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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Alumni Newsletter • Fall Edition • Volume One • Issue Twenty Two















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the cover
Japanese born photographer Yoshihiro Makino comes to us after shooting for

the museum alumni new! runaway talk to the business volunteers price is runway! guru updates style right needed stylin’ corner local& a bold runaway new york page 11 find your melinda red carpet tarbell new bookstore local chapter events international goes san francisco everything is alumni hollywood page 12 alumni updates hollywood reporterkeyart coming up chapter san diego calendar faculty news emmys awards!


Esquire Japan. This fashion and people
photographer is the newest star from Tokyo! His subjects have included Victoria Beckham and Kevin Bacon. w w w.yo s h i m a k i n o. u s


Style isn’t all making it up as we go along. Research is needed sometimes. Here are a few places alumni professionals keep their style eyes on...

la > l o s a n g e l e s

rebecca eliason ’82 freelance fashion designer rebeliason@aol.com
sd > s a n d i e g o

oc > o r a n g e c o u n t y

catherine mccullough ’92 president/ceo mccullough landscape arch. cmmc@cox.net
sm > s a c r a m e n t o

marisa mudge ‘91 sales manager mudge fasteners marisamudge@yahoo.com
sf > s a n f r a n c i s c o

StyleSight.com is a team of seasoned industry insiders whose careers span the fields of fashion, trend analysis, forecasting, reporting, merchandising, and manufacturing. The site’s content includes forecast reports, an image library for inspiration, and reporting on worldwide street fashion and store windows.
w w w. s t yl e s i g h t . c o m

join the alumni Yahoo group in your area. it's

meredith carty ’03 digital specialist green tangerines mecka5@aol.com brandi salmen ’03 creative director green tangerines brandistarfish@yahoo.com
px > p h o e n i x

west south international

hazel grace dircksen ’00 founder dasching fidm.alumni@yahoo.com
so > s a n l u i s o b i s p o

maria gomez ‘99 freelance visual stylist mariagshores@gmail.com
> bakersfield

easy to join
and the best way to stay connected. email the chapter representative in your area and they will email you the link to join.


Perhaps the industry’s most famed resource, Worth Global Style Network and its 100-strong team provides extensive trend analysis, online research, and news to the fashion, design, and style industries.
w w w.wg s n . c o m

jodi emerson ’76 admissions advisor, FIDM az jemerson@fidm.edu michelle prodigo ’02 event coordinator/tv director prodigo productions michelleprodigo@gmail.com audra tiffany ‘04 assistant arizona diamondbacks audratiffany@gmail.com
ho > h o u s t o n

jenna graviss ’98 freelance visual designer jgraviss@mac.com
> d e n v e r


chelsea kuerbiss ’05 marketing/studio manager kolesar pilates studio ckuerbiss@yahoo.com
i d a h o

io >

shera rowley ’00 designer/machine embroidery something creative design shera_rowley@yahoo.com
mo > m o n t a n a

A multi-format album of fashion and art produced in exclusive numbered limited editions, Visionaire has been inspiring style since its 1991 debut.
w w w.v i s i o n a i r e w o r l d . c o m

josalyn cano ’01 visual merch.. nordstrom j_cano31@hotmail.com
se > s e a t t l e

tessa koch ’01 interior designer gallatin valley furniture tesslkoch@hotmail.com
oh >
o a h u

jessica watson ’03 freelance fashion designer fidmwa@yahoo.com
po > p o r t l a n d

The largest photo library of runway shows can be found at style.com, along with photos from fashion events around the globe, award show coverage, trend reports, beauty buzz, and models. From Milan to Paris to New York, the runway section is a treasure trove of inspiration.
w w w. s t yl e . c o m

m’chel bauxal ’96 celebrity makeup artist/hair stylist/fashion designer bauxal@comcast.net
ny > n e w y o r k editor-in-chief nathalie holtzman ’88 nholtzman@fidm.edu creative director john urquiza ’88 kidmambo@aol.com
design / production

east midwest

julie luke ’92 merch. coord.. polo ralph lauren children’s division lukej001@hawaii.rr.com
ch > c h i c a g o

jessica anderson ’00 senior accessories designer liz claiborne inc. jesarae@hotmail.com
ph > pittsburgh tri-state area

clare hefferren ’03 owner callosum creative clareh@callosumcreative.com
nb > n e b r a s k a

alex aranda ’03 angela che ’07 yasmin marquez ’07 salpy talian ’07 carlos wong sayan ’98

bear brandegee ’97 wardrobe and image consultant. doncaster wardrobe@bearbrandegee.com
bm > b a l t i m o r e

lisa boyer ‘07 assistant buyer pamida stores lboyer@pamida.com kendel strilio ’03 owner. kendel conspiracy kendelmm@hotmail.com

rh > r a l e i g h

After one baby and one photography exhibit this year, we are finally getting back to normal with the newsletter workflow. Nathalie had the baby and Urquiza had the exhibit... We stumbled upon this issue focus during some deep conversation about so many questions within our respective industries. The focus group of Susan Moon '06, Kristen Johnson '06, Annette Fellinger '02 and our editorial staff had the most visceral reactions when the subject of hiring practices came up. This became our starting point for the process of discovery. It is obviously illegal and immoral to judge prospective employees on prejudices, but our minds, as well intentioned as they are, rely on our first impressions and our interpretations. A first impression tells us about another’s capabilities. That impression acts much like how we perceive brands and open ourselves to loyalty. It is the first impression that defines our personal style to others. Is it confident? Smart? Creative? So, we embark on this diary of style.


