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									                                                           Investing With DuPont Securities Switzerland

Like most private equity firms, DuPont Securities Switzerland runs a series of funds for different markets
and situations. As these are established, we seek capital from both our long-term, established investors
and those who are new partners with us. Typically, an established investor will invest in one of the funds
we manage and so becomes a limited partner in that fund, rather than an investor in the whole of Dupont
Securities. Hence he will only benefit from investments made in the specific fund where he is invested.

One starting point for new partners is often a ‘Fund of funds’. This is a private equity fund that invests in
other private equity funds, in order to provide a lower risk product initially. Rather than choose a specific
fund, you can spread your exposure across a number of vehicles, often of different types and regional

At the other end of DuPont Securities’ activities is the Initial Public Offering (IPO). This is the moment when
private equity becomes public equity. Shares in a private company are launched on to a Stock Market so
that any member of the public will then be able to buy or sell them. Typically, this is not all of the shares in
the company, hence IPO, but enough to establish a realistic valuation. This is the moment at which DuPont
Securities Switzerland will activate its exit strategy, start to secure returns to its fund and provide its
partners with their gains.

We will often be able to offer you, as a new partner, the opportunity to join in the excitement of an IPO.
This will probably be a short term investment into the private equity shares before the IPO with an exit
being hours, weeks or months later.

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