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1.   Simon’s Facebook Posting                         page 2

2.   Siobhan Email                                    page 3

3.   Email from Canada Coach                          page 4

4.   Levi Skype phone history                         page 5

5.   Letter from Ed Williams                         page 6 - 7

6.   2010/2011 Season 500M World Short Track Ranking page 8

7.   Jae Su Forced Simon to Apologize                page 9 - 10

8.   Physical Abuse by Jae Su in Earlier 2011        page 11 - 12

9.   The Conflict with Jae Su caused by Long Track   page 13 - 18

10. Simon’s Father & Coach Yeo Conversation          page 19 - 20

11. Simon & Coaches Call Log                         page 21 - 25

12. Simon Phone Statement                            page 26 - 36

13. Text Message from Jeff Simon                     page 37

14. Joshua Wood’s Blade                              page 38

15. Happening at the Banquet                         page 39

16. Race Manipulation                                page 40

17. Affidavit of Olivier Jean                        page 41 - 44


1. Simon’s Facebook Posting


   2. Siobhan’s Email

 From: Siobhan O'Rourke <sorourke17@gmail.com>

 Date: July 12,2012, 9:12:42 PM MDT

 To: Shobe <sandvigshobe@aol.com>
 Cc:brianwanek <bwanek@foley.com>

 Subject: Re: Good Morning Susan!

 Good Evening Susan and Brian!

 First just want to thank the both of you for your willingness to help make things right! This
 is a tough situation to crack, in the way that, who are the right people to reach out to and the
 ones who will make sure the situation is handled in a professional manner.

 I was reached out to by another skater regarding two other skaters confession from an
 event that occurred at World Championships in Poland.

 Olivier Jean (pronounced the French way!) had his skates sabotaged before skating the
 5000m Relay A Final. Two skaters have confessed that they were approached by their
 head coach, Jae Su Chun, to sabotage Olivier skates. One of the skaters did not, the
 other one felt so much pressure that he did. According to other skaters at World
 Championships, it looked like Olivier's skater was put into a bender and just cranked down.
 If you watch the clip from the relay final, you will see that Olivier tried to skate a few laps
 and ended up dropping out of the relay because he's skate were destroyed. Canada ended up
 skating a 4 person relay with 3 people because of these actions that Jae Su Chun have
 pressured his skater into doing.
 The two teams, USA and Canada shared a locker room, so it was easy for the US team to have
 access to other opponents equipment.

 Giving the numerous other situations that Jae Su Chun has pressured skaters into doing,
 with threats, this situation is not unfathomable. My goal is to have this situation investigated
 and names to remain anonymous. I know that the skater who did this, is a medal contending
 skater, and that his reputation and image inside and outside of the speed skating world, is in
 jeopardy. He does in deed understand that his actions were incredibly wrong and wishes he
 had never allowed his coach to have such control over his life. Not only did this skaters
 reputation inside skating hang on the line, but with the outside community. Skating is some
 skaters career, they rely on this for money so they can survive.

Having said that, let's work to our fullest potential to make sure the skaters who fell victim to Jae
Su Chun's demands and threats, stay protected. Like Isaid, they did wrong but they are still
victims to this coaches degrading and disgusting behavior


3. Email from Canada coach


4. Levi Skype phone history


5. Letter from Ed Williams



6. 2010/2012 Season 500M World Short Track Ranking


   7. Jae Su Forced Simon to Apologize

I'd like to shed some light on how the email in the attached pdf came about.

We can see from the emails that I did in fact have a negative attitude about a skater (Skater A) in
which this issue revolved around. My ill feelings for him came from personal matters (being a
dishonest friend, having a cocky mindset which is looked down upon in not only sports but
everywhere). Around the time of this situation, I had heard from a very reliable source that he
had been "dating" a then- 14 year old girl. He is three years older than me so I believe he was 22
at the time because I was 19 when this happened. Not only was this relationship against my
moral standards, it was illegal.

