How to Share a Happy Life Together

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					How to Share a Happy Life Together
Marriage can be a lot more difficult than you think it is. It always seemed easy with mom and dad.

They were together and that was it, period.
They had their occasional fights, but it was
easy to choose sides at the time—whoever
sided with you was your victor for that day.

For everything else, everything just seemed
to work out. One or both of your parents
had a job to support the family.

You always believed you had enough money
to buy a Toys-R-Us store, it’s just the parents
never let you have whatever you wanted.
When there were disagreements between
them, they talked about it for a while and
tried to resolve it.

Life was much more simple back then
because the parents just seemed to have it
all figured out. Now it’s your turn though.

From One to Two
                                         You found the special interest of your dreams, you went through
                                         a fancy marriage ceremony and are just waking up to the
                                         realization that you’re married, and you’re terrified. Who is that
                                         person you’re living with?

                                         You’re bound to this person for the rest of your life now. Are you
                                         sure you know them as well as you thought you did?

                                         What about the fact that what’s yours is ours now? Suddenly
                                         everything is in both your names and you’re not sure how to
                                         handle that.

Respect and Compromise
Starting a life together comes with a lot more compromises than you ever thought before. How are you
going to be able to provide the same steady support of united parents to your children when you’re not
sure how you’re going to make it through the next seven days?

Luckily, you aren’t the only one wondering how they can make a marriage work like their parents did.
Every generation wonders the same thing, and they often look to their elders for a good example.
The following is one great tip to help you learn to share a
life as you start a new life together. That tip is to respect
each other as people.

Marriage isn’t about acquiring a spouse; it’s about joining
two lives together. It’s being with your best friend as
much as you can and letting them be your best friend.

Your best friend has hobbies, interests and opinions.
Those hobbies, interests and opinions are often what
drew you together in the first place.

Instead of trying to conform all of those to your own,
marriage is about letting them still be people while you
enjoy their company (and vice-versa). That means you
discuss instead of lash back on your discussions about
Colorado insurance, for instance.

You may have what you consider to be the right opinion on Colorado insurance, but that doesn’t make
what your spouse has to say any less important. Respect the opinion and talk it through to make things

That said, there are certain parts of yourself that you save for your spouse to keep a happy marriage
(like fidelity), but you would lose your best friend if they conformed to everything you thought. So
respect their opinions and differences.

Respect for a spouse is needed to make a relationship work long term. That’s what makes a marriage

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Description: Happiness in marriage takes more than love. Here are some tips for a love that lasts.