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									Increase traffic on your Website and Blog
             without SEO
                 - Written By Saurabh Gupta

 This book is unlike you have ever read so be prepared to be Shocked – Mike Smith
Authors Introduction:

Saurabh Gupta has been in the computer industry for more than 12 years.
His company WEBTECH SERVE is well known for developing out of the box
products, new ideas and helping small people and companies as well as
big corporate hire him to get results. His products are popular all over the
world. He writes without fear and without any favor I wish him all the
best with this book

           : Mike Smith (Internet Reviewer)
                   By the Author

I always wanted to write a book which can help and give power to people
who are developing good websites and blogs but without proper
knowledge and money to spend they are not getting the right exposure.

This is not a guide about how you can get good positions in search engines
by spending some money in fact as the title suggests it is just the opposite
It is not about search engines at all and wherever I have tried to use the
term I have done it to explain some ideas.

This is not a guide about some affiliate program I would like you to join
and it is not about selling some crap products to you. No I will not be
selling anything in this guide expect 2 hosting packages if you want to buy
hosting you can buy from there to support us.

With that out of the way. I will tell you in a few words right away What
this ebook is all about so you can decide whether you want to read it or

“Increase traffic on your website and blog without search engines” will
explain to you about traffic the way search engines see it. It will give you
in depth knowledge about how you can increase your website and blog’s
authorization and respect and how with the help of a little tool (free) you
can make your website or blog much more popular.

By : Saurabh Gupta

1. Search Engines Dominance

2. Different ways to Attract traffic

3. Why Seo will not work in most cases

4. What are traffic Exchange Websites ?

5. What are referred and Direct clicks ?

6. How google sees traffic

7. How alexa analyzes traffic

8. Are you ready to drive out of your comfort zone

9. Final words
                Search Engines Dominance – Chapter 1

Google, Yahoo and Bing rule the world of search engines. While google
dominates over Yahoo and Bing by covering over 64% of the search engine

Google started as a completely free search engine today its services are far
and wide. If you look carefully you will find that there are very few people in
the world using internet and computers who are not in google’s spell.

Let us not take our discussion off the point and see why search engines
dominate the web. For searching anything we go to the web and type
keywords these keywords bring search results from the search engines
database and shows it to you.

The whole process of SEO revolves around keywords. With searches coming
from all over the world it has become more and more difficult to rank high in
prominent keywords so a long tail approach in keywords is used to rank well
for words that are not very popular but are used still.

What Search Engines like ?

Search engines like google has become very popular and over the time
dominant. You may have build the best website or blog but there is no
guarantee that you will rank high in google’s search engine unless you spend
money on their google adsence or some SEO expert. To rank High on google
you need the following

a) High quality PR Links pointing to your website : Google
   believes that you are a good website if your sources are good.
b) Good Keywords : You have to select keywords and since people all over
   the world will be competing against what you think is the right keyword it
   is very hard to be show in search results.

c) Amount of Traffic : If you are not getting traffic then it means your
   website or blog is not good as search engines prefer websites which are

d) Social Media : Now days all search engines look for social reputation that
   your website or blog has. You should have high links in facebook, twitter
   and other social websites.

The Problems:

The problems of the search engine approach are many and as soon as you
have a built a new website or blog you begin to realize.

1. It is very hard to rank high for good keywords.
2. The density of keywords is an important factor.
3. High PR (Page Rank) websites are very strict and sometimes rude in
   including your website or blog or they charge money.
4. There are many false websites who can help you raise your rankings in
   social media websites but they will make it down as soon as you leave.
5. Building reputation and SEO takes time.
6. Search engines can penalize your website if they want for example they
   do not like affiliate websites.
7. You cannot generate fake traffic as they will know from which source the
   traffic is coming from.

They are slowly dominating and dictating ways to us on how to do
marketing. Google adwords blocks and does not promote affiliate marketing
and look at all the products that they promote on adsence. They have
different rules for themselves and for people.
They are also against traffic exchanges where people can generate traffic by
exchanging traffic with each other and it is not happy as in the process
search engines do not get any traffic but they are very happy when they are
getting traffic from us.

In fact search engines feed on data.