A skater (Skater B) had just updated his Facebook status to "in a relationship". I originally
went to write a comment to congratulate him, but I saw that Skater A had said something about it
as well. Since Skater A was supposedly dating a minor at the time, it annoyed me that he was
commenting on other people's relationships, so I publicly wrote something to Skater B along the
lines of making sure he wasn't dating a minor like Skater A. The reason that this became an
issue was because I referred to Skater A as a homosexual slur that starts with the letter "F".
He forwarded my comments to U.S. Speedskating and it was brought up to Jae Su's attention.

I understood this. I know that it was stupid to write about something like that. I was being
young and stupid, for lack of a better word. It was inappropriate and unnecessary, so I deleted
my comment around 5 minutes after I posted it to prevent any problems that might come from
what I wrote. Unfortunately, it was enough time for him to see it and take a screen shot of it on
his computer.

Jae Su sat me down on a set of couches on the 2nd floor of the Oval soon after our off-season
training started. He brought up the issue to me and explained to me that I can't be doing things
like that. I admitted my mistake and told him that I mistakenly took it out on somebody else.
And he went on to tell me that I needed to email the staff members of U.S. Speedkating and
Skater A a letter of apology.

This, however, I didn't agree with. I told Jae Su that although it was a good idea to apologize to
Skater A because I had tried to publicly disrespect him, I didn't feel like I owed U.S.
Speedskating an apology. I felt this at the time because I didn't think it was any of U.S.
Speedskating's concern when it came to my actions outside of an ice rink, training session,
and/or competition.

Jae Su went on to tell me that I had to write the apology and that I would receive a code of
conduct if I did not comply. I didn’t know this at the time, but Jae Su did not have the
managerial power to control a situation like that. I have never heard of a skater being excused
from receiving a Code of Conduct simply because he wrote a letter of apology to U.S.


There was a bathroom next to the couches and he directed me to go in there, lock the door, and
not come out until I had successfully sent two emails of apology to Skater A and U.S.
Speedskating. He then said that until I had sent these emails, I would not be allowed at practice.
Feeling like I didn't have a choice, I went into the bathroom, locked the door, and spent upwards
of half an hour writing emails of apology to both Skater A and U.S. Speedskating on my
Blackberry phone. I finished the emails, left the restroom, and joined the rest of the team at the
next practice. This incident was never brought up again until Jae Su's statement to ISU.

Jae Su later used these emails against me and even highlighted a sentence in my email to U.S.
Speedskating, an email I never even wanted to write.

Simon Cho


   8. Physical Abuse by Jae Su in Earlier 2011

Around 2 months before the skate tampering incident at the 2011 World Team Championship,
there was an incident where Jae Su Chun physically abused me at the Utah Olympic Oval. The
National Team was taking a 20 minute break in between a two hour morning practice session.
During this break, I was involved in a verbal argument with one of my teammates. Jae Su
approached us and told us to stop several times.

However, my teammate and I continued to argue. At some point, Jae Su lost his temper and
started to yell at me and curse at me in Korean. Ironically, he only yelled at me and did not say
anything to the teammate that I was arguing with. He started to storm away from the bench area
where the skaters were taking a break and commanded me to take off my skates and follow him.
Because I wasn’t taking my skates off fast enough, Jae Su yelled at me to hurry up. This scene
was witnessed by many long track and short track athletes as well as several staff members.

I followed him down to an engineering room in the basement of the facility. He closed the door
behind him and continued to curse at me in Korean before round house kicking me on my side. I
bent over as a reaction from the kick and Jae Su started to repeatedly punch me in the back of my
neck, shoulders, and arms and kick me some more. He then commanded me to get on the
cement floor and balance myself on my head and legs. Because this position put an immense
amount of pressure on my head and neck, I had no choice but to keep myself upright by using
my hands.