kim askew belissa cohen victoria namkung patricia anne perez ’05

karyn taylor okelo ’05 owner/designer sovereignty ko collection karynto@gmail.com
bo > b o s t o n

mi >

m i a m i

alejandro perez ’97 zeke fernandez design sabas6672@yahoo.com
to > t o r o n t o , o n

melissa hopkins ‘06 sales, lingerie nordstrom melhop56@yahoo.com
ga > g u a d a l a j a r a , m x .

taryn ito ’02 merchandiser. wilson apparel amerella canada ltd. nikeeito@hotmail.com
vc > v a n c o u v e r , b . c .

oops we did it again...

julie lopez ’03 sales manager vari designs s.a. de c.v. julielopez26@hotmail.com
hk > h o n g k o n g

carrie zack ’02 event and lifestyle planner carrie zack events carrie@carriezack.com
bk > b a n g k o k , t h

flora hui ’97 product development manager freedom industrial corp., ltd. flora@fic.com.hk janice chen ’93 gm.. la fandere intl. co. ltd. janicecsc@hotmail.com

dusadee vutipongsatorn ’05 assistant product manager maybelline new york dvutipongsatorn@th.loreal.com
ty > t o k y o , j p

matt wignal

tw > t a i w a n

a (a) In our article Citizen Kang from issue 21 the photo credit should go to Matt Wignal.

susan considine ’06 freelance product developer susanconsidine@gmail.com
pl > m a n i l a , p l

sg > s i n g a p o r e

pamela wigglesworth ’85 partner. kids-tee-off pamw@kids-tee-off.com
is > t e l a v i v , i s

charmaine chua ‘01 v. p. melawares mfg. corp charmschua@melawares.com
ia > n e w d e l h i , i a

abigail auerbach ’01 product development manager. castro abigail.auerbach@gmail.com
gm > f r a n k f u r t , g m b (b) We would also like to apologize to faculty member Ryan Nellis. His film’s name is Moot, about a paranormal magazine photographer and his adventures.

nagpal apurva ’05 freelance fashion designer apurva_nagpal@hotmail.com
lo > l o n d o n , g b

rochelle graham ‘04 freelance designer/patternmaker ropricha@gmail.com

phyllis posner ’01 uk sales administrator juicy couture phyllis_posner@hotmail.com

alumni relations 213.624.1200.ext.3295 > nathalie holtzman ’88 director alumni relations nholtzman@fidm.edu > bill cliatt, alumni relations coordinator bcliatt@fidm.edu



marco antonio ‘05 visual presentation coordinator, disney store north america
Today I’m wearing a black fitted baseball cap with a teal blue Los Angeles Dodgers logo and brim without the label stickers. This hat is my favorite because of its simple colorway that plays back into

We as humans are made up of many layers: our past, our present, and our future. These layers are made up of many things including our fears, hopes, and dreams. Our personal style is the layer closest to our soul and the layer we wear on the outside to protect us. In the end it is the layer that defines us. These three alumni peel away some layers for us and tell us what they are about.

the early ‘90s hip-hop fashion. I'm all about Los Angeles, especially in my style! Also wearing my blue and yellow Quiksilver Echo "Retro Aviators” sunglasses. I have a lightweight fitted G-Star military zip-up collar jacket with diagonal pockets detail. Militant style has been a foundation in my style forever and I will continue regardless of trends. This jacket is clean, fitted, eclectic in cut, a staple piece to my style that can be worn anywhere and all year. I have a vintage light yellow Mickey Mouse t-shirt with holes and rips. Ever since I started working at The Disney Store I've been fascinated with finding true old school vintage Disney t-shirts. My Hurley distressed stretch black skinny flap pocket denim are my favorite. I love them so much I have two of them. Finally, I’m wearing my distressed vintage red LA Gear old school basketball Hi Top sneakers. Got these at The Cobrasnake yard sale for $25!

continued on page ten

yoshihiro makino, www.yoshimakino.us

guru? (2) what is the essence of your style? (3) what will your style be in 20 years? (4) what was/is your style in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s?

alumni want to know

(1) who is your style


1 2 4

“Anyone who owns their look; it’s a powerful thing to master. What ever is clean and easy... I’m inspired by my of lack sleep. [ the 50s/60s ] I hope I have my grandma’s ‘Tina Turner’ legs, and the grace and style of Carolina Herrera.”
—brittany hayes ‘03, designer, cerbae

“[ 20s ] I was trendy but on the cheap because I couldn't afford the expensive stuff. [ 30s ] Now... my 30s trendy doesn't fall apart on the first wash. [ 40s ] I hope to continue to incorporate the latest trends with classic pieces in my 40s, 50s, etc...”
—riga sadeq ‘97 program manager embassy of afghanistan


“Betsy Johnson, She is always just so fun! She doesn’t shy away from crazy colors and thinks outside of the box.”
—jenny pyle ’03, vice president j’aime by jaime pressly

2 “Hobo-hipster chic... ‘straight off Haight Street.’ 3 I have tattoos and I will still have them... I can imagine myself wearing the same beat up Jesus sandals with skinny jeans... a grandpa big button sweater and a kid on my hip.”



