband Efforts in California: CASF

California Advanced Services Fund:

•    CASF is a two year program established by the CPUC in December 2007 in
    Decision No. 07-12-054 to provide $100 million in matching funds for up to
    40% of a total project cost for deployment of broadband infrastructure in
    unserved and underserved areas of California.

•    The CASF is funded by a 0.25% surcharge on end users’ intrastate bills,
    effective January 1, 2008, for two years.

•    Priority will be given to unserved areas first, defined as areas not served by
    any form of facilities based broadband, or where Internet connectivity is
    available only through dial up service or satellite.

•    If funds are still available, CASF funding will be extended to underserved
    areas, defined as areas where broadband available but no facilities-based
    provider offers service at speeds of 3 Mega Bits Per Second (MBPS)
    download and 1 MBPS upload.

          Broadband Efforts in California: CASF


•The decision allows any broadband provider to apply for CASF
funds as it is technology neutral.

• It is expected the applicants may be incumbent phone carriers, cable
companies, competitive local exchange carriers, wireless companies,
and Internet Service Providers.

• The CPUC encourages communities who are unserved or
underserved to actively engage your nearby potential broadband
providers to ask them to serve you, using these CASF funds.

           Broadband Efforts in California: CASF

CASF Deadlines:

•CASF Projects are expected to be completed within two years after grant.

• Payment to CASF participant is on a progress billing basis with first 25% to
be made on proponent’s submission to PUC staff a progress report showing
25% of total project is complete, with subsequent payments to be made on 25%

•Financial audits/verifications during project implementation are possible.

•The CPUC expects that July 3, 2008 will be the first deadline for applications
(subject to a May 29, 2008 vote of the final resolution by the Commission)

• SB1193 is a bill by Senator Alex Padilla to codify the CASF program and set
up important State Treasury mechanisms for fiscal responsibility.

Contact Information:

California Broadband Initiative (Task Force, Executive Order)
Anne Neville,

California Advanced Services Fund
Robert Haga,


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