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Some people find it very difficult to study properly and have a tough time when the examinations are approaching.

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									      Easy Things That You Can Do Today To Develop Effective Study Skills And Pass Your Exams


Some people find it very difficult to study properly and have a tough time when the examinations are
approaching. Here are some proven study tips that will help you to study effectively and give you the
best chance of passing the exams.

Studying can be a daunting task for many students. However, if you want to succeed in your exams,
studying is a must. To get the most out of studying, you need to have effective study skills. There many
things that you can do to make studying more effective and rewarding. Below are a list of study skills
designed to help you.

Effective Study Skills

Make a Study Schedule.

Make a schedule for studying and stick to it. If possible, try to study at the same time every day. Your
brain will associate the time of day with studying and it will be easier for you to get into the study mood.

Find a Quiet Place To Study.

There are a few people who can study in a noisy environment. However it is best to find a place where
you can study with little or no distractions. The less distraction you have, the more you are able to

Have Small Snacks on Hand
Studying can make you quite hungry, especially when you are at it for a long while. Ensure you have
snacks on hand to munch on while how to study. It will maintain your concentration levels and you
won't be constantly thinking about what you're going to eat as soon as you are through. It also saves
you the time of getting up to find something to eat.

Forget About the Gadgets.

Your cellular phone, laptop or tablet can be a major distraction during your study time. It can be hard to
resist accepting a call from your best friend as well as checking to see if you got a tweet or a message on
Facebook. Therefore, switch off your gadgets before you begin studying and ensure they stay off the
entire time.

Take Frequent Breaks

Never study for hours on end. You brain will become tired and you will become frustrated. Instead, take
5-10 minute breaks every half an hour. Doing this will maintain your concentration level.

Form a Study Group

Studying in a group can be quite effective. Sharing and discussing ideas enhances your learning
experience. Other members of the group may understand something that you did not. Joining a study
group can also keep you motivated and it is also more exciting than studying alone.

Use Acronyms

Using acronyms to recall information can make studying more fun. An acronym is an invented
combination of letters. For example ROY G.BIV is a common acronym to remember the colors of the
rainbow. Create your own acronyms with words that are funny and easy to remember.

Create a Mock Test
Create a mock test of all the questions that you think are likely to be on your exam paper and try to
answer them without the help of your notes and textbooks. This can help you get more prepared and
also help you to work on your weak areas.

Studying does not have to be daunting or boring task. In fact, it can be quite fun and interesting. If you
want to be successful in your exams you need to develop effective study skills. Implementing these skills
will increase your self confidence and put you one step ahead.


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