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•   Community Development Plan
•   Site Plan
•   Architecture
•   The Team
•   Property Management
•   Lease Signing Event
•   Lease, Utilities, and BAH
•   Q&A Session
            Community Development Pla
•   Construct 242 new homes
•   Demolition of 644 existing homes
•   Renovate 558 homes
•   Renovation of the Lake House and swimming pool for Community Center and
    Welcome Center
•   Community-wide and neighborhood-wide recreation facilities
•   Covered playground equipment
•   Road and trail connectivity among all housing areas
•   Lighted Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, and Volleyball Courts
•   Pet Park

Master Site Plan


        Santa Barbara

                              3 Bedroom
                               1,670 SF

First Floor   Second Floor

                               4 Bedroom
                                1,972 SF

First Floor     Second Floor

        4 Bedroom
         1,950 SF
E1-E6 Renovations
  Santa Barbara

                                     3 Bedroom
                                      1,878 SF

First Floor           Second Floor

                             4 Bedroom
                              2,151 SF

First Floor   Second Floor


          Santa Barbara

        3 Bedroom
         2,020 SF


        Santa Barbara
                            Beale Privatized Housing LLC Team
            Company                              Specialty                 Relation to BPH
Pinnacle                             Development and Property Management        Principal Member

Hunt                                  Development and Asset Management          Principal Member

Harper Construction Co.                 Design-Build General Contractor    Contracted Service Provider

Cass Sowatsky Chapman + Associates          Architecture – New Units       Contracted Service Provider

                                         Civil Engineering & Renovation
Woolpert, Inc.                                                             Contracted Service Provider

                                         Site Planning and Landscape
EDAW                                                                       Contracted Service Provider
Merrill Lynch                           Financial Underwriter and Lender   Contracted Service Provider
            Pinnacle Development
• Full service real estate acquisition, development and
  operating company
• Leverages the experience, knowledge, and broad
  resources of Pinnacle’s international platform
• Headquartered in Irvine, California
• Offices in Dallas, TX and Washington, DC
           Hunt Building Company
• Full service design-build, development, and asset
  management company
• Founded in El Paso, Texas in 1947
• Hunt has built more military family homes in the
  United States than any other company, with 45,223
  homes to date
             Harper Construction
• Full service design-build company
• Harper Construction has designed and constructed
  33 separate military housing projects in the United
  States, totaling 4,600 homes
• Founded in San Diego, California, in 1974
• Full service property management company currently managing
  150,000 homes nationwide
• Over 22,000 military homes currently managed, including the
  first BEQ privatization project for the Department of the Navy in
  San Diego, and thirteen Air Force bases
• Properties in 42 states and 266 cities
                  MHPI Experience
                          Carroll’s Creek Landing, WA                    288

Currently Managing Over   Presidio of Monterey and Naval
                          Postgraduate School, CA

 22,000 Military Homes    Fort Belvoir, VA                             2,070
                          Fort Irwin, Moffett Field, Camp Parks, CA    3,049
                          Dover AFB, DE                                  980
                          Scott AFB, IL                                1,593
                          Fort Benning and Camp Merrill, GA            4,200
                          Nellis AFB, NV                               1,178
                          San Diego BEQ                                  258
                          Fort Lee, VA                                 1,590
                          Barksdale AFB, LA; Langley AFB, VA; and
                          Bolling AFB, Washington, DC
Regional Office           Columbus Air Force Base, MS; Laughlin
                          Air Force Base, TX; Randolph Air Force
District Office
                          Base, TX; Good Fellow Air Force Base,        2,199
                          TX; Maxwell Air Force Base, AL; and
                          Vance Air Force Base, OK
                          TOTAL                                       22,862
Serving Our Residents
Property Management
         Services Pinnacle will Provi
• Community Management
   • Community Events
   • Move Ins and Move Outs- Broom Sweep Move Out
   • Daily Operations
• Full service residential maintenance services
   • 24/7 call service for maintenance request line
   • Web access for work order submission and status review
• Landscape services for all unfenced areas
• Renter’s Insurance: $20,000 per occurrence; $100,000 liability
  coverage, and a $250 deductible
• Internet access in the Business Center
• Resident Focus Groups
                  Building Communities
• Staff dedicated to world class
• Community Events
• Deployed Spouses Program
• Neighborhood barbecues &
• Yard/Garden of the Month
• Art contests
• Communications
  – Community Website
  – Resident Portal
  – Quarterly Newsletters
               Pinnacle Operations
• As of Closing:
  – Pinnacle will be responsible for all community
    management and maintenance service
  – Pinnacle’s Welcome Center will be located at 4547 Grand
    Way and relocated to the Lake House upon completion
  – All current residents will be “grandfathered” for rent
    payments in arrears, pets, and their original move in date
             The Lease Signing Event
• October 9-12 at the Community Activities Center (CAC)
  – Sign-In: Bring a copy of your most current leave and
    earnings statement (LES) and military identification card
  – Brief: 30 minute brief of the lease agreement*
  – Q & A: 30 minute session*
  – Signing: 30 minute session
• Please review the lease online:
     • Sign on your designated day for a chance to …
                     What is a Lease?
• A lease is a contract between the owner of the home and the
  resident. It is a legal document that establishes the rights and
  responsibilities of both parties and binds both parties to the
  terms contained in the agreement.
Examples of typical terms contained in a lease:
   –   Resident move-in and move-out dates
   –   Amount of rent to be paid
   –   Early termination clauses
   –   Move-out procedures
   –   Maintenance service call procedures
Basic Allowance for Housing (B

  Three components:
    – Rent
    – Utilities
    – Renter’s Insurance
                                  Utility Baseline
• OSD mandated utility resident responsibility program to help
  conserve energy
• Implementation proceeded by full communication campaign
  and mock billing period
• Home Energy Saver is the mandated tool for calculating
   – Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S.
     Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of the national Energy
     Star Program for improving energy efficiency in homes.
   – Factors used to calculate utility costs include:
       • Zip Code
       • Key Facts about the homes
           – Heating, Ventilation and Cooling systems - Insulation
           – Window Efficiency                  - Water Heater Efficiency
           – Lighting and Appliance Efficiency
        Looking Ahead
• Lease Signing: October 9-12

• Closing:
  – Property Transfer
  – Property Operations transfer to Pinnacle
     • Leasing
     • Resident Services
     • Maintenance Services
                  Welcome Home

The great men and women of the our Armed Forces risk their lives
for American freedom. We are honored and humbled to have the
    opportunity to serve and support them and their families.

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