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                                                  VEENA K.



      5 years of experience in Manual Testing and Automation Testing.
      Experience in Functional automated testing tools like QTP.
      Hewlett-Packard Certified Software Professional in Quality Center and Quick Test
       Professional 9.2
      Expertise in preparing and execution of Test Cases.
      Having good experience in Web based applications.
      Extensive experience in Functional and Regression Testing.
      Having experience in Automation Framework.

      Having experience in Descriptive programming.
      Experience in creating Data Driven Tests, Synchronization points and recovery scenarios.
      Good experience in writing preparing test data, defect tracking.
      Good experience in VB script
      Good knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Test Life Cycle
       (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle.
      Good knowledge about MS-SQL Server 2000 and UNIX.
      Having experience in Test Director and Quality center

Educational Profile:

      Master of Science in Information Technology from Manipal University, Udipi, 2003.
      Bachelor of Science (MPC) from Sri Venekateswara University, Tirupathi, 1999.

Work Experience:

      Working as a Delivery Senior Software Engineer in Perot Systems, Bangalore from March 2008
       to till date.
      Worked as a Test Engineer in LogytechSolutions, Hyderabad from December 2006 to February
      Worked as a Test Engineer in TNT Solutions, Hyderabad from April 2004 to November 2006.

Technical environment:

   Operating Systems                    :   Windows 9x/2000/XP, UNIX
   Languages                            :   C, VB Script and Shell
   Database                             :   Oracle, Toad, SQL and MS-Access
   Functional Tools                     :   QTP 8.2/9.2
   Defect Tracking Tool                 :   Mercury Quality Center 9.0/9.2
   Configuration Management Tool        :   Visual Source Safe

                       Professional experience:
Project #1
Project name            : Experian-Barclays Bank
Client                  : Experian, Nottingham, U.K
Tools                   : Manual Testing
Role                    : Senior Test Engineer
Environment             : .NET 2.0, PDT, SQL server 2005, Windows server 2003.
Duration                : April’08 to Till Date


        The main intention is to maintain high level profiles credit information in database in secure
manner to verify and issue credit cards with help of their credit history. Barclaycard business application
suite consists of two web applications listed below.

1. Application Input: This is an internet web application used by Barclays bank to apply for the credit cards
and payment gateways.

2. Application management: This is an intranet web application used by Barclay internal users to manage
the applications received for credit cards and terminals.


       Involved in functional study of the application.
       Identifying test scenarios and prepared the Test scenario document.
       Created the test case and Test data documents.
       Executing the Test Cases
       Logging the defects & classifying them based on the severity in Test Director
       Performing Regression Testing
       Performing GUI, Functional, Integration and System testing.
       Participated Reviews and preparing the test reports.

Project # 2

Project name            : Online-banking system
Client                  : National bank, U.S.A
Tools                   : Manual Testing, QTP.
Role                    : Test engineer
Environment             : Windows 2000, JAVA Servlet, Oracle 8i
Duration                : Dec’06 to Feb’08


         The Internet Banking is web-based application for National bank, U.S.A. This application is meant
for both corporate and retail customers of National bank and it include the back office module for
approve/denies transactions based on various levels of authorization like Maker/Approver and Releaser.
Corporate Internet Banking consists both Online and Offline versions. The Internet Banking consists Back
Office, Corporate Internet Banking (online and offline) and Retail Internet Banking as sub-applications and
each sub-application consists various modules.


       Involved in identifying the Scenarios, development of test cases for Web Application
       Identify the automated Test Cases and Test Scripts for some of the modules of the AUT.
       Automated test scripts using QTP 8.2
       Done Regression testing using the QTP 8.2 for every new Build.
       Creating and modifying the Object Repository, Creating data driven tests, Error handling and
        debugging the Scripts.
       Executed the test cases using Quality Center and analyzed the results
       Involved in various levels of testing like Functionality, Regression Testing.
Project # 3

Project Name            :   Cyber Medical Office
Client                  :   Canadian pharmacy, USA
Tools                   :   Manual Testing
Role                    :   Test Engineer
Environment             :   Windows NT, Java, JDBC, Servlets, HTML, Java Script.
Duration                :   Feb’06 to Nov’06


        Cyber medical Office is a Medical Website, which offers services like Searching for a
Hospital/Doctor, Information regarding Pharmaceutical Companies and their products, Diagnostic Centers,
Blood Banks/Eye Banks/Medical Equipment Manufacturing Companies. Additional services like e-mail,
Chat, Latest news, Medical research news, and special download package for Hospitals & Doctors are also

Doctor’s information includes their area of specialization, consulting hours etc will be available in the site.
Patients can request for an appointment to a Doctor, get the details of medical insurance coverage.
Doctors can download the necessary information.

Doctor's package is developed to facilitate the Doctors in maintaining the records of their own
clinic/personal patients, manage their appointments etc.


       Writing and Executing the Test Cases Manually.
       Executing functionality testing based on the test cases.
       Involved in Regression Testing.
       Defect Reporting.
       Participated Reviews and preparing the test reports.

Project # 4
Project name            :   Core CRM.
Client                  :   Inspira Technologies, U.S.A
Tools                   :   Manual Testing
Role                    :   Test Engineer
Environment             :   Windows 2000, Oracle8i, JAVA (JSP).
Duration                :   March’05 to Jan’06


The main purpose of the project is to simplify and track all customer relationship activities. This project is
fully integrated solution for managing Marketing, Campaign management, Sales and Customer support
functions This project has Sales, Support, E-office, Marketing, Setup options and Administration modules.
By using CRM we can maintain and match all customer data in a database and hence customer requests
can be addressed quickly and efficiently.


       Identifying test scenarios, test cases using Functional specifications.
       Executing the Test Cases
       Logging the defects & classifying them based on the severity
       Performing Regression Testing
       Performing GUI, Functional, Integration and System testing.
       Provided support during the Test Case reviews.
       Defect Reporting.
Project # 5

Project name           : Insurance Sys
Client                 : Budget Insurance, U.K
Tools                  : Manual Testing
Role                   : Test Engineer
Environment            : Windows 2000, Visual Basic, Oracle.
Duration               : May’04 to Feb’05


       BudjetInsurance is one of the leading insurance provider in UK., This project is developed for
Insurance Company usage. Provides information regarding the services and its policies. It incorporates
basic options like available policies and their benefits, terms and conditions and new schemes etc, it
provided information to different types of policies like Vehicle Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Insurance
and Health Insurance. Policy Holder status of information regarding their policy and new policy


      Prepared the test cases using black box testing techniques.
      Developing Test Cases & Executing Test Cases.
      Participated in Functional and Regression Testing.
      Defects were Tracked, Reviewed and Analyzed.
      Performed Regression Testing.
      Tracking the Defects and Preparing Defect Report.

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