Effective Reading _amp; COMPREHENSION by yurtgc548


									      Effective Reading &
in the shortest amount of time
How many of you have read a
paragraph or a few pages of a
book (especially a textbook)
and then thought to yourself “I
have no idea what I just read”?
The following steps might initially
appear to be time consuming but I
promise you that in the end it will
save you time and help your
reading comprehension skills. The
techniques have been tested and
validated in a number of studies.
      3 Steps to Time Effective
•   Preview all of the page/section components
    (headings, subheadings, pictures, diagrams -
    - basically everything except the text itself)

•   Based on the above “preview”, create a
    short list of questions that you want the
    reading to answer.

•   Read EACH paragraph and before going
    onto the next paragraph, rewrite the
    paragraph IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

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