However, Jae Su yelled at me every time I put my hands on the ground. Because balancing my
body weight on my head was physically impossible for me, I collapsed multiple times. And
every time I fell over, Jae Su stomped his foot on the side of my abdomen below my ribcage and
kicked my stomach before yelling at me to get back in position. The beating took place for
several minutes.

Jae Su eventually allowed me to stand on my feet. He continued to yell at me in rage and asked
me if I was drinking or taking drugs. I told him that I wasn’t and he responded by asking “Then
what’s wrong with you?” in Korean. I told him that I was facing a lot of adversity in my
personal life. Jae Su started to show sympathy and finally stopped yelling.

He then told me that if I ever needed anything, he would pay for it. He also told me not to say
anything about the incident and to tell my teammates that he had just yelled at me if they asked
about what happened. I told him that I wouldn’t say anything and he finally let me leave. He
told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up before going back up to put my skates back


While I was washing tears and dust from the cement floor off my face, Jae Su went back upstairs
to continue coaching the team. I was late joining Jae Su and the rest of the team for training, but I
finished the workout.

Simon Cho


   9. The Conflict with Jae Su caused by Long Track

Jae Su prevented Simon from doing Long Track

After the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Simon wanted to take up Long Track while doing Short
Track, set up the goal to make a new Olympic history. When he told Jae Su about this, Jae Su
told him let’s think about this issue in a year when he has gained more skill in Short Track. So,
after a year had passed and the beginning of the 2011 season ended, Simon brought up this
subject again through Coach Yeo, Jun Hyung.

But, he said that Jae Su tenaciously opposed. If the reason for the opposition was that doing these
two sports at the same time is too strenuous skill-wise, it would make sense. However, Jae Su,
out of his personal greed, wanted to make Simon concentrate on Short Track so that he could get
good results from the Short Track team that he was in charge of. Jae Su was worried that
Simon’s Short Track might be influenced negatively, even a little, by his Long Track. Jae Su
didn’t oppose for Simon’s own good, but because he wanted to get good results for his Short
Track team.

Jae Su said that Simon can no longer stay with the Short Track NRP (National Racing Program)
if he takes up Long Track. He also said that he would not coach Simon. Simon’s father argued
with it, saying, “Just because Jae Su is a national team coach, it does not mean that he can pick
and choose the athletes that he wants to teach and does not want to teach on his own will. Simon
was automatically qualified to train with the NRP because of the results. It exceeds Jae Su’s
authority and infringes an athlete’s right. ”

And Coach Yeo said to me, “Even if Jae Su accepts it, how will Simon get over the coach’s
ignorance and bull for turning his back on him? You know Jae Su, and you know well that
it is a piece of cake for coaches to kill or save a skater’s athletic career, don’t you?”

This is right. Simon knew well about it, particularly under the Korean culture. After that,
Simon sustained a back injury due to forced training right when summer training began. He put
all training on pause and received surgery, and as a result, he was not able to compete in World
Cups 1 – 4. Because he could not train anyways, he no longer brought up the subject regarding
Long Track.

The fight against the USS (US Speedskating USS) and Coach Chun Jae Su begins


After Simon returned from World Championships in March of 2012, he said to his parents that
he wanted to quit skating.

There are two reasons for this:

   -   He could no longer put up with the USS’s ridiculous treatment of their athletes. This is
       the same reason why the athletes boycotted the national team training. Simon’s reason
       is the same as the problems that the athletes pointed out in their Grievance about the

   -   The coach unreasonably prevented Simon from doing Long Track.

