Impress Computers Expands to Provide Hosted Exchange

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					Impress Computers Expands to Provide Hosted Exchange

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Hosted Exchange for Secure Emails from Impress Computers

Hosted Exchange is a safe secure way of providing emails and attachments with full synchronization to all
devices from Impress Computers

Online PR News – 09-July-2013 – Modern technology is built on the illusion of safety. Manufacturer’s
warrantees and the buzzing whir of technological growth inspire a heartwarming sense of security, as the
guarantee that, if it were to exist, a faulty piece of new and improved machinery would be completely
replaced is reassuring. This sense that a backup plan is in place on the off-chance that something goes
wrong is deceptive. In many cases, it is not the easily replaced machinery that is important, but rather the
irreplaceable data that holds significant value.

To reach a true security then, the data must be stored in a safe environment as far away from the hazards of
everyday life as possible. Impress Computers offers a method to achieve both a greater level of security, as
well as a greater level of convenience, through their new hosted exchange. Their hosted exchange protects
one of the most important aspects of a functional business – their emails.

In their hosted exchange, everything is backed up off-site. This ensures that any issues in which a company
would typically lose contacts or email data, such as a hard drive failure or a stolen laptop, will not result in any
down time. To regain access to the data, an individual merely has to re-enter their email and password on
their new or repaired computer. This is the ultimate security – not only is there no loss of data, but there is
also no loss of time. While the security provided by the hosted exchange is an important aspect, it also offers
a large portion of convenience. With the hosted exchange, an individual is able to sync all facets of an email
software program – emails, calendars, notes, and subfolders – to any of their devices.

This means that they can synchronize that calendar on their phone with the calendars on their laptop and
server, enabling them to both view and edit the calendar from anywhere. In the modern technological era,

both security and convenience are of vital importance to running a business. Impress Computer’s new hosted
exchange shines in both of these areas, making it a fantastic asset to any business looking to strive boldly
ahead into a bright new future.

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