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									3.1.6 – Application software used for presentation and communication of data

                  Presentations: Navigation Methods
  This presentation aims to
 Help you understand how to compare and give
  advantages and disadvantages of different modes
  of navigation:
   › Manual transition
   › Automatic transition

 And identify and give examples of when the use of
  each method is more suitable.
  This presentation also aims to
 Help you understand how to describe non-linear
  and hierarchical presentations giving the
  advantages and disadvantages of each.

 It also aims to help you to identify and give
  examples of when each may be more suitable.
 Presentations usually consist of more than one slide!

 Slides can be navigated both manually and

 But they can also be shown in one particular order
  or in an order that the user wants at the time of
   Manual transitions
 Manual transitions involve some form of user

 The user determines when slides change.

 Also, if there are different elements to a slide, such
  as bullet points, the user can dictate when those
  lists appear.

 This is useful especially in a learning capacity as the
  presenter is able to take questions before
  continuing to the next slide.
  Automatic transitions
 Timings can be set up to automatically display slide
  elements and to change to the next slide.

 The timings need to be set up to give the user
  enough time to read and digest the content.

 These kind of presentations are suitable during
  exhibitions, open evenings and other similar events.

 It is not often suitable to have a presenter speaking
  just in case they fall behind…however, narration
  clips can be included to speak during the slide!
  Complete the following table:

             Advantage             Disadvantage

  Describe two advantages of using manual transitions for
   a presentation.                          [4 marks]

  A presentation is to be shown during a school open
   evening to promote a subject. Identify, justifying your
   choice, the most appropriate transition method.
                                                 [3 marks]
 Basically…slides are shown in one order…each
  slide is displayed one after the other.

   Slide 1           Slide 2           Slide 3
 Slides can be shown in any order.

 Buttons can be used to jump around slides in any
  order…even going back to slides that have
  already been shown.

 This provides a level of flexibility…especially when
  presentations are shown to different audiences
  with different needs.
   › Entire sections can be missed out!

                    Slide 1

Slide 2                                 Slide 3

          Slide 4             Slide 5
 Users can choose which slides to go to, but some
  slides can’t be accessed when certain choices are

                      Slide 1

            Slide 2             Slide 3

         Slide 4      Slide 5      Slide 6
  Complete the following table:

                  Non-Linear       Hierarchical
Examples of use

  Describe two advantages and one disadvantage of
   the non-linear presentation structure. [6 marks]

  Identify one situation where the use of a hierarchical
   presentation structure would be appropriate.
                                                 [1 mark]

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