This is why Simon’ father (Jay Cho) decided to come forward. Ever since Simon was a young
athlete, though he experienced all sorts of unjust and discriminatory situations, until now, Jay has
never complained about it officially. But, when Simon said that he wanted to quit skating,
something that he’s worked so hard at for nearly his whole life, Jay could not just sit still. This is
not a problem about money, but a problem that concerns the pride of a national team athlete.
That is why starting from then, Jay began to voice his opinions, and the fight with the USS and
Jae Su began: the USS because of their mistreatment of the athletes, and Jae Su because of Long

Jay delivered the message that Simon is considering quitting skating through Coach Yeo, and Jae
Su reacted more strongly than before. On March 20, 2012, Jay met Jae Su at the Olympic Oval
(the national team training center), and brought up the subject of Simon doing Long Track and
Short Track together. Jay pleaded. However, as expected, Jae Su rejected the idea. In the midst
of the conversation, Jae Su got angry and then got up and went to the coaches’ room, locking the
door behind him; the conversation did not even last 10 minutes. Jay knocked several times, but
there was no answer. So, Jay tried calling, but Jae Su did not answer his phone either. Jay had no
choice but to return home.

Even though Jay is a father of a skater and is over 15 years older than Jae Su, he had to go
through this humiliation and could not do anything about it. That is the Korean culture. Simon,
too, got enraged when he heard about this incident. However, Jae Su has the power to control
Simon’s athletic career, so they could not confront him recklessly. Like Simon said, in the
Korean culture, we cannot confront someone thoughtlessly if they are older, if they sit in a high
position, or if it is someone that we depend on. It is only natural that Simon is closer to the
coaches more than the other skaters; he is a Korean, like them, so he shares the same language
and cultural homogeneity as them. But, their relationship was not all that comfortable for Simon.
It was because the coaches were the ones with power in the relationship, and Simon was the
person without power. If Jay was younger than Jae Su, Jay would have suffered an even bigger
humiliation. People who ask why Simon and Jay could not just protest against him, especially
since they live in America, do not know or understand the Korean culture. Even though they are


Koreans in the U.S., if they protest, a disadvantage can come their way later on for a different
matter. It is just that in the Korean culture, we eventually face a more obvious disadvantage.

Jay endured this humiliation, and on April 2nd, he sent Jae Su an e-mail with the same request.
He pleaded again.

To provide a summary of the contents of the e-mail, it is as follows;

“Simon said that he wants to quit skating after the World Championships. I think that it is
because of various complex reasons. I could not just sit still after hearing my son say that he
wants to quit skating when he has gotten this far. I hope you can understand this feeling that I
have as a parent.

The biggest reason Simon wants to quit is because of various reasons that involves the USS and
the way they treat their athletes, but another reason is because he is not able to do what he
desires because he is prevented from doing so by his coach. He already made his decision to quit
skating, but I believe that he will not quit if those reasons are resolved. That is why I decided to
try and solve the USS funding issues and the issue of Simon not being able to do Long Track
along with Short Track myself. And if I fail to solve either of these problems, then I will no
longer try to persuade Simon to keep doing skating. The issue with the funding can be seen as
problem that stems from a commonsense standpoint rather than a monetary problem. The issue
is more closely related to the problem that involves the athletes’ pride representing the USA in
front of athletes’ from other countries.

That is why I am requesting to you again. I wish that you will allow Simon to do both Long Track
and Short Track just for this year. Simon will be able to decide for himself whether he thinks that
he will be able to do both or not, and if he thinks that if cannot do it, he will give up himself.

I have decided to go to the board meeting. I am no longer going to sit back and watch. I am
going to take matters into my own hands.

I hope that you will come to a decision yourself regarding our request. If you do not give your
permission, I have no choice but to mention this during the board meeting. After then, please do
not blame whatever happens as a result of my actions. I am not saying this to pressure you in
any way. I am just telling you this beforehand because it is an inevitable process that I have to
carry out among the things that I can do. So I hope that you will decide on this matter yourself. I
also hope that you will call Simon and give him words of encouragement. Through this, I believe
that your relationship with him will get better, and he will be able to train without any burden.

I once again request that you come down with a decision that we can look forward to.”


