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									                                                          DuPont Securities Switzerland: Who We Are

Dupont Securities Switzerland is a Private Equity Firm based in Zug, Switzerland with operating offices in
Zurich and Hong Kong. Dupont Securities Switzerland will consider a suitable investment in any growing
company but its primary focus is in bio-tech, pharma and life science firms, which are looking for funding
and floatation. This focus has developed over a number of years and has allowed us to build a centre of

The benefit of this approach is that we are able to consider and offer on opportunities much more quickly
and hence secure the most attractive investments, ahead of our competitors.

Dupont Securities Switzerland maintains a high activity rate and so we are always looking for additional
investment funding from any number of sources. We especially welcome private individuals who are
confident enough to want to balance their portfolios with private equity investment. We encourage them
to join with us in funding rounds, especially for opportunities where the investment levels are not too high
and the risk is judged to be acceptable.

                                                DuPont Securities Switzerland: Company Structure

Dupont Securities Switzerland’s structured finance practice draws on the expertise of our integrated
network of attorneys in the areas of corporate finance, banking and tax law, bankruptcy, securities law and
banking regulation. The partners and associates who participate in this department have available to them
limitless resources.

Dupont Securities Switzerland has participated in the structured finance markets since its inception. The
firm enjoys vast experience in a broad range of processes within this field, including financing structures
using arbitrage arrangements, credit card receivables, trade accounts receivable, real estate assets,
intellectual property, leveraged credits, government obligations, future receivables, cell towers, franchise
receivables, collateralized debt obligations, and other financial assets.

Dupont Securities Switzerland’s experience in this field has evolved in the forefront of the structured
finance market. Due to the depth of our expertise, Dupont Securities Switzerland is often requested by
investment and commercial banks to create and document recent products and structures.

Dupont Securities Switzerland has additionally assisted in the formation of special purpose entities to serve
as channels for the creation of asset-backed securities. Clients within the structured finance sector include
issuers (including investments made by Dupont Securities Switzerland) private equity clients, commercial
banks and investment firms.

                           DuPont Securities Switzerland Platz 4, Langenbold, Switzerland 6039

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