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fire insurance #1


									STATE OF TEXAS                  )
COUNTY OF TRAVIS              , )

                                    AFFIDAVIT        BY ATTORNEY

       "My name is Stuart Colburn, I am over 18 years of age, of sound mind and fully
competent to make this affidavit. The statements contained in this affidavit and the foregoing
motion are within my personal knowledge.

        I am the attorney of record for HARTFORD CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANY,
the Plaintiff in the above-referenced claim. I performed numerous services for the Plaintiff, in
preparing the prosecution of this cause. Work I performed, including but not limited to: the
drafting of discovery, the responding of discovery, the taking of depositions, the drafting of
pleadings and motions, and preparation for and representation of the Plaintiff before the court.

        All of the fees submitted in the foregoing Motion for Approval of my First Application
for Attorney Fees were necessary in order to represent the Plaintiff's interest in this case. It is my
opinion that the incurred fees and expenses totaling $2,148.14 were reasonable and necessary and
represent a fee customarily charged in this locality for representing a workers' compensation
insurance carrier on issues similar to those presented in this case.

        Finally, all of the fees and expenses claimed were incurred in representing Plaintiff in this


        Dated this   ;)3(cI   day of    mo.rc.h , 2001.

                                                            STUART COLBURN

        SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on this the                     £:>rd     day of    m~rch

                                                            Notary Public in and for the
                                                            STATE OF TEXAS

                                                                                       A~     in The District Co!JT~ .
                                                                                        of Travi'"   COlf"tU.     Texas

                                                                                              MAR 2 6 2001
              Affidavit on Plaintiff's Motion for Approval of First Application for Attorney Fees
                              Camden Fire Insurance Association v. Earl Kinard                         •   !)/b   t1 . Wt
                                            Cause N;~~~O-02894                        ~a:':         \ l .',-_,

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