In this book you are going to learn how to beat search engines at their own
game. How to get direct traffic and what you can do to increase your
website or blog’s traffic.

This book is unlike you have ever read I am not against or with any search
engine. I lay to you facts as I see them.
                      Different ways to Attract traffic – 2

   There are different ways to attract traffic to your website or blog besides
   search engines.

   1. Blogs submission: You can submit your blog to other blogs. It takes time
      but you can certainly get other bloggers interested.

   2. Forums: There are different forums and if we exclude the paid ones there
      are some free forums but again you have to build reputation to post
      something useful.

   3. Articles: If you are a good writer then you can really exploit these
      resources. But if not then you have to get through lot of rules. Like correct
      grammar, correct spellings, No traffic or affiliate links.

   4. Traffic Exchange Websites: This is a good and intelligent way to attract
      traffic but its implementation is not really good. Traffic exchanges left a
      lot of loopholes so the result is that they make profit and take away all
      the traffic giving the user very little and often its users are penalized by
      the search engines.

These are some simple different ways to make traffic. There can be more ways
like link building, search engine submissions, videos, documents, images etc.

I know that it can be done but you can take years doing that. Let me tell you of a
much clever way in this book but remember you will have to come out of your
comfort zone for this system to work out to you.
Often we are so accustomed to the old ways of thinking and habits it takes time
to shift.

We will look into it in chapter eight but do not hurry as reading this book will
make you understand lot of things.

Let us see why SEO will not work in most cases.
                 Why Seo will not work in most cases – 3

Seo will not work in most cases why? simply because the search engines are
making it tough for seo people to optimize websites.

Even today you need a very solid team or an expert SEO person to make your
website or blog rank high. Also these services are getting costlier by each
passing day.

One other reason is that search engines constantly change their search
algorithms. So maybe you hire an SEO expert and he some how manages to take
your website on top for the required keyword. How long do you expect it to
remain there?. For all those who still do not agree with me my advice to them is
make longer SEO plans and look for companies who offer these plans.

Why search engines change their algorithm

How many times you have heard this “To speak one lie you have to speak
another” same thing has happened with search engines. Every time they realize
that their perfect and often much praised algorithm is not working properly or
perfectly they come out with another.

Goggle Panda: Well they have brought the panda now you can look for an
elephant, lion or tiger. It was brought out in 2011 with an aim to raise some
lower ranking websites and to stop the link farms that were going all around.
Now what they will do against social exchanges, traffic exchanges and other
type of exchanges well you have guessed it right they will announce a new

The working of SEO takes time and lot of patience but if you want some direct
traffic to your website it will take time for google to search you and even if you
are on the top today you will find it takes less time to fall down then to climb
                    What are traffic Exchange Websites – 4

Traffic Exchanges are simply a brilliant idea in the past and I do not agree with
search engines. Just because Traffic exchanges want every visitor to go through
their website or more properly search engine does not mean traffic exchanges
are bad.

Big Search engines like google say they are websites which generate fake clicks
and are harmful.

It seems to me that whatever we have to do in our lives should be through
google imagine how many fake clicks we get from google if we give our ad in

So are traffic exchanges good ?

No unfortunately they are not unless you have a way to fight with google and
other search engines. Advertising in these websites not only harms your
reputation in google and alexa but will also get your website penalized from
some major search engines.

We will be seeing

a) What are referred and direct clicks

b) How gogole sees your traffic

c) How alexa Sees your traffic

And finally you have to come out of your comfort zone and take some steps and
help from a little tool.
                     What are referred and Direct clicks 5
   Ok so now we are closer to understanding how search engines are
   dominating our traffic. Let us see what referred and direct clicks are all

   If you use Google analytics you can clearly see from where your traffic is
   coming from or what is the source of your traffic. While referred clicks can
   bring small increase in traffic. Direct clicks bring traffic. According to latest
   changes in Google and Alexa. They have started identifying fake clicks. Let us
   understand it with the following figure

As You can clearly see when you are sending traffic through a traffic website to
the other user the website is actually getting your click through the traffic
website and vice versa. So in both case the actual traffic is generated by the
traffic website. It also gives clear ways for the search engines and alexa to see
from where the actual traffic is coming.

