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					   SAEEs Meeting
Solar Heat Exchangers
Introduction to Solar Heat Exchangers (Pty) Ltd.
•   Since 1987, Solar Heat Exchangers has been designing, manufacturing and distributing
    solar hot water systems into the South African market. Our products cover all thermal
    solar applications from domestic to industrial and commercial solar hot water systems
•   We specialise in:

                               Multi residential
                               Design specific Industrial applications

•   We also develop and provide generic training to industry
Accreditations & Affiliations
Solar Heat Exchangers is an accredited supplier on the Eskom Solar Rebate Programme and is a registered
           Eskom ESCO (Energy Service Company) specializing in large scale hot water applications.

We are member of:
• The Solar Water Heating & Heat Pump Divisions of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa
• The Institute of Plumbing South Africa
• The Green Building Council of South Africa
• The Plumbing Design Association

All our residential solar water heating products are SABS Approved.

Solar Heat Exchangers is an IDC financed company.
    Through our Training Division we improve our own understanding of solar thermal technology
    from experience gained locally and through our internationally established partnerships .

    The following industry specific solar thermal training modules have been developed and are
    presented to our own staff, industry, banking and insurance industry call centre staff, project
    developers and professional specifiers:

•   Introduction to Solar Water Heating (CPD accreditation 2012)
•   Intermediate Solar Water Heating
•   Advanced Solar Water Heating
•   Introduction to Heat Pumps
•   Solar Thermal System Modelling (2012)
•   Costing Solar Water Heating (2012)
Our Corporate Clients
Solar Heat Exchangers have been privileged to provide products and services to various companies ,
which include:
• Anglo American Group
• Woolworths & Pick ‘n Pay
• Southern Sun & Three Cities Hotels
• Northcliff Eye Clinic & Crescent Clinic
• SAB Miller & ABI
• Central Energy Fund
• Massmart & Ellerines
• BP
• Spur
• Toyota
• Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls & St Stithians College
Our Private Clients
Solar Heat Exchangers have been privileged to install residential solar water heaters for many well
known South Africans which include:

•   Adrian Gore             -     Discovery CEO
•   Gill Marcus             -     South African Reserve Bank Governor
•   Jay Naidoo              -     Chairman of the Development Bank of South Africa
•   Nicky Oppenheimer       -     Chairman of De Beers Group
•   Chris Gibbons           -     Popular Financial Journalist & 702 Midday Report talk show host
•   Andrew Etzinger         -     Senior General Manager Eskom Integrated Demand Management

These successful people have got to the top by making the right choices – they all chose to buy from
Solar Heat Exchangers.

Solar Heat Exchangers is a chosen product supplier for Absa, Nedbank and Standard Insurance Limited.
•   The Solar Heat Exchangers Corporate Social Investment (CSI) policy is to partner
    with businesses and communities towards making a difference in the education sector
    through our Solar School Programme.
•   Our BEE rating: Level 4
Sizing for a Commercial Solar Water Heating System
In order to achieve best results, it is imperative size a SWH system correctly

New systems must be sized according to anticipated total daily hot water consumption or
greater (standard wet services engineering sizing methodology applies).

Existing systems must be metered to measure exact daily hot water consumption and usage
Measure hot water usage
Typical Schematic of a Commercial SWH
Typical Schematic of a Commercial SWH
Designing a Commercial Solar Water Heating System
Orientation and Inclination
        Deviations if not installed facing North
        Rule of thumb – Latitude plus 10º
        Summer / Winter
        Collector efficiency
Sun Angles and Shadowing
        Solar altitudes
        Shading patterns
Mass and Dimensions
        Roof structure
NASA Meteorological Data at Source

                                     Insolation (kWh/m2/day)
Lat -26.15
                      Jan    Feb    Mar    Apr    May    Jun    Jul    Aug    Sep    Oct    Nov    Dec
Lon 28

10 Year Average       6.61 5.80 5.24 4.97 4.30 3.87 4.09 4.79 5.43 5.89 6.21 6.36
10 Year Average Min   5.84   4.24   4.58   4.38   3.93   3.53   3.74   4.63   4.33   5.46   5.80   5.67

10 Year Average Max   7.11   6.67   5.99   5.81   4.67   4.09   4.26   4.93   6.13   6.37   6.83   7.16

El Nino Year (1987)   7.04   6.16   5.08   5.19   4.48   3.90   4.12   4.63   4.33   6.11   5.80   6.24

La Nina Year (1988)   6.77   5.44   5.05   4.47   4.26   3.85   4.13   4.79   5.37   5.55   6.30   5.67
Information required before design
•   Daily hot water consumption and usage pattern
•   Average ground water temperature in ºC from Jan to Dec
•   Average solar radiation in kWh/m² from Jan to Dec
•   Inclination of roof space / area for solar collectors
•   Space / dimensions available for solar collectors

    Number of solar collectors required to achieve best overall annual solar radiation
                           fraction for summer and winter
Information required for financial analysis
•   Maximum demand and unit cost
•   Cost of money if financed
•   Anticipated rate of inflation
•   Project life
•   Minimum accepted ROI

                         Total solar component cost
                         Anticipated total annual kWh solar production / savings
                         Anticipated kVa savings
                         Simple payback projection
                         Internal Rate of Return
                         Life cycle costing calculation
                         Anticipated reduction of CO2 emissions
 Financial Summary
Cumulative Cash Flows Graph

                                                                                                           SWH Project Cumulative Cash Flows
                                                                                                           Alpine Heath Resort, DRAKENSBERG
                                                          Year-to-positive cash flow 4.5 yr                                         IRR and ROI 27.2%                            Net Present Value ZAR 239,274



               Cumulative Cash Flows (ZAR)




                                                          0       1      2       3      4     5        6        7         8        9        10          11   12   13   14   15      16     17    18     19       20


Version 2000 - Release 2                                                                          © Minister of Natural Resources Canada 1997 - 2000.                                                        NRCan/CEDRL
Measurement & Verification
Measurement & Verification gives purchasers piece of mind in their investment through:
    Accurate tracking of system performance
    A means to report on energy savings
    A means to report on carbon savings/off sets
    Alert of system faults
    The opportunity to register your project with Eskom and claim a commercial rebate

And in turn M&V offers suppliers the opportunity to enter into power purchase agreements
with customers (bill per kW produced by the sun) at no capital outlay and no risk
Eskom Megawatt Park Real Time Energy Data
Eskom Megawatt Park Real Time Energy Data
Important points to note when sizing heat pumps
   Size volume for day time heating to take advantage of best COP (15-20°C test conditions)
   Size HP for worst case winter performance (reduced COP / kW output and reheat time)
   Position in area free from obstructions (check operating manual)
   Position in area which will not cause noise pollution
Energy efficiency ratio vs. ambient temperatures
Eskom Funding Models
•   Rebate Model
•   The Standard Product
•   The Standard Offer
•   The ESCo Model
•   The Performance Contracting

Eskom Customer Contact Centre on 08600 ESKOM (08600 37566)
Tap Into the Sun today with Solar Heat Exchangers

                                                      Dylan Tudor-Jones
                                                        086 11 SOLAR
                                                        083 775 9452

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