However, there was no reply. Jay did not receive any contact from Jae Su until they saw at the
board meeting. Instead, on the USS Short Track National Racing Program Rules & Agreements,
a new sentence was added that made it impossible for skaters to do Short Track and Long Track
at the same time. Jae Su made it so that no Short Track skater can do Long Track at the same

“Athletes and relevant staff must arrive on time for each team training session on each day of
training and must not leave early.”

It is impossible to attend Short Track practices in the morning and afternoon and do Long Track
in the evening. There is not even such a thing called a National Racing Program Rules &
Agreements for Long Track skaters. This rule was made by Jae Su in order to control the athletes
while being in charge of the U.S. team.

Jay talked to some staffs and board members regarding this issue, but no one listened. He went
to the board meeting on April 19th-22nd, and he started to voice out his opinions about the
problems of the USS along with the board member representing athletes and other parents of

Jae Su’s concession towards Long Track and conciliation towards Simon

At the meeting, Jae Su might have noticed that the mood was different than before. He felt that
Jay would not back down easily and knew that it could hurt him. Logically, he had no justified
reason to prevent Simon from doing Long Track. When Jay met him the day after the board
meeting, Jae Su said that he would allow Simon to do Long Track when the right time comes.
Even though he put the condition “when the right time comes,” he made a big concession for a
person of his pride and ego. Starting from then, Simon’s conflict with Jae Su got resolved to
some extent.

Meeting with Chun Jae Su

But, a dilemma arose with the NRP. Jae Su made Simon sign through pressure and conciliation.
Jae Su did not discuss this with Jay, or say anything about this to him because Jay was a parent
who would be hard to handle. Jae Su talked about it only with Simon because he is easier to

Simon could just take back his signature. Then, no problems would arise between him and the
other skaters. It is because the other skaters did not believe that Simon signed voluntarily. This
was true. However, if he did take back his signature, his relationship with Jae Su would be


completely over. Of course he would have to quit Short Track, but he would also have to forget
about doing Long Track as well. This is because for Long Track, it is hard to train anywhere with
ice rink and coach problems.

It was obvious that if Simon did not take back his signature, he would get separated from the
boycott skaters. If he does not handle things carefully, he would end up being excluded from
both sides. So, in order to negotiate with Jae Su for the final time, Jay called him on May 30th
and met him on July 1st. Even then, the feelings that Jae Su and Jay felt from the conflict they
had about Long Track was not fully resolved.

Jay told Jae Su that he is taking care of this problem the wrong way, saying;

“Simon has been studying the face of other skaters because he is a Korean like the coaches. How
can you have him sign with the NRP problem only from your perspective? You should have
considered the position that Simon is in. I think that it was wrong that you pressured and
burdened him. He should not sign if the USS does keep ignoring their unreasonable treatment
with skaters. It is not because of the problems with the coaches. I also do not want the
complaints that the skaters have mainly towards the USS to turn to the coaches. You have to
think about the fact that Simon may be ostracized by his friends because of this. That is why
Simon is going to stand in the middle regarding this issue and take back his signature, and he
will train in Korea for summer training. So, please wait until the situation becomes resolved.”

Also, Jay said that Simon’s desire for wanting to do Long Track along with Short Track is
unchangeable and asked him to surely accept it.

Jae Su accepted what Jay said because he was gradually being pushed into a corner. He said to

 “I will do as you say. But how about Simon leaves the signature alone since he is not going to
train here anyways? If he takes back his signature, it can be hard to tell the USS later on. Let’s
decide on that issue later.”

 He also suggested that Simon go to France to train rather than Korea. Through this, Simon’s
conflict with Jae Su got resolved in this way, and it was completely decided that Simon can do
Long Track. And with Jae Su’s arrangement, Simon went to France.

Up until that point, Simon did not tell his father the problems that the coach had, so Jay did not
know that Jae Su was a coach with many problems as he knows now. The only complaint that
Jay had towards him, then, was that Jae Su did not let Simon do Long Track. Also, for Simon,
turning his back on his coach is the same as giving up his skating career. This is something that
cannot be avoided as long as Jae Su remains as a coach. Jay had no choice but to look past the
fact that he pressured Simon to sign.


