; Staying Safe During Wedding Receptions
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Staying Safe During Wedding Receptions


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									Staying Safe during Wedding Receptions
When a couple gets married, they traditionally have a wedding ceremony and then a wedding reception
after the ceremony. During the wedding reception, the bride will usually have a bouquet toss.

The Traditional Bouquet Toss
The bouquet toss has been a standard tradition going back in time for generations. It is believed to have
been started back in the day when pieces of the woman’s wedding attire were considered good luck.

The poor wives from this time were often rushed by the wedding party in an effort to get a piece of her
                                                        dress. Over time, the brides started tossing off
                                                        certain parts of their attire to prevent the
                                                        onslaught of superstitious friends and family.

                                                          The common example of this is the garter. It is
                                                          very possible that the bouquet toss came from
                                                          this time period as well.

                                                          Whatever its proper story, it continued in
                                                          American wedding traditions for many
                                                          decades. Today though, it seems to be on the

Many weddings still hold to the tradition, sending their flowers soaring behind them into a crowd of
single ladies. Others are avoiding it all together to avoid the awkwardness of singling out the older,
unmarried guests in an attendance.

It can be an embarrassing ordeal, and many are cajoled to join the group but do nothing to try and gain
the prize. The process is uncomfortable.

They’d rather not be up there in the first place, so they don’t try. Some brides have fallen somewhere in
the middle.

The Bouquet Toss Can Be Dangerous
On the contrary, many women have even been injured trying to rush forward to catch the bouquet.
Some women are so eager to catch it that they will push, shove, trample, and otherwise harm other
women in order to make sure that they are the one who catches the bouquet.

Women should make that they have insurance in Fort Meyers, FL in case they are hurt while trying to
catch the bouquet. It may seem ludicrous, but having insurance in Fort Meyers, FL will greatly help you
should you find yourself in a sticky situation after the bouquet toss at a wedding reception.
Changes to the Traditional Bouquet Toss
Sometimes, instead of asking for all of the single ladies, the bride will ask for all women or female guests
to come and participate. That way, all interested in good luck have a fair opportunity of getting it. No
single person is classified by the rest of the group and all can participate happily.

These assemblies are often surprised to find a breakaway bouquet. A breakaway bouquet is a large
group of individually wrapped, smaller arrangements that separate as they fly through the air.

The point is to allow more people the opportunity of “catching” the good luck charms. More people
come away happier and others feel inclined to participate in the future.

This isn’t the perfect solution for every bride though. Some like to present it to a selected special
someone in the crowd instead.

The flowers become beloved by the receiver. It’s a classy approach to keeping the tradition of giving
them away.

That last couple receives the gift of the bouquet, and occasionally the garter to match. This can add a
competitive element to the toss if you would like to preserve that aspect.

The toss has seen a few alterations over the past years as couples try to think more of their guests. It’s
still a fun tradition for most wedding ceremonies and can be seen in one form or another around the

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