Dynamic Similariy Calculation by yurtgc548


									Transient Flow Visualization
    in a Lexmark Printer
  Project Sponsor: Lexmark International Inc.

                                     Matt Casavant
                                  Nor Izzati Nordin
                                 Wan Afeek Wan Ali
                                         Guy Davis
Dynamic Similarity Calculation
 Original printhead speed = 60 in/sec = 1.524m/sec
Experimental Setup
               RC Servo Motor
• Electrical input determines armature position

• 42 oz/inches torque

• 5 volts

• Reliable & Cheap
                Motor Controller
• DC Speed control module

• Load: 25V DC/15A
       – 400 Watts

• Cost: $19.95
Conveyor Belt Schematic Drawing

                                  Lego Conveyor Belt Links

                                        PVC Sheet
Upcoming Tasks
1)   Analyze flow without conveyor belt
     - Steady State Flow


                         Printhead         Dye

2)   Analyze flow with conveyor belt
     - Transient Flow
3)   Analyze flow with conveyor belt and other variables:
     printhead moving left & right
Problems That We Might Encounter
•    As the gap (between the conveyor belt & printhead)
     gets smaller:
     - visualization becomes more difficult
     - the dye outlet is more than 1mm
     - development of boundary layer (analyzing viscid
2.   Conveyor belt and pulley movements may interfere
     with water flow.
 Couette Flow
 • Fluid motion in between two planes: one moving,
   one stationary


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