Infringement of an athlete’s rights
Preventing an athlete from doing something that he wants to do is unjust and exceeds the
authority of a coach. There are several skaters who have done Short Track along with Long
Track. But, Jae Su particularly prevented only Simon from doing Long Track. It was because
Simon is a Korean to handle easy, not like other Native American skaters, and he was the best
skater in the team.

Simon and his father, Jay, believe that a coach using the power and supreme status that he
has to unjustly prevent an athlete from pursuing his goal and personal wishes is an
infringement of rights. Jae Su has violated the Code of Conduct as a coach. Therefore, Jay
hopes that his violation of another Code of Conduct will also be inspected.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the forgoing is true and correct.

    Simon Cho                                                  Jay H Cho

                                                             (Father of Simon Cho)


   10.         Simon’s Father & Coach Yeo Conversation

Following is the conversation Simon’ father (Jay Cho) heard from Coach Yeo on 9/15, 2012.

When did you find out about this incident?

On the same day, I heard it from Jae Su on the returning bus to the hotel. He said Simon did it.
I was so embarrassed about it. I really couldn’t understand why he did it when he took a
championship just a week ago.

When did you talk to Mr. Cho about it? And what did he say?

At the airport when we were about to leave Poland. I asked him, “Why did you do such a
thing?” And he murmured “I just did it because I thought I had to do something to be a leader
of the team.” His answer was freaked me out, so I asked him, “Do you think that what you’re
saying makes sense?” And he said, “In fact, Coach Chun directed me to do it.” And I asked
him, “Who knows this?” He answered, “Coach Chun, Jeff, and I.” (Later reminding this what
Simon answered, I was sure Jae Su directed Simon because this indicates that Jeff’s statement
that he heard from Simon on the airplane back from Warsaw is not true.)

I firmly told him, “Make sure that you never, ever tell anyone. You should take this fact to the
grave. Also, firmly remind Jeff not to tell anybody and never bring it up even among us who
know it. If this is known to anyone else, you are done”

And none of us talked about it until now. Simon said he did it because he was pressured by
Coach Chun. I couldn’t believe it. If he was pressed by Chun, he should have told me. I surely
could have prevented it by doing whatever way I can, even fighting against Coach Chun. I do
not understand why he didn’t tell me before he did it.

Frankly speaking, I wished that Canada would win. I did not want Korea to win at all. And I
felt weird while I was watching Mr. Jean’s clumsy skating. I was suspicious of his skating. I
realized that Jeff or Simon must have done something because at that moment, I caught Jeff
smiling subtly at Simon, almost like he was trying to say, “I know why”. I felt something at that

I still don’t understand why Coach Chun was so mad on that day. He lost his temper completely.
The Canada team coach even thought that I did it by the order of Jae Su. They must have been
thinking that I did it, not Simon.

Why did Canada team skate against US team?

Because they believed Russia team skated to help the Korea team.


The Russia team helped the Korea team? Why? Why did the Korea team need the help
of the Russia team? And why did Russia help Korea?

At that time, Russia had no way to advance to the final, and the Korea team had no guarantee
that they would beat Canada. As you know, the Russia team coach was Jimmy. So, I am not
sure, but there could have been something between the Korean coaches. Canada team might
have noticed it, and it was why the Canada team skated against the US team - because US team
coaches are all Korean.

And why did the Korea team eagerly want to win in that less important competition?
Even in the previous round, not the final?

It was because the Korea team could get the pension points in that competition. All team skaters
could get those points, not like other individual competitions. (The Korean pension system
provides up to $2,000 every month for a lifetime)

Why didn’t you want Korea to win?