—kelly bart ‘03, district visual mngr., gap

“Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of style. She’s timeless and reminds me of my mother.”
—danielle higby ‘05 assistant buyer pottery barn
1 2

“...I do adore Scarlet Johansen's... She and I have a curvaceous figure in common and she knows just how to compliment her body type. She is pure class. 2 My style is primarily based on function. I live in the city and walk everywhere. I only wear natural fibers that breathe well. 3 I see myself in comfortable and colorful... I plan on doing a lot of travel in the next couple of decades and I want my style to represent different cultures and various walks of life.”
—rachel lightfoot ’07 production associate, viz japanese media co.

“My mom always told me ‘I’ve got champage taste and a beer pocket...’ that’s who I am.


“My mother because of her classic sense of style...”
—ana sanchez ’02 assistant buyer windsor


“Patricia Fields. She made

Sex in the City a fairytale
of clothing.

I am pretty


I hope I’m always as spunky as Betsy Johnson... I’m aiming to be that bright yet elegant lady, with long platinum white hair—well I guess that’s more like 40 years... but whatever.”
—nikol roberts ’01 swimwear designer, sunsets Inc.

boring right now. Until I get my figure back... Babies are messy.

“I live with my eyes open, constantly observing my world.”
—alexis springfield ’05 interior designer mcallister office pavilion

[ the 30s ] seven jeans, high heels, striped oxford shirt, single strand of real pearls. [ the 40s ] tba.”
—marie brown ‘00 feminist homemaker mother of infant twins


“Jacqueline Kennedy. Her look is timeless.”
—caroline de villo ’99 owner/designer caroline de villo couture bridal


“...hip-hop, blues, jazz, rock, hardcore, punk, pop... paintings, sculptures, and designing... People influence my feelings, which will decide my color and style of that day!”



“...style gurus are my friends. I am inspired by their personalities and —starr tasso ’07 sales associate, jest jewels their own clothing. “My grandmother, who is still alive and kicking; My group of friends and my great grandmother, who lived ‘till 103. compliment each They define glamour. 3 Glamorous and chic other's styles.” until the day I die, I want to be buried in a


“...inspired by everything around me: society, music, and people.”
—nadia abdo ‘07 director of customer service, performance branding services


one-of-a-kind dress and I'm not even kidding!”
—niki shadrow ’03, owner/producer niki shadrow productions

“Zegna, Barbara Barry. I like their simplicity and classic styles. ...including my childhood in Mexico City.”
—alejandro perez ‘97 interior designer/project manager, zeke fernandez

—krista fagerstrom ‘07 visual merchandiser saks fifth avenue

“In all honesty its nature. ...I have come to the realization that to co-exist with nature we have to learn from it and adapt with it. There are so many aspects of nature that we overlook that all in all have the most beauty, whether it's water drops on a tree leaf or just the sense of never ending while watching the ocean; it's all inspiration.”
—ciji hoffman ’05, interior designer, best western international

