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          List your company on maidsandcleaners.com, so that
              potential customers can find and contact you!

5850 Canoga Ave. #308
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
                             How does it work?
  •    MaidsandCleaners.com is an
       online “hub” in the cleaning
       industry. We receive tens of
       thousands of visitors each
       month nationwide, which
       are individuals looking for a
       cleaning quote.

  •    When you sign up for
       MaidsandCleaners.com, we
       list your company in the city
       you service.

  •    When a potential customer
       arrives on our site and
       enters a zip code that
       matches your service area,
       he/ she will be directed to
       your company’s listing.

  •    Click here for an example

MaidsandCleaners.com Advertising Program
                How do customers find me?
Step 1 – Customer finds us on a search engine.

                                                Step 2 – Customer enters zip code.

                             Step 3 – Customer is taken to your listing!

MaidsandCleaners.com Advertising Program
                   Reporting and Billing
    We provide you with a
     monthly report that shows
     the traffic to your listing.
     This report is very easy to
     read and understand. It
     shows you the number of
     visitors that have been
     interested in your company.

    If you want more traffic and
     would like to be listed in
     multiple areas, additional
     service cities may be added
     at a discounted rate.

    If you want to add additional
     cities at any time, you can
     do so by emailing support.

    MaidsandCleaners.com Advertising Program
 “I’ve tried this with other companies
      before and it didn’t work”
  Lead Quality:                                          Cost Effective:
      Lead quality is of the utmost importance to            With plans starting as low as $25/month, we’ve
      us. Many companies setup their advertising              been able to appeal to a wide range of cleaning
      service on a “per lead” basis and then force            companies.
      their advertisers to compete with other
      companies, to get the customer’s business.
                                                             Clients know that even if they only obtained 1
                                                             client every 2-3 months from the service, they
       Instead of selling leads and sending them to          would still make their money back and likely profit
       multiple parties, we setup our service based          a large margin. However, we expect our clients to
       on an easy and flexible pay model. We offer           generate more business than that! J
       exclusive listings on our site, as well as an
       option to be listed with a maximum of 2 other
                                                             Even in this tough economy, any business can
       advertisers. That way, individuals who need a
                                                             afford our service, which will help to increase the
       cleaning quote can contact you directly.
                                                             number of prospects or even clients your business
                                                             can obtain.
       In addition, we don’t employ misleading
       methods in order to get individuals to submit
                                                             We believe in making the service effective, which
       their information or visit our site. All of the
                                                             is why we’ve setup the month-to-month model and
       prospects that we generate are legitimately
                                                             we take a proactive approach to catering to each
       interested in obtaining quotes.
                                                             client’s needs.

MaidsandCleaners.com Advertising Program
Why Choose the MaidsandCleaners.com

            •Month to month program

            •Get listed in all the cities you service (exclusively or with other

            •Plans starting as low as $25/month

            •We generate HIGH QUALITY traffic and our clients are

MaidsandCleaners.com Advertising Program
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Lead Program
Proven Results – Guaranteed Leads

MaidsandCleaners.com Advertising Program

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