If the Korea team wins, the record of my sister and I would be broken. It is not a big thing but
we were the only brother and sister who were qualified for national pension. And if the Korea
team wins, one of them would get the pension points. His sister already got it. So, honestly, I
wished the Korea team loses.

Jay H Cho (Father of Simon Cho)


  11.         Simon & Coaches Call Log

Note) Grey colored are call between Yeo and Jae Su

Date        Time      Min       To/From      Coach

   20-Apr 9:23p           1         From     Jae Su Missed Call

   22-Apr 7:55p           1         From     Jae Su Missed Call

   23-Apr   2:52p        1          From     Jae Su Missed Call
   23-Apr   03:44p    Text          From      Jae Su
   23-Apr   4:00p        1          From     Jae Su Missed Call
   23-Apr   04:39p       3             To    Jae Su
   23-Apr   05:02p       1             To    Jae Su Missed Call
   23-Apr   05:06p       8          From     Jae Su
   23-Apr   08:17p       6             To    Jae Su
   23-Apr   10:58p       5          From     Jae Su

   24-Apr   2:21p         1         From     Jae Su Missed Call
   24-Apr   03:08p        2            To    Jae Su
   24-Apr   3:10p         1         From     Jae Su Missed Call
   24-Apr   03:10p       14            To    Jae Su
   24-Apr   04:08p       13         From     Jae Su

   25-Apr   8:21a         1         From     Jae Su    Missed Call
   25-Apr   9:13a         1         From     Jae Su    Missed Call
   25-Apr   11:03a        7            To    Jae Su
   25-Apr   12:50p        7         From     Jae Su
   25-Apr   02:21p        5            To    Jae Su
   25-Apr   3:43p         1         From     Jae Su    Missed Call
   25-Apr   4:47p         1         From     Jae Su    Missed Call
   25-Apr   04:58p        5            To    Jae Su

   26-Apr 10:29p          2            To    Jae Su
   26-Apr 10:34p         22         From     Jae Su

   27-Apr 7:19p           1         From     Jae Su

   1-May 11:51a           4          Yeo      Jae Su


1-May   1:52p       6       Yeo    Jae Su
1-May   11:36a      1      From      Yeo
1-May   11:55a     20         To     Yeo
1-May   2:00p       1      From      Yeo Missed Call
1-May   02:06p      4         To     Yeo
1-May   2:10p      14       Yeo    Jae Su
1-May   02:43p      2      From      Yeo

2-May   9:54a          1   From      Yeo Missed Call
2-May   09:58a         2   From      Yeo
2-May   10:42a         2   From      Yeo
2-May   10:45a         1   From      Yeo
2-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
2-May   ???            4    Yeo    Jae Su
2-May   4:48p          1   From      Yeo Missed Call
2-May   4:48p          1   From      Yeo Missed Call
2-May   5:18p          1   From      Yeo

3-May   11:32a   Text         To     Yeo
3-May   11:34a   Text      From      Yeo
3-May   11:35a   Text         To     Yeo
3-May   11:35a   Text      From      Yeo
3-May   11:39a   Text         To     Yeo
3-May   11:39a   Text      From      Yeo
3-May   11:39a   Text         To     Yeo
3-May   12:52p       1     From      Yeo
3-May   ???          2      Yeo    Jae Su
3-May   2:29p        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
3-May   2:51p        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
3-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
3-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
3-May   ???          2      Yeo    Jae Su
3-May   03:09p   Text      From      Yeo
3-May   04:03p       2        To     Yeo
3-May   04:22p       2     From      Yeo
3-May   ???          4      Yeo    Jae Su
3-May   05:23p   Text      From      Yeo

4-May   02:11a   Text         To     Yeo
4-May   02:14a   Text         To     Yeo
4-May   3:31a       1      From      Yeo Missed Call
4-May   ???         4       Yeo    Jae Su
4-May   12:01p      5         To     Yeo


