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									European Parliamentary Elections
      Evaluation Seminar

        3rd July 2009, Budapest
 The IT Cooperation of EU Member Countries
   on the European Parliamentary Elections
● Successful EP elections were carried out also in 2004 and 2009
  (from the view of the newly joined member states)

● Further potentials to develop in the administration of electoral
  processes between EMBs of the member states to exceed the
  traditional means of communication

● According to our experiences, there are general and specific
  communication channels that should be established prior to the
  following (2014) EP elections to serve the following purposes:
è Ensuring that the EMBs of all member states are provided with well-organized
  communication facilities

è Ensuring that the EMBs of all member states, during the preparation of the
  Registers of Voters will fulfill their prescribed duties in an organized manner,
  with an IT support extending to all member states, concerning the Council
  Regulation no. 93/109/EC.

è For the Regulation mentioned above, during the nomination period of the
  next EP elections the appropriate electoral organs shall cooperate by IT
  support in the cases of candidates running outside their member countries.
●   The legal, organizational and information aspects of these
    tasks also shall be solved. According to necessity, common
    and national regulation plans may be prepared.

●   Suggested basic principle: international communication should
    be carried out on a basis of community regulation or
    agreement, while the adjustment to the national electoral
    system should be solved by the national organs.
● How the IT & communication support should be carried out?

è The previously mentioned communication process could be performed
  through a mailing and dispatcher centre.
è The e-mail service shall function with a regular structure, including the list of
  organs, their representatives, contact details and forum: and as such shall
  provide the data of public interest.
è The dispatcher centre carrying out the data-transfer would connect the
  appropriate systems by message broker function on the basis of the EML*
  technical recommendation.

è Those, who are in a lack of lack of connection to the system shall be provided
  with a traceable mailbox by the dispatcher centre, or browser data entry would
  be received and transferred to the recipient.
●      The above-mentioned dispatcher centre could also manage the
       handling of national character sets and other conversions.

●      In the case of mutual understanding within all EU member
       states concerning this recommendation, with the professional
       contribution of ACEEEO, Hungary would be pleased to be
       designated with the technical realization and operation of this

         Another issue that would need stronger cooperation between the
         member states, is the question of information exchange during the
    preparation and realization of the EP elections. This recommendation would
          raise the currently used method to a higher level of organization.
             Thank you for your kind attention,
                   and please collect your
 ideas and recommendations concerning these suggestions,
we count on your active participation in the last session of the
                       Seminar (Workshop),
          to discuss the future of the EP elections.

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