melindahollywood goes tarbell Melinda Tarbell Freelance wardrobe and prop stylist
knows a thing or two about style. This recent alumna’s work has been featured in magazines such as Jezebel, Statement, Vegas Essential, Golf for Women, and Vanidades, among others. She has worked with celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Neil Patrick Harris, Dancing With the Stars’ Cheryl Burke, Jason Alexander, Roselyn Sanchez, and Katey Sagal and is represented by the Crystal Agency in Los Angeles. “I recently started working for the junior’s label Privacy Wear and did their visual merchandising, windows, booths and fashion shows at MAGIC this year,” says Melinda, who received a Professional Designation Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications in 2006. “I was constructing and building props, timing the fashion show, using Photoshop for my sketches, and I never would have been able to do all of that without FIDM.” After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Public Administration with a major in Marketing from the University of Arizona in 2001, Melinda headed to northern California to work for Mervyn’s as a Divisional Marketing Leader. During her four years with the retail giant, she collaborated with women’s ready-to-wear buyers to coordinate merchandise for weekly circular advertising, was responsible for strategic advertising planning, and managed the Associate Divisional Marketing Leader for the Men’s Division. She also worked as a Senior Marketing Planner for Mervyn’s where she drove sales and brand imaging for companies such as Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, and Gloria Vanderbilt. However, Melinda was feeling it was time for a change so when her husband had a job opportunity in Los Angeles, she went for it. Upon their 2005 arrival in Los Angeles, a producer friend invited Melinda to hang out on a shoot. “She had an ulterior motive,” Melinda explains of her industry pal. “She thought I should be a stylist and thought I had a flair for fashion and was organized. I started meeting with stylists and learning more about the industry.” Melinda started assisting stylists, but felt that she needed more formal training and a solid foundation. “I had a business background, but not so much a creative,” she adds. “I had thought about going back to school many times over the years, but the timing was never really right.” After enrolling at FIDM, she quickly landed an apprenticeship in the Giorgio Armani Public Relations Office thanks to Cindy Patino at the Career Center, with whom Melinda remains close. Her new career feels like the perfect fit to Melinda, who has also styled celebrities for the 64th Annual Golden Globes and worked on a wedding special for Hanging out backstage the Women’s Entertainment Network. And while she Tarbell creating before the fashion spends her days dressing others, Melinda has a one of five display shows at MAGIC. definite style that is all her own. “I always kind of beat windows designed to my own drummer in terms of style,” says the San for the PrivacyWear (above) A “the mini Mateo, California native. “Growing up I loved to find booth at MAGIC. —road trip” shoot for things that no one else was wearing. I never thought French magazine Biba. it was something it would be I could do as a career. Melinda describes her style as bohemian and says she usually is found in a flowing dress with big earrings. “Even if I’m in denim I’ll wear sandals and an oversize top that is loose,” she reports. “It’s the epitome of comfort.” When it comes to work, Melinda describes her aesthetic as colorful and fresh. She doesn’t believe in over accessorizing a look or “putting too much on the page.” She prefers to let the clothes speak for themselves and often mixes modern designs www.melindatarbellstylist.com with vintage props.
nick onken


“ I l ov e d t o find things that no one e l s e wa s wearing”

On set creating looks for an article in Marie

Claire Australia on
actor Simon Baker.

hollywood reporter key art awards
FIDM is proud to announce that Digital Media Student Meme Ellis was awarded first place at The Hollywood Reporter’s 6th Annual Key Art Awards Student Competition in the audiovisual category for her Brokeback Mountain trailer. San Francisco campus Graphic Design Student Melissa Wong also took high honors in the competition, earning second place in the print category for her Walk the Line movie poster.


john sciulli > berliner studios john sciulli > berliner studios

“The quality of this year’s student entries is absolutely incredible, and we’re thrilled to be able to showcase and honor such brilliant work,” said John Kilcullen, Publisher of The Hollywood Reporter, speaking at a reception at the FIDM Museum & Galleries. “This unique competition connects students with key players in the Hollywood creative community, and I believe that many of the finalists, if not all, will be Key Art Awards nominees in years to come.” Graphic Design Students have done well before in the competitive Key Art Student Competition. In a previous contest, Meredith H. Carty won First Place in the Print category for her poster for Moulin Rouge, and Ali Dogramanci was a finalist with his poster for A Beautiful Mind.


(1) Melissa Wong '07, Marlene Morbitt-Dunn, FIDM Chairperson,
Graphic Design and Digital Media, and Meme Ellis '07. (2) and San Francisco FIDM Instructor, H. Hughes, Melissa Wong '07. (3)
john sciulli > berlier studios

Also in attendance was actress, Rose McGowan!



volunteers needed

If you’re looking to volunteer some time on a regular basis, consider heading back to FIDM to work with the Museum & Galleries. “We want people to learn as much as they can about the museum and its processes,” says curator and costume historian Kevin Jones. If you’re interested in contributing, please send us your resume. After that, an interview appointment will be set and Kevin will give you a tour of the facilities and describe the projects where volunteers will be needed. Contact Kevin Jones at:

hundreds of job leads available online!!
www.fidm.edu/alumni You can also find excellent advice and information to boost your resume and polish your interview skills. Contact the FIDM Career Center for a complete list of resources. FIDM Career Center services are available offline too.
Los Angeles San Francisco Orange County San Diego > 213.627.2787 > 415.675.5200 > 949.851.6200 > 619.235.2049


FIDM Campus Visual Director Kenneth Luk ’93 designed the new FIDM LA bookstore, which now features an Apple Wall with products ranging from computers to iPods. “I am very happy with the result and the environment created for the students,” says Kenneth, who previously worked in visuals for Duty Free Shoppers Hong Kong and North America, Robinson’s May, Broadway, and had his own firm that handled projects for Calvin Klein, Kenzo, and BCBG. “Form follows function; a design must be practical.” The redesigned store features light grey and light brown PV laminate, light maple wood, and counters in the center of the store where the cash register now sits.

a bold new bookstore (4)

mark jaress

w w w w w

w w w w w

w. w. w. w. w.

fidm.edu fashionmuseum.org fidmmuseumshop.com promadvice.com fashionclub.com

Hundreds of fashion fans gathered to celebrate “The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design,” which salutes the past and present of television costumes. The free exhibition, which ran from July 31, 2007 to September 29, 2007, featured more than 100 costumes and sketches from shows such as Ugly Betty, 24,

Heroes, and The Tudors. Notable costume designer Mary Rose
curated the 2nd annual exhibition that displayed costumes from all of the 2007 Emmy Nominations for Costume Design.


