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									                                                                                  2009 Schedule/Results
                2009 Season Update
                                                                  Date     Opponent                  Time/Results
                                                                  9/4      v. Ramapo College           L   2-3
After our first two weekends of tough competition, we                      @ Emerson                   L   0-3
traveled to Plattsburgh, NY to participate in the SUNY            9/5      @ Wentworth IT              L   1-3
Plattsburgh Cardinal Classic. On our first day we faced                    v. Framingham               W  3-2
                                                                  9/11     @ St. Lawrence              L   0-3
Buffalo State and Amanda Cohen ’13 recorded a career-
                                                                           v. SUNY Oswego              L   1-3
high 16 kills. Ally Martella ’13 posted 5 blocks and 9            9/12     v. Morrisville State        W  3-2
kills of her own, while Rachel Irizarry ’12 held down our                  v. SUNY Potsdam             L   0-3
defense with 10 digs. Cecelie Pikus ’13 and Alyssa                9/16     Utica College               L   1-3
Hopper ’13 posted 16 and 13 assists, respectively. After          9/18      v. SUNY Plattsburgh      L   1-3
the second day of play, Amanda Cohen was named to                           @ Cardinal Classic      
the All-tournament team.                                                    v. Buffalo State         L   2-3
                                                                            @ Cardinal Classic      
On September 22 we opened conference play with our                9/19      v. St. Lawrence          L  0-3
                                                                            @ Cardinal Classic      
first NESCAC match-up against Williams. Alex Singh ’11                      v. St. Joseph’s          L  0-3
led both our offense and defense with five kills and nine         9/22      Williams*                L  0-3
digs. Kristin Stenerson ’12 contributed four kills while          9/25      U. of Rochester          L  2-3
Cecelie Pikus ‘13 added 18 assists and six digs.                            Regis                    W 3-0
                                                                  9/26      Gordon                   L  0-3
                                                                            Union                    L  0-3
After a long stretch of away tournaments, we hosted
                                                                  10/2      v. Trinity*              L  0-3
our Hamilton Invitational on September 25-26. On                            @ Williams              
Friday we were matched-up against Regis College and               10/3      v. Amherst*              L  0-3
won handily in 3 sets. Alex Singh ’11 hammered out 11                       @ Williams              
kills and added two blocks while Liz Reid ’11 contributed         10/7      Morrisville              L  0-3
seven kills of her own. Cecelie Pikus ’13 posted 28               10/10     v. Wesleyan*             L  0-3
                                                                            @ Connecticut           
assists, and Alyssa Hopper ’13 and Ally Martella ’13                        v. Connecticut*          L  0-3
each served up six aces. At the end of the tournament                       @ Connecticut           
Alex Singh was named to the All-tournament team.                  10/13     Cazenovia                W 3-1
                                                                  10/16     v. Bowdoin*              L  0-3
We continued NESCAC competition the following                               @ Middlebury            
weekend at Williams College where we faced Trinity and            10/17     v. Tufts*                L  0-3
                                                                            @ Middlebury            
Amherst. Against Trinity Amanda Cohen ’13 led our                           v. Middlebury*           L  0-3
offense with nine kills and 10 digs. Rachel Irizarry ’12                    @ Middlebury            
provided a solid defense with 12 digs and Liz Reid ’11            10/23     Messiah                  L 0-3
added two blocks. The following weekend we traveled                         Anna Maria               W 3-0
to Connecticut College where we faced Wesleyan and                10/24     Medaille                 L 2-3
                                                                            St. Lawrence             L 0-3
Connecticut. Against Wesleyan Ally Martella ’13
                                                                  10/27     @ Hartwick               L 0-3
recorded eight kills while Amanda Cohen ’13 added six             10/30     Colby*                   L 1-3
kills and led defensively with 11 digs. Rachel Irizarry ’12       10/31     Bates*                   L 0-3
added six digs and Alyssa Hopper ’13 contributed two              * Denotes NESCAC Conference Game
aces. (story continued on back…)                                  BOLD Denotes Home Game           
On October 13 we faced Cazenovia College in a non-conference match at home we won in four exciting
sets! Amanda Cohen ’13 led the way with 11 kills, 14 digs, and four aces. Ally Martella ’13 added 10 kills
and three blocks while Alex Singh ’11 posted 10 kills and three aces. Rachel Irizarry ’12 had 11 digs and
three aces, and Alyssa Hopper ’13 contributed 11 digs of her own. Liz Reid ’11 added three blocks and
Cecelie Pikus ’13 passed out a career-high 33 assists.

The following weekend we traveled to Middlebury College where we faced Bowdoin, Tufts, and
Middlebury. On Friday against Bowdoin Ally Martella ’13 recorded seven kills and two aces, and Rachel
Irizarry ‘12 contributed nine digs and two aces of her own. Cecelie Pikus ‘13 added 12 assists and eight
digs, Alyssa Hopper ‘13 serve up two aces, and Liz Reid ‘11 contributed two blocks. Against Tufts on
Saturday Amanda Cohen ’13 recorded 10 digs, six kills, and three aces, while Cecelie Pikus ’13 contributed
16 assists and three aces. Ally Martella ’13 posted 10 kills and Alex Singh ’11 added six of her own. Liz
Reid '11 and Kristin Stenerson '12 recorded two blocks apiece.

This past weekend we returned home to Scott Fieldhouse to host our annual Continental Classic. Facing
Anna Maria on Friday Ally Martella '13 tied a season high with 12 kills and added 11 digs. Cecelie Pikus '13
was credited with 30 assists and Liz Reid '11 chipped in two blocks. Rachel Irizarry '12 tied a career high
with five aces and had nine digs. We finished off Anna Maria in 3 sets. In a hard-fought match against
Medaille on Saturday Ally Martella '13 recorded a team-high 12 kills, served two aces and added nine digs.
Amanda Cohen ‘13 led defensively with 12 digs and added nine kills. Cecelie Pikus '13 served three aces
and passed out 26 assists. Liz Reid '11 contributed five blocks and Kristin Stenerson '12 added three.
Amanda Cohen ‘13 was named to the All-tournament team.
Halloween weekend we faced Colby College and Bates College in our final NESCAC match-
ups of the season. In an effort to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer awareness
we participated in the DigPink Rally during this tournament, which is an organization
dedicated to raise awareness and fund to help stop breast cancer. We had a wonderful
turnout to the event and raised close to $700! Thank you everyone who helped make this
event possible.

  What are your favorite things                                      Favorite class:
  about Hamilton?                                                    “Math, because it’s my major.”
  “The people, the campus, the
  McEwen side, and the                                               Favorite food:
  academics.”                                                        “Any kind of fruit.”

  Why did you choose                                                 Favorite movies/TV shows:
  Hamilton?                                                          “500 Days of Summer & Pushing
  “I chose Hamilton because I                                        Daisies.”
  visited as a high school senior
  and fell in love with it.”                      Kristin            Favorite books:
                                                Stenerson            “Love in the Time of Cholera by
  What is your favorite part of                                      Gabriel Garcia Marquez”
  being on the volleyball team?                  5’9” RS
  “I love getting close to the team            Westminster,          Favorite Volleyball Moment:
  and then working together to                     CO                “Getting a great kill!”

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