Capitalization Bluff Review Game by yurtgc548


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      Bluff Review Game
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Their job was to elect the
Their job was to:
1. Run the city
2. Lead the army of Rome.
This group had the power of
During times of war, the Romans
would elect a ____________ for
6 months.
Their primary job was to advise
the city leaders. Later they took
over Rome’s finances.
Their job was to organize
festivals, serve as judges, and
manage the finances of Rome.
This means “to prohibit” or “I
This is what modern day country
Rome is located in.
These are the two major
mountain ranges in Italy.
He was the first king of Rome.
What type of government did
Rome first have?
What is the purpose of checks
and balances?
Why was Rome able to have
such a large food supply?
He was a great military leader
from Carthage.
These were two brothers who
were thrown into a river and
raised by a wolf.
What river was Rome built on?
What type of landform is Italy?
This is the ideas of the
responsibility of citizens to
ensure the prosperity of a
This is the volcano that errupted
destroying, yet preserving,
Who did Rome fight against
during the Punic Wars?
Plebian or Patrician?
The nobles
Plebian or Patrician?
Minority of the population.
Plebian or Patrician?
Once controlled all aspects of
the government.
Plebian or Patrician?
The common people
Plebian or Patrician?
The majority of the population
Plebian or Patrician?
Only Romans who could trade
Name the main event that took
place at the Circus Maximus.
This is how most gladiators were
This is why Romans needed to
have 2 consuls.
Name at least three activities
that were done at the forum.
•   1.    Assemblies        11. Monarchy              21. Pat
•   2.   Consuls            12. Power                 22. Pat
•   3.   Tribunes           13. Climate               23. Pat
•   4.   Dictator           14. Hannibal              24. Pleb
•   5.   Senate             15. Romulus/Remus         25. Pleb
•   6.   Magistrate         16. Tiber River           26. Pleb
•   7.   Veto               17. Peninsula             27. Chariot Racing
•   8.   Italy              18. Civic Duty            28. Captive of War
•   9.   Alps & Apennines   19. Mt. Vesevius          29. So, no one
                                            person   got too much power
• 10. Romulus               20.Carthage               30. Shopping,
  gossip,                                             speeches,

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