Costume worn by Actor: James Purefoy as Mark Anthony in Rome by April Ferry. (2) Costume worn by Actress: Eva Longoria as Gabrielle Solis inDesperate Housewives by Catherine Adair. (3) (l to r) Pasadena resident, Renee Hanson; Mary Rose, guest curator for “The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design” Exhibition; and South Pasadena's Lyn Spector. (4) Ugly Betty Costume Designer Eduardo Castro and Nick Verreos ’93, star of

alex berliner

Project Runway and FIDM instructor.


e v e r y t h i n g

i s

c o m i n g

u p

e m m y s


alex berliner

alex berliner

















Then from August 24, 2007 to September 22, 2007, the FIDM Third Floor Gallery presented “Come on Down,” a free public exhibition celebrating the original costume designs of alumna Robin Gurney ‘94 for the iconic game show The Price is Right. Seventeen costumes in seven window vignettes highlighted the work of Gurney, who has been nominated for two Daytime
alex berliner alex berliner alex berliner

Emmy Awards.

(5) The Price Is Right Executive Producer,

Syd Vinnedge and Emmy Nominated Costume Designer, Robin Gurney '94. (6) Pasadena residents Lyn Spector and Nancy Garni.

alex berliner




(7) Robert Nelson, FIDM Museum Director; Roger Dobkowitz, The Price is Right Producer; and Robin Gurney. (8) Costume
from the skit entitled "Smart Cat," CBS tailor and fit model, Angelo Santos.


alex berliner








arun nevader / wireImage.com




andria lo




s a n
carlo buscemi

f r a n c i s c o


(a) Monique Lhuillier ’92 showed an elegant
and glamorous collection at New York Fashion Week.

staple of the Spring ’08 show.

(b) Strapless cocktail dresses were a (c) Ghita designer
d g

Alexis Phifer ’03 showed off fun and flirty mini dresses at her Spring ’08 New York Fashion Week runway show.

(d) Fifties glam gets a (e) A return (f)

modern update with Nick Verreos’ ’93 Nikolaki show at San Diego Fashion Week.

s a n

d i e g o

to sailor leg pants from Effie’s Heart designer Kimo ’03 at San Francisco Fashion Week.

Vian Hunter designer Lisa Hunter’s ’04 strapless floor length number with tulle overlay was a star in the collection.

(g) Menswear designer

Jeremy Parr ’06 updated the vest in bold red for his Spring ’08 collection at San Francisco Fashion Week.
carlo buscemi

(h) Kaushie Adiseshan ’00 of

Pink Elf was lauded for her colorful printed mini dresses.


(i) Emily Jane’s Emily Jane Barker ’03

showed San Francisco a show-stopping gold gown.


gene x huang

arun nevader / wireImage.com

arun nevader / wireImage.com

benett raglin

continued from page three

leanna riccitelli-lewis ’92 event producer www.leannalewis.com power generator susannah fuller ’04 assistant buyer frederick’s of hollywood
Every day I wake up and I am excited by the prospect of what new creation I will come up with. It is literally what drives me to get out of bed! What I wear is an expression of how I’m feeling on any given day, and a reflection of who I am. My closet is filled with a mixture of old and new. I have several vintage dresses passed down from my ninety-two year-old grandmother, mixed in with my favorite BCBG, H&M, Banana Republic, and various boutique finds. Today, I’ll be riding my beach cruiser down on Main Street in Santa Monica. I reach for my Guess cropped red skinny jeans (I always start my creation with one piece that jumps out, and then the rest usually falls into place). I want to keep it fresh and summery, so I quickly grab a white baby doll tank top I recently purchased from the LF store on Montana Avenue. I add my French Connection black stretchy belt and my silver round-toe quilted flats. I have a beautiful amethyst ring I inherited from my Nana that’s just gorgeous and personalizes my look. I’m unsure where the day will take me and it may be that this look has to carry me into the evening, so I grab a BCBG black long sleeved wrap that I could throw over if need be and I’m out the door!
(Q): When was style born? What about personal style? (A): Style has been around since the dawn of humanity. If you had beautiful shells to decorate your animal skins you would stand out in the tribe and be imitated—The same goes for feathers or silk or gold embroidery through the ages. Personal style is a modern concept, which started in the late 1960s. Before that time there was an accepted style that anyone who prescribed to fashionable status followed. Everyone wore whatever was in fashion until a new fashion came along and was adopted. — kevin jones ’92, curator, fidm museum & galleries

oldworld charm

yoshihiro makino, www.yoshimakino.us

(Q): Do you think that groups are united and connected by their style? If punk rockers and country club goers dress similarly does that create a tribal connection, for example? (A): I believe it is the people who march to a different drummer or people who take something that is mainstream and make it their own. These are people with style. To wear a uniform just to fit into a particular group is the antithesis of style. — doris raymond, vintage historian and owner, the way we wore

