Android app for elderly by hcj


									Android app. For elderly
 Android App. To improve Mental and physical health
 Detect dangerous foods using camera and barcodes
 Step up counter for indoor activity
 Finger exercise game
 Weather based recommendation for activity
 Food recommendation based on activity
 Motivational walk guide
Examples of allergy detection
User selects Allergies at start -> User scans barcode of Product ->
Finger Exercise game
Step Counter and Weather app.
         •Program works quite reliably in most

         •GUI needs to be tidied up

                            •Gets weather data from
                            Google weather
                            •Recommends Activity based
                            on weather
Remaining Work
  Improve overall GUI to make easier and more appealing
   to use
  Bigger, more colourfull buttons
  Backround and application icon images
  Welcome screen for first time use
  Record voice for walk application
Technical Issues
 Barcode Database
 Landscape mode causes reset of data
 Implementing Google maps for walk application
 GPS tested but extremely unreliable...only works on
  perfect sunny day and even then not everywhere
 Saving high scores and other data to files

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