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Optimal Spatial Fishery Management for the Southern California Bight


									           A Coastal Environmental Quality Initiative (CEQI) Project

Optimal Spatial Fishery Management for
     the Southern California Bight

    Dave Siegel, Chris Costello, Satoshi Mitarai (UCSB),
          Jim McWilliams & Charles Dong (UCLA)
                        A CEQI Project
• Assess optimal fishery design for SoCal Bight
• Combine established expertise in modeling
  California coastal circulation (UCLA)

  Larval dispersal & optimal fishery management (UCSB)

• Timeline
  2007-2008, modeling larval of dispersal (awarded)

  2008-2009, develop optimal fishery management (proposed)
                   Lagrangian Particle Tracking
 • Implement Lagrangian particle tracking in ROMS by Dong
     and McWilliams (2007)
                 Release sites                       Single-day release from San Nicholas

Blue circles: area covered by a site (5-km radius)        Blue lines: 30-day trajectories
 Particles are released every 6 hours every 1km      Red dotes: particle positions after 30 days
                        Lagrangian PDFs
• Computed from Lagrangian particle trajectories
        From San Nicholas,
                                                            From 9 different sites
     as a function of travel time

                                                                30-day travel time

                      Used particles released from 01/1996 to 12/1999
                         Fishery Management
 • Max {a*Stock + Profit}, for different weights, a
         # of adults at x in     # of survivors at x          # of recruits to x from
                             =                           +
             year n+1                 in year n                    everywhere

            Fraction of larvae transported to x        Harvesting (fishery   Connectivity (assessed
                                                         management)         from Lagrangian PDF)

 # of larvae
produced at y

                 y                           x

                             Recruitment success (%)
                    Publications in Prep
• Mitarai et al., for JGR - Oceans
  “Another Place for Physical Oceanography: Quantifying Connectivity in the
  Coastal Ocean”

• Watson et al., for MEPS
  “Roles of larval life history and interannual variability on modeled
  connectivity patterns”

• Chris et al., for Science
  “Optimal fishery management scenarios for the SoCal Bight”

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