(Q): How do you know if someone has style? (A): Style is a person’s unique stamp. It’s all about how you wear your clothes, not what or whom you are wearing. The gals that know how to wear a look with a personal twist are the gals who have style. That comes from knowing yourself and having confidence and flair. — janine blain ’86, west coast director, doneger

(Q): With all the emphasis on styling and celebrity stylists, does the person being dressed still have their own style? (A): For celebrities it can be a daunting task to track down a style they are after, so it is much easier to gather a collection of that particular style and then the celebrity can choose based on what the stylist pulls. From my experience, celebrities do have their own style. I have worked with very few people who just let you dress them with no direction as to their personal tastes or style. — christine bean ’06 assistant costume designer, misguided

yoshihiro makino, www.yoshimakino.us

1 0

What I can’t live without is heels. I always have heels on even while I’m toting around my 10 month-old baby. I love Jimmy Choo’s and Manolos and my uniform is usually jeans, heels and a cute t-shirt. If I was going out for the evening, I think I’m a bit old fashioned and love Diane Von Furstenberg dresses. She to me is the epitome of style. And I like big Chanel sunglasses like Jackie O; the bigger the better. I think I have eight different suits Tom Ford designed—suits when he was at Gucci. For day-to-day, J. Crew rocks my world at the moment. For being a mom and needing to have some staples I just think they’re really great. As long as you have amazing shoes and an amazing handbag you’re set. My style has helped me get two jobs. The first was an interview at Calvin Klein in New York. I went in with a brand new Armani suit. My boss thought I got it at a discount store, but when he saw it the next day in the windows at Barney’s he was like, “Oh my god” and hired me on Monday. In LA I interviewed at Merv Griffin Productions with a double-breasted navy Gucci suit with a scarf around my neck.

(1-6) ‘Every alum I spoke with had nothing but praise because we did something new and different,”
reports Audra Tiffany ’04 who helped organize two luxury suites for nearly 20 FIDM alumni to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks game in August. Each grad left with a souvenir Diamondbacks hat and picture frame. (1) Alison Michaels ’02 with a friend enjoying the evening.

(2) Thanks to Audra Tiffany '04, of (3) FIDM AZ Chapter Co-President and AZ Admissions Advisor, Jodi Emerson '76, Rebecca Turley '02, and Jessica Gwin '05. (4) Jordan Bryant '01, Audra Tiffany '04, and Christina Brown '04. (5) The AZ Diamondbacks won the game! (6-8)
the AZ Diamondbacks, our grads enjoyed the game from a private box! Around 25 grads gathered for the LA Chapter’s Premier Marketing Group alumni reunion. “The reunion was fun because I had a chance to revisit the campus and see old teachers, advisors, and associates,” says Nicole Green ‘04. “The best part was talking with Faculty. They were very insightful and encouraging to me to keep following my dreams—and the food was great!” (6) Freelance Wardrober Jennifer Miller '05,

and FIDM Group Advisor Elaine Pasternack. and guest Lindsey Rekieta.

(7) Cristin Costello '05 of Guess, Denee White '05 of Windsor (8) Nicole Green '04 of Anchor Blue and Kristina Alvarez '01 of Harvey’s.

(9) Naoko Tada ‘03, John Urquiza ‘88, curator Kio Griffith, Carmelo Bisenio ‘03 and his wife Michelle,
Tatsuya Hayashi and Fumie Komatsu ‘03 attending the opening night of Perdido en Califas, alumnus John Urquiza’s first photographic exhibition in twenty years. The Los Angeles chapter hosted a mixer and discussion held exclusively for alumni and faculty.

(10-12) Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse was the

site of the LA Chapter’s recent re-launch event. “I am excited by the thought that the people who I met last night could be relationships that I’ll have for the rest of my life,” says Naomi Brown ’05, who was one of the 20 alumni who attended. “I’m already networking with someone I met to help her great some great new clients.” (10) Vani Kumar '04, Owner of The Suit Closet, and Tanya Buzalsky '97, FIDM Instructor. (11) Stephanie Marovich '00 of Shiseido and Inger Berg '05 of Archipelago Botanicals. (12) Megan Garrity '05, and Beau Lawrence '99 of Guess Jeans.

1 1














(c) 12.04 > light up your tree! > nyc (c) 12.11 > lets go to chicago!
new york alumni chapter holiday party.

chicago alumni chapter holiday party.

(c) 12.05 > light up your cactus! > phoenix
phoenix alumni chapter holiday party.

(t) 01.08—16 > southern hospitality > atlanta
gift and home furnishings market.

(t) 01.24—27 > paris!
pret a porter paris.

(t) 01.10—13 > dude > orlando
surf expo.

(f) 01.26 > the party! > los angeles
the 16th annual art of motion picture costume design gala opening fidm museum & galleries. all alumni invited! rsvp to bill cliatt.

