What is your Fire Fighting Policy by TPenney


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									      What is your Fire Fighting Policy?
            Training Doesn’t Mean
               Becoming a Hero
Many workplaces are equipped with portable fire extinguishers that
can control small fires, preventing property damage and loss of life.
To safely and effectively use portable fire extinguishers, employees
must be trained to:
•     Recognize fires that can be controlled with portable
•     Correctly operate the portable fire extinguisher
•     Use effective firefighting techniques
  You also need to establish a policy making it clear who is qualified to
      use fire extinguishers as well as the circumstances when fire
  extinguishers can and should be used and the proper procedures for
                                  their use.
Fire extinguishers should be used to fight only small fires that have
not yet spread. Portable fire extinguishers should not be used if:
•     The amount of smoke prevents the trained worker from clearly
      seeing the fire or threatens to overcome the worker.
•     The trained worker's escape route is or could become blocked by
      the fire.
•     Workers should not continue trying to control a fire with
      portable fire extinguishers if: They empty a portable fire
      extinguisher, but the fire is not yet out. Do not attempt to
      control a fire if you would need more than one portable fire
      extinguisher to do so.

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