4-May    12:05p         3      To     Yeo
4-May    12:10p         9      To     Yeo
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    03:29p       3        To     Yeo
4-May    ???          2      Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???          1      Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    03:37p       2     From      Yeo
4-May    3:38p        2      Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    03:50p       2     From      Yeo
4-May    03:53p     13      From      Yeo
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    4:20p        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
4-May    4:20p        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
4-May    4:22p        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
4-May    04:24p   Text      From      Yeo
4-May    04:26p       8        To     Yeo
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
4-May    ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su

7-May 08:09p        10      From      Yeo
7-May ???         ???        Yeo    Jae Su

8-May 11:05a            2     To      Yeo
8-May ???         ???        Yeo    Jae Su
8-May ???         ???        Yeo    Jae Su

9-May 11:32a            1     To      Yeo

10-May 12:39p           1   From      Yeo Missed Call

11-May   9:13a        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
11-May   9:13a        1     From      Yeo Missed Call
11-May   09:20a   Text      From      Yeo
11-May   11:22a       2        To     Yeo
11-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su

18-May 10:59a           4   From      Yeo
18-May 11:32a           2   From      Yeo


18-May   12:55p         3      To     Yeo
18-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
18-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
18-May   1:23p          1   From      Yeo Missed Call
18-May   01:29p         1      To     Yeo Missed Call
18-May   01:34p         3      To     Yeo
18-May   02:51p         2   From      Yeo
18-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su

20-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
20-May   3:07p          1   From      Yeo    Missed Call
20-May   7:36p          1   From      Yeo    Missed Call
20-May   09:42p         1      To     Yeo    Missed Call
20-May   9:43p          1   From      Yeo    Missed Call
20-May   9:44p          1   From      Yeo    Missed Call
20-May   9:44p          1   From      Yeo    Missed Call
20-May   09:44p         5      To     Yeo
20-May   09:52p         1   From      Yeo
20-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
20-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
20-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su

21-May   12:25a       9        To     Yeo
21-May   12:33a     11       Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   12:43a       7     From      Yeo
21-May   08:37a   Text      From      Yeo
21-May   10:30a   Text         To     Yeo
21-May   ???          5      Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   04:43p       3     From      Yeo
21-May   ???          1      Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???          8      Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   05:56p   Text      From      Yeo
21-May   07:07p     10         To     Yeo
21-May   ???          1      Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???          4      Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???      ???        Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   ???          6      Yeo    Jae Su
21-May   08:12p       4        To     Yeo
21-May   ???          8      Yeo    Jae Su


21-May 08:29p       19    From      Yeo

22-May   6:37p        8    Yeo    Jae Su
22-May   08:48p       3      To     Yeo
22-May   08:52p     44       To   Jae Su
22-May   9:54p        1   From      Yeo Missed Call
22-May   ???      ???      Yeo    Jae Su
22-May   ???      ???      Yeo    Jae Su

23-May   9:47a       2    From    Jae Su
23-May   3:42p       1    From      Yeo    Missed Call
23-May   3:42p       1    From      Yeo    Missed Call
23-May   05:00p      5       To     Yeo
23-May   07:47p      2       To     Yeo
23-May   7:49p       1    From      Yeo    Missed Call
23-May   07:49p      1       To     Yeo    Missed Call
23-May   07:49p      2    From      Yeo
23-May   ???         3     Yeo    Jae Su
23-May   07:53p      2    From      Yeo

24-May 8:43p         1    From      Yeo Missed Call

25-May 8:58a         1    From      Yeo Missed Call
25-May 8:58a         1    From      Yeo Missed Call

 5-Jun   07:27p      2      To      Yeo
 8-Jun   06:18p      6      To    Jae Su
10-Jun   03:42p      2      To      Yeo
10-Jun   05:09p      1      To      Yeo













13. Text Message from Jeff Simon


14. Joshua Wood’s Blade


15. Happening at the Banquet


16. Race Manipulation


17. Affidavit of Olivier Jean





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