1 2

(t) 01.15—22 > gift me > los angeles
california market gift and home show.

(t) 01.27—30 > its raining men! > dallas
men’s apparel show,

(t) 01.18—21 > los angeles
california gift show,


(t) 01.24—25 > lights. skateboard. action! > san diego
asr, action sports retailer expo.

(f) 01.28—04.12 > fashion and film > los angeles
the 16th annual art of motion picture costume design exhibit at the fidm museum & galleries.
http://www.fidm.com/resources/ museum+galleries

(t) 02.03—05 > new york
curve, new york.

(t) 02.14—16 > viva las valentines!
curve, nevada.

(t) 02.3—05 > intimates > new york
boutique lingerie show.

(f) 02.29 > fashion stars > santa monica
los angeles and orange county alumni chapters you’re invited to dress rehearsal–debut 2008! please contact bill cliatt for free tickets and information.

(t) 02.10—13 > las vegas
asap global sourcing show.

(t) 02.12—15 > vegas road trip feb
magic 2008.

(f) 03.01 > the real deal! > santa monica
debut 2008 fidm l.a. fashion gala at barker hangar. contact bill cliatt for tickets and information.

(t) 03.30—04.02 > dallas
women’s, men’s, children’s and accessories shows.

(t) 03.30—04.02 > shoes! shoes! > dallas
swista shoe show.
dialogues paid sponsor

(t) 03.07—09 > atlantic city
imprinted sportswear show.

(t) 03.30-04.02 > gideyup! > dallas (t) 03.14—16 > lush > los angeles
los angeles textile show.

western apparel and accessories show.


trade events = t chapter events = c fidm events = f

Merchandise Marketing alumna Katie Rose Szurpicki ’04 has recently been promoted to take on national special events, fashion shows and writing corporate telecasts for fellow graduate Karen Kane. “I am still maintaining my territory as a retail merchandiser,” she says. “I love that I get to do something different everyday and the opportunities to grow in different areas.” While she’s an Apparel Developer at DC Shoes by day, Susan Uroda ‘05 has a successful line of belts called Buckled, which was one of the ten winners at Surf Expo this year. “I’m working on adding some new lines to our belts and new styles for next season,” says Susan, who is surfing and taking English horse jumping lessons in her spare time. “After years of job hopping in the fashion industry and then starting my own business I now freelance as a wardrobe stylist,” says graduate Emily Heintz ’04. “I’d love to open another clothing boutique, start a consulting business, or complete a full-length novel, but I’m pretty busy with my current career!” Emily works on print and editorial shoots and writes articles for magazines on fashion and entrepreneurship.


(b) Fashion Design alumna Sarah Gosling ’04
was recently named a Coca-Cola Community All-American, given to student athletes who are making a difference. In addition to being part of the Women’s Crew team at UC San Diego, Sarah sponsors kids in a post-Katrina New Orleans. “I realized that I could receive funding if it was an incorporated nonprofit so I began Our Hands, Your Heart,” she says. “I reached out to Alumni around the world and received great feedback and donations.”

“I have been working at a graphic design company called Creative Asylum in Hollywood for almost four months,” explains recent graphics grad Phebe S. Chan ’07 . “The first project I worked on was for Carl’s Jr. to help promote Rush Hour 3.” Phebe worked on the cup and sticker for the drive thru and counter card. “A co-worker and I were recently the trophy girls at the Local Los Angeles Emmy Awards,” says recent Merchandise Marketing alumna Lydia Serrano ’07. “I am currently working at FIDM in the Public Relations office and started the bachelor’s program this summer. I am also in the FIDM realty show Living the FIDM Life.” “I am working for Tjx Companies,” reports Los Angeles-based Merchandise Marketing graduate Cristina Banta ’06, whose company includes retailers such as T.J. Maxx, Bob’s Stores, and Marshalls. “In June I received a promotion as an Associate Buyer for the AJ Wright division and I love it.”

1 3


(c) Fashion Designer David Rodriguez ‘88
a recipient of the Legacy Award from the prestigious


Smithsonian Institute, which chooses a different Latin American country each year for their special exhibition and event. The FIDM Grad was honored along with other Mexican and Mexican-American artists in fields such as Architecture, Literature, Design, and Film. Best known for clothing celebs such as Kirsten Dunst, Eva Longoria, Heidi a Klum, Carrie Underwood, and Oprah Winfrey and creating pieces for Friends, Sex and the City, and The Devil Wears

(a) “I have a new job as Director of Public Relations and
Events for Alfred Angelo in Philadelphia,” reports Apparel Manufacturing grad

Prada, Rodriguez also made Hispanic Business magazine's
100 Most Influential list.

Amanda Sheronas ’02.

“It’s thrilling to be back in the game after returning to my home state.” Previously with SPR in Los Angeles, she is now handling all press and events for the bridal and prom collections for the manufacturer. She is also a part of the Fashion Group International (FGI) board in Philadelphia.


Mercedez Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week’s newest

addition for 2007 is alumn

Michael Herrera ‘97.