Some websites announce that they will provide traffic anonymously. That is as
bad because they do not reveal their source but it is clear that the traffic is
coming from somebody else not you anonymously.
                             How google sees traffic - 6

   Ok all those people who are still not convinced about how the traffic
   exchange websites are harming your reputation and enhancing their web
   position need to read this very carefully.

                   (This snapshot was taken from google analytics)

The Best Kind of traffic is from Search Engines. It is clearly marked with Blue

Direct Traffic is depicted by green. So this is the second best thing that could
happen to your website

Referring Sites are the website which are referred by other websites like traffic
exchange websites. The more traffic you are getting from these websites the
more damage you are doing to your websites or blog. And I am not talking
about good referring websites like Social media and search engines. Search
engines have a way to identify traffic exchange websites and they know you are
generating fake traffic.

The yellow portion which you see in the circle is of traffic sources which are
undetermined. This again is a bad thing and search engines feel that your traffic
sources are suspicious that is why you want to hide them.
                          How alexa analyzes traffic – 7

   Remember we mentioned that how traffic generating websites send traffic
   to your website now let us see how alexa interprets traffic.

   We carried out a little experiment by making our site submit to Alexa’s paid
   services. Now you get solid proof of how Alexa sees and analyzes traffic.
   Here is what alexa shows. Remember in free results it shows very little so
   most people are not aware of this

Whenever you are generating from other traffic websites you are actually
attracting referred traffic and giving Alexa a reason to classify it as machine-
generated traffic.
         Are you ready to drive out of your comfort zone –8

If you have been generating traffic from traffic exchange websites and are
wondering why they use to work in the past and have stopped working and
making real traffic the answer is simple Google Panda update.

So now this might be bad new for some but you have a choice to make right
now do you want to penalize your website or blog and keep continuing to
pray and hope for google to take your website into consideration. You know
how helpful they are or just call their customer support and either you will
bang your head in frustration or wonder is it the company who is dominating
most of the world’s traffic and data.

For months we thought about this problem and finally made a software
which will give direct hits to your website or blog.

A software that can give you direct hits now I do not know a day will come
when search engines say that direct traffic is bad and only traffic which
comes and go out of search engines is good till that day comes you can use
this software for free without the fear that you will be penalized. This
software is called wts traffic Magnet 3.0 look for it in google or any other
search engine. Here is how this software provides traffic.
and no it is not an automatic software which can generate fake clicks to your
website or blog. You have to do the hard work generate clicks visit other
members site and blog and in turn they visit yours with a difference that all
the visit is direct. You also have to take the trouble to install it and install
internet explorer 8 and .net framework 3.5 links are given on the website
regarding this software.

A word of Caution:

Only quality sites and blogs or even affiliate links are accepted. Everyday we
reject websites which contains adult material or sex sites, sites having
popups, having harmful javascripts.
As I have already mentioned I am trying to help all people out there who
make quality website or blogs but their efforts are blocked by dominating
search engines.

I say you have to come out of your comfort zones because it is not a website
where you go and get 1000 visitors in a second because that is what you
were expected to get in traffic exchange websites. It works differently here.
Every click and every visitor is gold. So do not be disappointed if there are a
few visitors at first. We are slowly building our database of good users and
you can help us in the process.

We reject around 50-100 websites everyday just because of harmful scripts
and popups. Please test your website in IE 8 before submission.

I could have included tutorials of wts traffic magnet 3.0 in this book but you
can easily download the software and read the help file or can read the
online help file and then install the software.

Visit: for more details
                              Final Words – 9
Everybody needs support and help and I have not tried to sell you anything
but we are trying to help you build your traffic directly and rightly. Stop
making traffic for traffic exchange websites and penalizing your websites.

Here comes the sales page: If you feel you like our ideas and products and if
you are thinking of supporting us and if you think you have some money to
spend and if you are thinking of buying a web hosting. I will say you are a
thinker. Try to buy from here (the last page) as it might give us some money
for developing quality products which can help us all.

If you do not have money don’t worry you can still help us. Spread this book
to your friends who have good websites or blog or are facing promotion
problems. Every effort and person counts in an effort to change lives.

Thank You.

Saurabh Gupta



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Saurabh Gupta

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