COSP 100-0020; Campus Operations Organizational Charts by z7jsd0


									                            CAMPUS OPERATIONS STANDARD PRACTICE

               TITLE:                                               INSTRUCTION NUMBER:
                           Campus Operations                                 100-0020
                          Organizational Charts

      I.      PURPOSE

              The Campus Operations organizational charts provide an overview of
              the reporting relationships and functional responsibilities in Campus
              Operations. The following charts provide a basis for understanding the
              relationship between positions, delineating the various levels of
              supervision, and distribution of responsibilities.

              Campus Operations including Risk Management
              Facilities Engineering and Architectural Services
              Facilities Services – Main Campus
                 Building Services
                 Utilities Services
                 Grounds Services
                      Grounds Services – East Main Campus
                      Grounds Services – South Main Campus
                      Grounds Services – West Main Campus
                      Grounds Services – Recycling
                      Grounds Services – Health Sciences Campus
              Facilities Maintenance – Health Sciences Campus
              Housekeeping Services
                      Main Campus and Student Recreation Center
                      Health Sciences Campus and Housing

              The Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations
              Executive Assistant maintains the signed originals of the current
              Campus Operations organizational charts.

      Replaced FSSP 20-0002, Facilities Services Organizational Chart

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