As a former instructor at the Los Angeles campus he taught

“I’m getting married this November,” reports grad Irene Shakhnis ‘02, who was working as an Account Executive at Lacoste last year, but is now back at her alma mater as a FIDM Career Advisor. “I am really happy to be back.” Irene advises Merchandise Marketing and Merchandise Product Development majors. After working in the Visual Department of Macy’s L.A. for four years, graduate Dubonnet Tharp ’01 is now Visual Manager at Macy’s Kukui Grove in Kauai. “I’ve been here for two months and love it,” says Dubonnet. “And last year I got engaged while in Ireland and it was a fairytale proposal.” The couple will marry in Hawaii next August. After getting a job as a regional analyst with Ross, Susan Moon ’06 has been promoted just 10 months later. “I’m now an Associate Merchandise Control Analyst!” she reports. “They are a great company and I love my job so life has been good.”

in the Graphic Design department and Fashion while working at Karl Kani. The influences of graphics and fashion are evident in his new label M the Movement. M stealthily
margot schulman

moves into our consciousness with an earthy philosophy and urban casual sensibility.



(d) FIDM Graduate Yolanda Jackson ’07


accepted one of 22 prestigious fall 2007 internships with the world-renowned John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. A cum laude graduate of FIDM’s Merchandise Product Development Program, Yolanda will gain hands-on experience interning in major gifts development, which secures annual gifts of $25,000 and greater. Her responsibilities will include working with donor stewardship, including preparing materials for donor correspondence and assisting in special event planning.

Successful personal stylist and Merchandise Marketing alumna Bear Brandegee ’97 caters to east coast women in her home base of Pittsburgh and serves as a Wardrobe Advisor for Doncaster Studio, the women’s designer label. In addition, Bear is the Fashion Editor of Pittsburgh Quarterly magazine and often contributes fashion-related stories to other regional publications.

continued on page fourteen


(c) David Orris , the Department Coordinator for
Merchandise Marketing, Merchandise Product Development, Beauty Industry Merchandising and Marketing, and Apparel a Manufacturing has spent nearly three decades at FIDM San Francisco, but he still manages to pursue his passion. “I love to travel and last year I went to Tanzania on a safari,” he says. “I also toured St. Petersburg, Russia for nine days and future trips include China, Egypt, and South Africa.”

(a) 1 4

Self-proclaimed beauty junkie

Nicole Jaffe ‘05

started the premier monthly makeup club Yellow Box Beauty, which delivers new makeup right to your front door. The Beauty Merchandising & Marketing grad is always on the lookout for the next “it” product to share with her members. A great gift for a sister, friend, or mother, Yellow Box Beauty is available in three, six or twelve month plans.


A fashion, beauty and lifestyle public relations firm, Merchandise Marketing graduate Kristin Janishefski ‘07 recently launched The Vanguard, with partner Jennifer Smith Tapp. With offices in Montreal and Chicago, The Vanguard offers clients brand building and product launches, media placement, editorial appointments, media kit building, writing services, celebrity gifting, special event production and much more. Kristin is also a contributor at the industry resource website PRCouture.com.


(d) Lorenzo Jones ’83

teaches several

marketing, retail, and merchandising classes at FIDM San Francisco. “With my experience from working with companies such as Nike, Levi’s, and Verizon Wireless, my students are enjoying learning about these brands and the industries they serve from someone who has personal knowledge,” explains Lorenzo, who is known for teaching Retail Environment and Brand Marketing Development in particular. “My wife and I are enjoying being back in the Bay Area and we recently moved to Marin County.” When not teaching, Lorenzo works as a Professional Certified Coach and works with individuals and companies in the areas of leadership principles, career development, and personal growth.

Product Development alumna Melissa Chinchilla ’03 is a successful RE/MAX realtor, who caters to entrepreneurs who are often eclectic, focused individuals. “My niche is entrepreneurs of the Gen X and Gen Y era,” says Melissa, who covers the southern California area. “I do commercial and residential from leases to home businesses to buying homes.

mark lohman

Specializing in redesigning and revitalizing home interiors, Shannon Bolt ’02 of Creating Avalon provides homeowners with decluttering and reorganization services and color consultation. The Oregon–based Product Development graduate also offers realtors and homeowners staging services so that they can maximize their homes’ potential on the market.
dialogues paid sponsor


(b) With a style and inspiration that is distinctly European,

Tristan Benz ’94 started Maiden America,
an all handmade collection of age-appropriate products featuring a patent pending “Non-Slip” hair barrette that stays put in even the smallest amount of fine hair. The Fashion Design graduate also features a line of handmade, limited edition handbags for women.

Roxanne Packham ’91

has developed an eye

for detail and loves one-of-a-kind pieces with a sense of history. In addition to working as an ASID residential interior designer under the name Roxanne Packham Design, the Fashion Design Professional Designation alumna has written a book on shopping in Spain and Portugal.


" in anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away."
1 5

— antoine de saint-exupery author of the little prince

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