The Mud was Bittersweet - Fundraiser for The Union Beach Disaster Relief Fund Organized by The Martial Arts Arena by


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									The Mud was Bittersweet - Fundraiser for The Union Beach Disaster Relief
Fund Organized by The Martial Arts Arena

A group of local residents consisting of men, women, college & high school students from all walks
of life & fitness levels raised $6000 for The Union Beach Disaster Relief Fund.

Matawan, NJ, July 10, 2013 --( All kinds of mud; slippery, sticky, smelly, grimy, pasty,
murky, gluey, slimy, tacky, gummy, messy, stinky, reeking, and foul. More than 30 local residents
jumped, ran, hurtled, climbed, traversed in, through & over mud in the Rock Solid Mud Run on June 15th
at Raceway Park, Englishtown, New Jersey. All were not fans of mud but were advocates for Union
Beach residents.

John Arena, owner of a local martial arts school, The Martial Arts Arena, along with Erin Matsko, a
member of The Martial Arts Arena's 45 Minute Solution Fitness Program organized the fundraising effort
for The Union Beach Disaster Relief Fund. Team TMAA was created to get people to rally for the cause
and to keep Union Beach top of mind.

Members include local high school students George Byard, Nick Manzi, Reid Zindell, Sean Sullivan,
Trevor Wood and college student Adam Krissow. Krissow, Manzi also teach or assist with classes at The
Martial Arts Arena. Arena said all are great role models for the children in our programs. Other members
of the Team include Connor Daukshus, Concetta Seblano, Denise Karlan, James Krause, John Foley,
Kyle Lindsel, Stephen Galletta, Rohit Chartath, Sheetal Malhotta, Elizabeth & Kevin Patterson, Karen
Rubinstein, Rique DeSousa, Mark Daldos, Nick Cuesta, Cadets with the United States Navy Sea Cadets
Corp Earl Division; Alan Bridges, Eric Houlihan, John & Jeremy Zukosky & Trevor Wood (mentioned
above) as well as Matawan Starbucks barista, Ryan Sanberg. Sandberg will be serving in the Marines
starting in the fall 2013.

According to Arena, members of Team TMAA are inspirational for many reasons and he especially
admires the moms that work full time, managed their homes, and make the time to exercise. Arena also
mentioned that DeSousa is a great inspiration for anyone who thinks it's too late to change your lifestyle.
DeSousa started his martial arts career at time when most start to slow down.

Arena stated that the Team came together soon after being approached by Erin Matsko. Matsko asked
Arena if he would be interested in doing the mud run. Both quickly decided the best course of action was
to do it to help others. Arena started to talk about it in classes and quickly a team had emerged. The
Union Beach Disaster Relief Fund was the natural choice for the Team. Matsko was instrumental and the
spark for this effort according to Arena.

Team TMAA will continue its fundraising efforts, stated Arena, by participating in fitness related events
that meet criteria established by Team TMAA's board members. A wine tasting event is planned as well.
Team TMAA's goal is to give local businesses the opportunity to support local charities and benefit from
the synergy created when small businesses come together as one for a cause that benefits the community
they serve. All board members are thankful for the support Team TMAA received from Rita's Ices of Old

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Bridge, Starbucks of Matawan and Airport Plaza Bar & Liquor. Team TMAA board members include
John Arena, Rique DeSousa, Ellen Katcher, Erin Matkso and Elizabeth Patterson.

The Martial Arts Arena is a martial arts school that offers a variety of programs for all ages. Parents rave
about their age specific and unique Lessons for Life Character Development Program. Giving back to the
community is an essential part of Arena's philosophy and programs. Other programs offered for teens and
adults are traditional Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and The 45 Minute Solution & iBody Fitness

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